Slim Vs Skinny

Slim Vs Skinny


Body fitness is different for everybody. Being fit is not categorized with body weight. However, due to typical society trends, a person with less weight is considered fit and smart. On the flip side, an overweight person is a body shammed because of their weight.

Not only this, but underweight people are also a target of body shaming. If we see the true side of the story, being fit is something in which you are comfortable and confident but this aspect of the story is yet to be revealed and accepted by most of us.

Slim and Skinny are the two terms associated with the body shape of a person. In this article, we will be seeing the difference between slim vs skinny. The purpose of this article is not to point out some people in our society but to only explain the true meaning of these terms.

What is Slim?

Slim is a descriptive word to allude to people that are lean or slight in a positive and great manner. Somebody is slim; they are slender or meager appealingly and attractively, e.g., she was looking lovely and thin in the photos. Other elective articulations for 'slim' have further importance notwithstanding 'lower or minimal fat.' Slim’ is the best suitable word for a particular as it is characterized as recognition of acclaim and just has sure and positive ramifications.

 If an individual called out slim in our circle or encompassing, such an individual complimented or satisfied with regards to it as including an appealing or eye-getting figure. We can say that a being is meager however in an effortless and lovely way.

There are a few advantages to being slim. A slim one, lacking stress over buying additional size outfits. Most females, when contrasted with guys, incline to be thin for the explanation that they consider that largeness hampers or hinders their look and appearance. It is thoroughly examined to be thin as heftiness or largeness might cause a few illnesses, and whenever disregarded or overlooked, these sicknesses might develop into serious afflictions or infections, for example, Diabetes, High circulatory strain, and Cancer.

What is Skinny?

Skinny is a lot more brutal and casual word, which implies a lot of something very similar for instance, I don't care for his looks – he's excessively skinny. Skinny is to some degree brutal and negative, and females’ abhorrence to consider and named skinny by the guys, as the descriptor denotes their appearance ugly or repellent as per the restricting sexual orientation. Never relate or call somebody skinny on the off chance that you don't want to show up impolite.

Frightening however authentic, being skinny and not convincing prudent steps, for example, reliable exercise and exercise can have awful effects. Our wellbeing and wellness aren't in the figure on a scale. It's with regards to the food and supplements we put in or add, and the absolute of effort and exertion we exhaust and burn through. Thin individuals normally have less strength than fatter people. Exceptionally skinny individuals can come to give the idea that they experience a sickness by its starved angle. Individuals with extremely low weight or being thin normally endure iron deficiency, swooning, ailing health, and so forth.

Difference between Slim vs Skinny:

Comparison factors




A slim person looks attractive and good-looking.

A skinny person looks unappealing.

Referred to

It is referred to as a graceful physique.  

A skinny person is referred to as an unattractively thin person. 


There is a positive connotation attached to it.

There is a negative connotation attached to it.



In this article, we have discussed the difference between slim vs skinny. Along with this, we have tried to clear the misconception people have in their minds related to both of the terms. By reading this article, readers will easily discriminate between these two terms. The purpose of this article is not to point out a particular group of individuals of our society but to only clear the confusion most of us have regarding these terminologies.

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