How to Change IMVU Password on PC Step by Step Guide

How to Change IMVU Password on PC Step by Step Guide


Whether you are an Android user or IOS forgetting your password can be annoying especially when you need to update your profile or score some credit points. Here are a few simple steps that can help you regarding how to change IMVU password in case you forgot.

A weak password can’t hold your important data such as IMVU profile picture along with individual’s details, IMUV password change option and IMVU email change option which might be a problem if someone hacks into the account as it can lead to lose of credits or misusing of the given information, private chats and gaming records.

Like many internet services require to builds a strong and secure password to withhold information, IMVU doesn’t keep a record of your password in order to protect the given data. In case you have forgotten your IMVU ID password or someone has accessed your account to change IMVU password.

You can update your password in just a few simple steps by following this article on how to change imvu password.

How to Change IMVU Password on PC Step by Step Guide

1. Login to your account on the browser.

Login to your account

You need to provide your email and password if you want to change your password.

Note: In case you have forgotten your password while logging in, then click on ‘Forget Password’ to reset it through email. If you still facing issue scroll down the page and read Instruction about Reset imvu password

2. On the homepage go to your profile and in the ‘Settings.’

3. You can see the page shown in given below, then click on the Password and then enter your current password as well as new password..

click on password

Remember : Not to use the same password you have set for any other account in order to protect it from hackers

Note: It is advised to use more digits then letters in order to build a strong password. After using a strong combination of number and letters to setup your new password clicks on change password

4. After using a strong combination of numbers and letters to set up your new password click on change password.

5. After clicking on change password Imvu Automaticalling logout your account and redirect toward login page Where you need to provide you email and New Password then login into imvu

How to Reset IMUV Password on PC

Forgot your password again? Here’s how you can attain it.

1. Resetting your password is just as easy as making an account on IMVU. All you have to do is if you are already logged in then go to your profile.

Resetting your password

2. If you have forgotten your password, then go to the website page on the login and click on ‘Forgotten Password.’

3. It will direct you to the IMVU Help, where you will be asked to enter your email.

4. You will receive an email With the Title Temporary Imvu password.

5. If you are unable to find the email in your ‘Inbox’ then look for it in the spam folder.

6. After locating the email click on the link which will provide you with a temporary password to log in.

7. Using the temporary password sign in to your account and then change your password according to the given directions mentioned above

How to Change Password on IMVU Mobile?

1. log in to your IMVU mobile account.

Login to your IMVU mobile account.

2. To change the password on imvu mobile, go to profile and then settings.

To change password on imvu mobile, go to profile and then settings

3. Click on the password change, enter your current and new password.

Click on the password change, enter your current and new password

4. As you click on change password, you will be directed back to the login page to enter your new password along with the same email.

How to Reset IMVU Password on Mobile

1. If you have forgotten the password on your IMVU mobile account, then go to the login page and click on forget password.

2. You will go to the web page, where you will be asked to enter your email which will provide a link for you to access and change your password if it was you who wanted to change it.

How to Change IMVU Password without Email

It is important to note that it isn’t possible to change your password without the email. Don’t panic as it’s not impossible to recover your account

You can either contact the customer service on this number 866-761-0975 or the given email They will help you sort out the issue in no time. by providing you with your email or any other way you can do IMVU log in, without much trouble

Final Throught

You can learn how to change imvu account password very easily with the help of the following steps mention above in easy to read language and visual references. We have also provided you with the written and visual aid regarding how to reset password with and without email, and also the verification process through step by step guide.

If you have confusions, then read through the faqs for more details.


1. Forgot my IMVU Password ?

Whether you are using IMUV on desktop or mobile you can change your password easily by going on the login, enter email, and then clicking on forgotten password.

It will take you to the website page on the browser where you will be asked to enter your email address. Then you will receive the confirmation email to change the password. Enter your new password and you are sorted.

2. What is my IMVU account password?

IMVU doesn’t save your login information in order to keep the account details safe. So, if you have forgotten your password then read the above mention steps to reset your password.

3. How to change IMVU password and email ?

If you are already logged in then go to Profile and then Setting, in there you will find the Password and Email Change option. Click on them one by and follow the steps.

4. How to recover IMVU account ?

If someone hacked into your account or you have deleted your IMVU account and what to recover it then check your email inbox or spam fold you would have received a confirmation email for deleting your account. Click on the address given in the email to reactivate your account.

5. How to change email on IMVU account ?

Go to your account profile and click the settings button on the top right corner, there you will find the option of IMVU email change.

Click on it and follow the steps.

6. How to access the account if the account has been hacked and the password was changed but not the email?

In case, your account gets hacked and the information within the account is altered you will receive an email asking for confirmation to make the asked changes if it is you. Click on the alert in the email that says, “No, it is not me” and recover your account by changing the password with a more secure combination of letters and numbers.

Even if the email changes you will receive the verification email and can restore your account

7. How to change IMVU password ?

In the profile settings, go to password change. Then enter your current and new password

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