Dropped iPhone in water? Here's How you can Repair it

 Dropped iPhone in water? Here's How you can Repair it

Alas! I dropped iPhone in water, how can I repair it now? This is the question, an iPhone user asks once in life time. IPhone user may find oneself in this situation where he/she drops the iPhone and they start to crumble! Right?

Well, here is the good news for you then, because you may prevent your iPhone from water damage by following this easy guideline but, you got to read it all till the end if you really want to prevent your iPhone.

So, let’s begin, first of all, if your iPhone drops in water do not panic and simply switch off your iPhone.

Now, it would be completely against of human nature if I ask not to touch your iPhone to see whether it’s working or no, but you should simply turn it off and that’s the most difficult part, I understand. In real, the fact is that while checking your phone you might touch buttons or screen that could damage your iPhone even more so try to avoid that.

These step to step guidelines will help you find solution if you dropped iPhone in water, therefore follow carefully:



If you have dropped your iPhone in water or it gets wet in rain or whatever the excuse may be these steps may help you save your iPhone and your money, both.

1.Turn if Off Immediately

We've said this before but it's worth highlighting again. Turn off your iPhone as quickly as you pick it out from the water. Press the volume up button and hold the Side button, simultaneously and then turn it off.

Keep in mind that you need not to turn it on soon after you just turned it off.


2. If the iPhone is in the case, Take your iPhone out of the case

In case your iPhone is protected with a back cover soon after turning it off you need to take the cover off because water might have gotten stuck inside the cover and can harm iPhone’s software. Moreover, if your phone has a screen protector then, unleash that as well as soon as possible to safe your original screen.

Once you have unleashed the protector, wipe the original screen of your iPhone with a lint-free piece of cloth, the mere purpose of using a lint-free cloth is that the screen should not be exposed to material fibers. In case, you don’t have lint-free cloth you can also use your T-SHIRT to carry out the wiping.


3. Let the Water come out of the Ports

After you have, cleaned your phone’s screen, turn your iPhone upside down and tap it gently to allow the water come out of it. And do not insert earphones or any cable while doing so because that might harm the cable and the phone both.  Once you have done it all, your iPhone should be completely dry from the outside but the danger still lingers on, thus wait.

From the inside, your iPhone could be still watery and could harm your operating system as well as SIM card. Therefore, remove your SIM card from the side of your phone using a SIM machine, straightener paper clip or a pin.

Now, take your SIM card out of your phone and clean it with a dry piece of cloth and place it somewhere safe where it is saved from scratches. Later on, take the SIM tray out of your smartphone to establish a vent, which will help to evaporate the liquid inside.

Do not burry your iPhone straight into rice jar, instead let it dry for 24-48 hours on a book shelf or some flat area where ventilation occurs and is completely dry.

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You may use silica gel packs to accelerate the drying process but try to avoid all these following mistakes:

  • Don’t use hair dryer or heater to dry your iPhone, use fan instead
  • Don’t turn on your iPhone at any cost because the inner of your iPhone may still be damp and that would cause more harm to your phone.
  • Turn it on only, when minimum 24 hours have been passed.



That is the concern of a million dollars. Sadly, it's difficult to tell whether the fluid inside your iPhone has evaporated entirely or not.  All you can do is wait as long as you can, then take a leap of faith and start using it again.

The very first thing you should do is to make some backup, if it turns on, luckily! You never know that an iPhone that's damaged by water would stop working two weeks down the road. The first thing you should do in this case is to make back up of your file and transfer your data to an external device or flash drive. In order to know how, you may read our article that provides complete guideline on how to transfer your pictures from iPhone to flash drive: LINK


Does rice jar work miracles?

“Burry your iPhone in uncooked rice jar, it will dry up with in no time”, this is the statement we often come across while searching for solutions. But that’s the misconception, my friend!

The mere logic people have behind this advice is that rice soaks up and absorbs water from phone and therefore it dries but actually, rice were recommended to protect film stock from humid environments, not IPHONES

Rice may take far longer time than usual fan to dry up your iPhone I would therefore, recommend you to utilize your fan and ignore people’s advice



If you drop your iPhone in water, there are certain serious and dangerous after risks, beside other harms. Following are three major risks and concerns you need to take care of:

  1. There might be the risk of short circuit. When water enters into the system it might heat up your battery which would eventually swallow up and could burst. Your phone’s battery life could be affected badly.
  2. Another risk you need to think about is that water may cause rust to hold your iPhone’s inner part. This rust comes from a variety of minerals and chemicals that respond to the electric current in most water sources. This may slow down the Conductance of your iPhone’s components.
  3. Thirdly, water which enters your iPhone could be rich in salt and minerals and that could harm your iPhone terribly. The salt has extremely high conductivity, thus the iPhone can short circuit.



We often confuse these two terms with one another but there is a major difference between them. A smartphone which is designed to work under water is probably known to be water proof. It would be designed in such a way that it is sealed to keep the water out. Moreover, it is also designed in such a way to keep water splashes and spills away from it. But that surely does not mean that you need not to take care of your iPhone.

While, on the other hand, water resistant phone models are designed in such a way that they are able to resist water to some degree, but they are unable to do that entirely. After a point, water could start harming the operating system of the respective phone.


The question which occurs now is that either iPhone is water resistant or water proof. Well, iPhone is water resistant, which means that it can resist water up to some level but it would start malfunctioning after certain limit.

Both recent iPhones now have at least IP67 water-resistance scores, since the iPhone 7. That ensures that they could survive up to 30 minutes in the depth of one meter. Both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have an IP68 rating, and both of them can resist water up to two meters depth.

Another shocking fact about iPhone is that its resistance against waters decreases over time, for instance, iPhone 7 which was launched 3 years back is not that much water resistant as it was used to be.

Above all, the minerals and chemicals in water would slowly and gradually, cause corrosion inside your iPhone which would ultimately result in serious risks.


Dry your phone now, quickly!

Well, it’s quite shocking and depressing when your iPhone drops in water and you feel nothing but helplessness. But I do hope that after reading out this article you would have been benefited in any way and may succeed to prevent your iPhone. Now, you are all informed that what you ought to do when you dropped iPhone in water.

 Now, quickly follow these steps mentioned above and do let me know that in which manner this article helped you. Moreover, do share it with your friends as well if they own an iPhone.

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