Single Checks Vs Double Checks

Single Checks Vs Double Checks


The people who are involved in frequent transactions are aware of the term “Check”. For unfamiliar people, a check is a written order for transferring funds from the account of the sender to the account of the receiver. The use of checks was regular before the advent of online banking and mobile applications. A check is a profitable way of keeping a record of financial transactions.

There are two categories in a check one is a single check and the other is a double check. The first one is often used by people but double-check might be new to some of the people. In this article, we will see the difference between single check vs double check. It will help the reader to clear the misconceptions about these terms as well.

What is a single check?

As the name implies, a single check is the one that does not have any duplicate copies. A trade made by using this check, can't be done in circumstances where the check is lost or has been torn. Its checkbook contained solely the paper that is utilized to provide for the following person.


The disadvantage of this kind of check is that whenever you've made it, you don't have any extra actual record in your checkbook in regards to the aggregate or to whom it was formed. Single checks are intended to be utilized with a check register. Each time you form a check, you need to record the transaction. The checkbook for single checks is less detailed and has various checks per box. Besides, single checks have a low cost.

What is a double check?

The point when you arrange double checks, you get a checkbook that keeps a copy of each check you form. This simplifies it to see who you paid, how much, and when without mentioning a copy from the bank or marking it into the record on the web. At the point when you like having the option to look at your past payments, you might like having double checks. These checks understand this issue by putting a carbon sheet behind each check.

 With the goal that the information from the made check is copied onto the carbon and stays for your records. There are moreover triplet checks which have 2 copies behind each check. These are habitually used for business trades. Especially, when one of the carbons is eliminated and given to a pariah for following, like a CPA or for reimbursement purposes. For the normal individual, the copy is the supported sort.


A double check goes with a copy under the primary check. A copy is therefore open for record-keeping purposes which might help sometime in the future in changing the checkbook. When you need to hold a copy of each check you create and each installment you make, doublechecks are no doubt the most ideal decision. They give you a copy of each check.

Double checks are particularly valuable for customers who might have to give proof of transaction. This makes perceiving which check was formed. So you can successfully get a copy for your bank or print a copy online for affirmation of installment. Having the double-check agreeable associates showing you paid an impressive measure less complex.

Difference between single check vs double check:

Following is the comparison chart of the single and double charts. By reading this article, the reader will get a clear view of the difference between single check vs double check.

Parameters of comparison

Single Check



It is a check that is available without any duplication.

It is a check that has a carbon copy of it with the check.

Carbon Paper

There is no use of carbon paper.

It needs carbon paper.

Duplicate copy

If this check is lost, it won’t be recovered as there is no copy present.

If this check is lost, its record will be recovered as there is a copy present.

Difficulty in writing

The user can write this check easily.

There is a need to write while pressing hard without doing this the print on the carbon paper won’t appear.

Number of pages

It has fewer pages depending upon the account of the user.

It is bulky as each page has a carbon page attached to it.


It is less costly.

It is expensive as compared to a single check.



In this article, we have observed different features of two kinds of checks. We also have narrated the difference between single check vs double check. It will help readers to understand the purpose of both of these checks.

 These checks come in handy in the department of finance. Although, the world is evolved still these checks are preferable by the people who have old-school thinking. Not only this, it is better to use paper checks in businesses and offices.

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