The difference between Portable and Window Air   Conditioners

The difference between Portable and Window Air   Conditioners

The difference between Portable and Window Air  Conditioners

When you want a supplemental cooling unit in your home. You start exploring certain suitable choices. Different people use different techniques to cool their homes, some have centrally air-conditioned homes with ductwork comfortable environment while others have to choose between Window and Portable Air Conditioners. Here you can study the differences that which cooling appliance makes sense in your home by having an overview of your budget, the size of your home & your convenience of installing any unit.


Window Air Conditioner

Window or room air conditioners the single unit cooling systems in casing assembled with all components often mounted on the windows and fit on the walls.

Pros of Window AC

      Cons  of Window AC


 It’s a Low Cost means a Cheaper option.

Takes a long to cool the room.

It’s an Energy Efficient appliance.


Not unhelpful in a humid climate state.

It does not occupy Floor Space as it fits in the window. Therefore, those people who reside in small apartments better off with a window air conditioner

Its efficiency is affected by the raise in temperature outside.

Its Multifunctional as it can be used as a heating unit in Winter and Cooling Unit in Summer. It’s available to us Year rounded

These are fixed to those rooms where they are installed. They are immobile.

Window AC is less noisy.

Its Installation Mechanics is a difficult phase as it requires an expert technician to install it properly.

They have self-contained heat pumps and they are already set outside the window. They can pull and exhaust the hot air and drip water outside directly.

Sometimes room has only standard sized window so it covers that space leaving the  room with less or no exposure to daylight


If you don't own your property, you depend on the owner’s permission for installation



Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner Is a free appliance that can be set anywhere, and it is free standing unit plugged into any socket you desire.

They are suitable for homes that have multiple rooms but where people don’t or can’t buy multiple air conditioners. They can take it to any room where they want to sit in a cool environment.


Pros of Portable Air Conditioner

Cons of Portable Air Conditioner

  • It can be purchased by retailers at Lower Cost.
It requires More Maintenance as it is mobile, it needs to be handled with Care


It can be easily installed just needs a clip-in of its exhaust to the window frame. No need for professional installment. It can be plugged into any socket in the Home.


It usually covers a small area for cooling.

It’s not fixed but rather relatively easy to move as in the living room in daylight and the bedroom at night



It can be noisy. Some branded portable Air conditioners are noisy while others are quiet


It doesn't block natural light as it does not fit into the window.



It’s comparatively to Window AC less Energy Efficient Appliance.


It can manage Humidity & can control the Temperature of a particular room.


It Takes space on the  Floor so can be a problem for small rooms

If you live in a rented home you’re your landlord does not allow fix AC so then portable ones can be your suitable choice.

Its price ranges can be higher with its latest models and modern designs.

You can Focus its cooling to one area where you sit as it possesses Convenial Placement


A portable AC uses an exhaust vent that needs to be attached to a window frame to pull the hot air outside.


Due to its latest designs, the room looks more modern.

It has a dripping water tray or tank that needs to be kept empty after some time.



Window and portable Air conditioners are both Cooling Appliance but their design, performance, and cost is not equal. A Window AC is best for cooling the room, it’s a more affordable and energy-efficient unit while a Portable AC is easier to install and can happily move around the home on wheels.

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