How to delete all messages on Mac

How to delete all messages on Mac

One of the leading things about the Messages App on your Mac is that it will store your messages and back up history for you. Therefore, on the off chance if you're ever attempting to find a lost content or inadvertently erase a critical text from either iPhone or iPad, get your Mac immediately and get the desired text from your Message App Folder.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news; you might be risking some important information while enjoying Mac features.

However, it's a double-edged cut, where your privacy may be at stake, especially when you are utilizing Mac for the workplace, educationally, publicly (like in a bookstore), or sharing it with multiple users. It’s not safe or secure to have your whole Message history put away uncertainly! We require options to delete all our vital content messages and feel sure that other individuals are incapable to peruse our post but certainly deleting messages from Mac is not everyone's cup of tea! Therefore, this article will give you a complete guide on How to delete all messages on Mac.

Tragically, Apple doesn't launch auto delete message feature in message app logos, therefore there is no way messages could auto delete. Thus, with this fact, you might be currently pondering how to delete all messages on Mac.  Fortunately, Apple gives a couple of manual ways to assist us to eradicate all our confidential writings. Let’s explore all the manual ways, through which you can easily delete all your messages


Follow this Step to Step Guide

To Delete All Your Messages From Your Mac:

  • Turn on Messages for iCloud on your Mac computer
  • Change the settings of the messaging app to keep the messages for 30 days or more
  • Now delete your entire conservation using Command + Delete
  • If you want to keep the conversation, while the desire to delete the content only then clicks Edit > Clear Transcript or Option + Command + K.
  • Now to stop your Mac to keep storing the messages history, update your message app settings to save history when the conversation is stopped.
  • Now delete the complete message history Permanently by using Terminal.

Know how to delete all Messages on Mac with iMessage in iCloud storage:


delete all messages on mac

On the off chance that you're using iOS version 11.4 or above for either iPhone, iPad, or iPod Moreover, if you're using macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 or above, you'll be able to take complete edge of the iCloud Informing apps!

When your computers, like Macs, use iCloud messages, your messages and texts synchronize with the same Apple ID on all devices. This means that if you delete on one device, you delete on all devices!

The advantage and mere objective behind iCloud messages are that it downloads messages on all of your computers automatically, whenever you download it in a new server, so you'll be able to have the precise messages everywhere you employ imessages. The only point you need to take care of here is that you employ the initial Apple ID and the framework permits iCloud texts.


To enable the messages in iCloud On Your Mac

 Follow these steps:

  • Open Messages App
  • Open Settings menu
  • Then tap Accounts
  • Now enable Messages in iCloud
  • Select sync Now to start the process

Do you want to know how to delete messages on mac, including multiple messages?

Then go on, follow these steps:

  • Start your Messaging App
  • Now navigate to the messages you want to delete
  • An interesting and intriguing fact is that when you select a conversation or some messages to delete from your Mac, iCloud would automatically delete those selected messages or conversations from all computers where you have been logged in with the same Apple id.


Delete the Entire Conversation, along with content via the following these steps:

  • Select Text Conversation
  • Navigate menu as File > Delete Conversation, Command + Delete, or right-click and select Delete Conversation
  • For touchpads or Magic Mouse, swipe the conversation left in the sidebar with two fingers, then click Remove
  • A confirmation pop-up select delete again


how to delete all messages on mac delete all message on mac

Do you need a Faster way to know how to delete single or multiple Conversations?

From the left-hand side of your Chat App window pick a complete conversation line. Then hold down the keys to Option + Command and click the Remove key. It erases the discussion you have picked for now.

If you keep pushing Option + Command and press the Delete key again, the next complete discussion will be deleted. Continue pressing Delete while holding down Option + Command, if desired, to erase all conversation.

But be aware my friend, because once you delete these chats, they become irreversible and you won’t be able to access any of them later on, therefore makes sure before deleting a chat that you really don’t want it.

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Option + Command + Delete Not Working on iOS version High Sierra 10.13.5 and above version?

As some of our members have noticed, Command + Option + Delete tends to no longer function in macOS High Sierra and above.

After the launch of messages in the cloud, we all perceived that Apple has made some changes in its software because whenever you access messages in iCloud, all of your messages get instantly deleted from connected devices as well.

The only solution to this problem is to press Option + Command + K. however, you should always verify this process of deleting messages, and unfortunately, that is not easy at all.


how to delete all message on mac

Closing and Deleting Permanently Conversations Are Different!

Have you ever noticed that, whenever you start a new conversation with any of you friend and you send your first message, suddenly you get all surprised because your previous chat reappears?

That is because there is a huge difference between closing a chat and deleting one from your Mac messenger App.


What does closing down a Conversation really means:

When you add, save history reviews in your messages app preferences your entire conversation would be saved soon after you close the chat because the respective feature turns on by default.

Therefore, in order to close a conversation in the messaging app from your Mac, select a chat from your chat list and enter X, which appears below the date and time of a recently delivered text.

Keep in mind that when you will press the X, it would only close the conversation and would not delete it!


how to delete all message on mac

Let’s suppose now that you want to delete the conversation instead of closing it, now what would you do? You can simply delete messages by altering and changing your preferences! Simple.


To Permanently Stop Your Mac’s Messages App from Saving Messages History Automatically

  • Open Messages app in the menu select settings and use short key Command + Comma
  • Select General Tab
  • Unselect the box that describes “Save history when conversations are closed”

You Need To Get To Work Now:

Deleting messages from Mac is not easy at all and therefore I have given you an elaborated guideline on how to delete all messages from Mac. I have considered all possibilities and problems in this article that you might face while deleting messages or conversations.

Do leave a comment below and let me know how much this article benefited you? And did you find deleting messages from your mac easy or tiring? I would love to listen from you now!


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