How to Delete Wooplus Account Step by Step 2021

How to Delete Wooplus Account Step by Step 2021


So the SSD season is here and you are looking for a way to get of your emotions and Wooplus account together? Then you have stumble upon the right page. We understand the ache of heartbreak and need to get of it and all of those things causing in immediately, so we have made an ease to follow step by step guide that will be like a therapy session walking you through how to delete Wooplus account and throw all your feelings along with it in the garbage.

We need a second to update you of the alerts you might be receiving from the Wooplus website and how to get rid of them as well. Marl your emails to be moved to the spam folder or unsubscribe from the newsletter simply.

After this you can proceed to your account deletion process listed down below

How to Delete Wooplus Account Step by Step Guide?

You can cancel your Wooplus account by using two ways, the first is through the account on the website, like mentioned down below.

Just follow through the steps to get started.

1. Go to your browser and write: wooplus

2. Sign in to your Wooplus account either using your Facebook or email account:

3. Then on the homepage, click on your profile named under ‘Gear:

4. Login into your account or go to the link mentioned:

5. Login into your account or go to the link mentioned:

6. Then state your reason to leave in order to unsubscribe from the Wooplus and have all your data and other personal information over there be removed:

Note: : It is advised to think about this process in a calm state of mind as deleting your account will wipe all of your data from it and it won’t be recoverable afterwards.

How to Deactivate Wooplus Account through Email?

The second method you can opt for is through email. Following steps will assist you how to do it easily.

1. Sign in to your email account:

2. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line:

3. Compose a structured email stating why do you wish to delete your account and your issue with the it as well:

4. Ask the customer service to remove your personal information along with your account from their database:

5. Then send your email out to this address

How to Uninstalled Wooplus from your Device?

After deleting your account don’t forget to uninstall the app as well to make some space in your device and have breathing room for yourself to recover as well.

1. Locate the app on your device:

2. Click and hold on it to see the uninstall option:

3. Tap on uninstall to see the ‘OK’ option:

4. You will know that the app has been successfully uninstalled when you will see this at the bottom of the screen:


We will help cure your heartbreak by assisting you through the process of how to delete your account with feelings. As you will go through the give steps with tips and visual reference you might feel a bit better as it will divert your attention and given you a purpose or activity to consume your mind. If you still feel unsatisfied then go through our FAQS or leave a comment down below. As we are here to understand you and your situation.

About the Company

Founded in 2015 by Neil Raman WooPlus is like a tinder but for curvy people. It is a dating app for plus size people to be able to connect socially based off of their personality traits and not their jeans size. The app had 30 percent male subscribers then female.

Wooplus offers a world where it can fun to explore interests and feelings in a safe environment that can lead to meaningful relationships and empower women.


1. How to cancel Wooplus subscription?

Log in to your ID and go to Subscriptions. Then select Woo to unsubscribe from by sliding it Off.

2. How to delete Wooplus photos?

In the photo tab, go the one you wish to delete and then move it to the trash icon.

3. How to delete my Wooplus account?

In the profile settings, go to help center to find the delete option and click on then follow the procedure.

4. How to edit my profile?

Go to your profile On Wooplus and select what you want to edit then go to private details to change then up accordingly.

5. How to cancel Wooplus subscription from Android?

Go to subscription in google play settings and select Wooplus Subscription to cancel by clicking on ‘Cancel Subscription’ option.

6. How to change name on my Wooplus account?

On the cover photo, go to profile picture and then on First name/last name. Check your gender status, date of birth and weight and it’s done.

7. How to get a refund from Wooplus?

In the drop down menu, go to refund and put in your details to request for the refund and then click on ‘Request Refund.’

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