How to Delete AFK Arena Account Step by Step 2022

How to Delete AFK Arena Account Step by Step 2022


Are you looking for a way to delete your AFA Arena account? Then look no more we have got you covered. It might be difficult to get rid of the AFK account on your own, so we are here to lead you how to delete AFA Arena account without much of a hassle

It is rather easier to follow through the process in the form of step by step guide.

But before we get started let us know, if you want to delete the account to spam email, then all you have to do is mark them to be moved to spam folder or unsubscribe from the newsletter.

But if that isn’t the reason why you want to delete AFK Arena account then continue to read through the steps mentioned down below for your assistance.

How to Delete AFK Arena Account?

Following steps will help you change the server of your account as the company has doesn’t have the deletion option at the moment.

1. Go to AFA Arena app and log in to your account, if you aren’t signed in already:

2. Then go to account profile in the right-bottom corner:

3. Scroll down to go to Settings and pick the servers:

4. Click on all servers and then confirm to switch to a different server:

Note: If you want change your user name or another information given on your account, you can do that by visiting the profile and editing according to your need.

How to Delete AFK Arena Account through Email?

If you wish to know another way to actually delete your account, then you can try this method as well.

1. Log in to your email account:

2. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line:

3. Compose a well-structured email addressing your reason to do so and issue with the account:

4. If you want, you can ask the customer service to remove your personal information along with the account from their database:

5. Send the email to this address


We have structured the information regarding how to delete AFK Arena account according to the audience’s understanding. Keeping in mind the pace and their ability to grasp the written words. Even though we have mentioned all the necessary information up there but if you need to feel more details then go through the FAQS or leave a comment below.

About the Company

AFK Arena is a casual card game made by Wang Xinwen who founded the Lilith Games in Shanghai. It was launched in 2013 as an action based game where you can personalize your team according to your choice and as you move up the levels AFK awards you farming system.

It allows players from all the world to join in and enjoy this fantastically world of ancient evil destroying the realm of Esperia. You only make progress by playing the game as they aren’t any short cuts to go to the next level. The fundamentals of the game don’t really change but just the levels.


1. How to restart AFK Arena account?

In the account settings, go to ‘Select Server’ and pick a new one to reset it on another device or the same one.

2. How to change my account?

Go to the account settings and click on the avatar then find the option of ‘Link’ to link your account through Facebook or game center or switch to another device using Facebook, Gmail account or game center.

3. How to unlink Facebook from AFK Arena?

In the setting go to security, and then under ‘Apps and Websites’ tap next to Facebook to find the remove option and unlink it.

4. How to redeem AKF Arena codes?

While logging into your account, find your verification code in your email account and then go to log in option to put in the gift code and redeem it.

5. How to find AFK Arena UID?

You can find your users ID in the ‘Details’ tab in the account setting by click on the top-right corner on the profile.

6. How can I enhance my gear?

In the ‘Heroes tab’ then pick the equipment you want by clicking on it. Then click on enhance to select the gear and confirm.

7. How to get signature items from AFK Arena?

You can only get signature items once you reach the Mythic ascension.

8. What are the max level in AFK Arena?

The game has up to 365 levels and 25 ascended tier heroes.

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