The Difference between Behavior and Personality

The Difference between Behavior and Personality

         The Difference between Behavior and Personality

There is a fundamental difference between Behavior and Personality. Personality determines how we respond to external stimuli and it also defines our thinking and actions in particular ways. We give an expression of our personality through our thinking ways, emotional display, and with our behavior patterns. On Contrary, behavior is how we deal with others by our actions. Behavior is another name for expressing our actions. In essence, behavior is what we do, and personality is how we think and feel.

What is Personality?

Personality is an umbrella term comprising all characteristics, attributes, cognitive patterns, belief systems, feelings, and behavior. Personality traits remain stable throughout life. Certain types of personality tests can help an individual to understand and analyze their personality traits, their strong points, their weakness, etc.

Positive Personality traits                                                    Negative Personality Traits

Considerate                                                              Aggressive

Cooperative                                                               Arrogant

Gracious                                                                   Deceptive

  Optimistic                                                                 Egoistic

  Adaptable                                                                  Intolerant

   Ambitious                                                                 Moody


Types of Personality:

There are different types of personalities mentioned below:

  • The Reformer
  •  The Helper
  • The Achiever
  • The Enthusiast
  • The Challenger

What is Behavior?

The way one acts or reacts to any external situation. The way we behave or what we do is termed Behavior. Our behavior is a response that how we think internally and what we do in our external environment. We can adapt and change our behavior depending on the situation. It indicates how an individual prefers to respond to certain problems, different people, and workplaces in all circumstances of life. 

Types of Behavior:

There are certain types of behavior listed below:

  • Optimistic                                                                                             
  • Curious
  • Pessimistic                                                                         
  • Selfish                 
  • Trusting                                                                                 
  • Conscious/unconscious
  • Introvert/extrovert                                                                              
  • Aggressive
  • Selfish                                                                                                    
  • Active/Passive etc.


Let’s identify the differences between Personality & Behavior. See the table below:




An individual characteristic that gets evolved keeping in view the genetic and environmental factors comprises one’s personality.

Organizing thinking and actions in particular circumstances define someone’s behavior.

Personality remains static and stable.

Behavior continually evolves according to situations and happenings in life. It has multi-dimensions

Personality is inherent that’s why it remains permanent.

It’s prone to change. In every situation, a person evolves their behavior. It’s temporary.

Someone’s emotions and thinking way contribute to and determine his personality.

Someone’s act and response define his behavior

Personality express what type of person you are.

Behavior expresses what we do, how we talk, respond and act in a current or any situation.

Personality is attributed to humans only.

It relates to human beings, animals, insects, microorganisms, etc.

Personality can be judged by analyzing someone’s behavior.

Behavior cannot be analyzed by observing someone’s personality.

Personality can’t be adapted

Behavior can be adapted and learned



To sum up, Behavior is the one factor contributing to personality however personality includes many other attributes and characteristics. Personality is a stable motivation for our actions. As Kurt Lewin considers personality as, "a dynamic totality of systems." However, behavior is an activity that can be observed and measured.

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