Roll vs Hand Roll Sushi

Roll vs Hand Roll Sushi



Sushi – a well-known Japanese dish that is not only famous in Japan but also around the world. To eat sushi all you need is a fresh sushi platter with a pair of chopsticks and some good sauce dips. There is a variety of sushi available in the market. The difference comes in presentation whereas, the basic ingredients remain the same.


Sushi was originated in Japan that is why people feel hard to differ in the different categories of sushi. One famous sushi is roll and the other is hand roll. In this article, we will see different features of these kinds of sushi. The reader will observe roll vs hand roll sushi comparison. Along with some other facts too.


History of Sushi:

The term sushi means sour. Sushi is a part of Japanese Cuisine. It is served cold with a set of sauces. It has a tangy taste which is very unique. It is paired with fermented rice. It is satisfying the craving of people since the 4th century. It was invented when the Japanese used to store fish with rice to keep it fresh.



From there the concept of sushi came into being. This is the reason why sushi contains fresh fish. It is done to keep the essence of the original concept of sushi alive. However, the current sushi is nothing like the original one but still, it continues to gratify the taste buds of food enthusiasts. There are different kinds of sushi like chirashizushi, inarizushi, roll sushi, and hand roll sushi.

Roll Sushi:

Roll sushi is known as makizushi in Japan. In this sushi rice is the main ingredient and it is a common practice to add vinegar in rice to enhance its flavor. For filling, fish and vegetables are used.

The other name for roll sushi is norimaki. This name has two parts “nori” and “maki”. Both of these terms have a specific meaning. The term nori means seaweed in the Japanese language that is used to roll a sushi. Whereas, maki comes from the word “makisu” which means bamboo mat that makes easy the rolling of the sushi.


The roll sushi takes a cylindrical shape once the filling is done and it is rolled into seaweed. After rolling it is cut into small pieces. It is eaten as a shared meal. Around the world, roll sushi has gained a great amount of fame. Not only in Japan but in other parts also it is liked as an appetizer.

It has different subcategories named as hosomaki, chumaki, futomaki depending upon their size and style. Hosomaki contains only one ingredient and it is one inch long. Whereas, futomaki contains 4 ingredients and is 2 and half-inch in length. 

Hand Roll Sushi:

Hand roll sushi is a simple form of sushi. It has no other kind. It is made with raw fish. Other than fish, there are other spices added to it to enhance the flavor. Like roll sushi, it is also wrapped in nori. The shape of hand roll sushi is like an ice cream cone. This conical shape is given to it because it is wrapped with a hand. It is small in size.


The maximum size of this kind of sushi is not more than 10 cm. It is eaten as a single meal. It is advised to eat it right after it is cooked because the nori that is used to wrap it, absorbs all the moisture from the filling. If it is dried up then it becomes very difficult to chew it.

Hand Roll Sushi VS Roll Sushi

Roll and hand sushi seem the same but are different in every way. Following is the list of how we can create a difference between these two terms.


Roll Sushi

Hand Roll sushi

Another name

It is also known as Makizushi.

It is also called temaki.


Its size is 1 inch in length.

It is 10 cm long.


The shape of roll sushi is like small pieces of a cylinder.

The shape of hand roll sushi is like an ice cream cone. It looks conical in shape.

Wrapping process

It is wrapped with a bamboo mat to keep it secure.

It is wrapped with bare hands.

Eating method

Due to the small size of its pieces, people prefer to eat it with a pair of chopsticks.

People eat it with hand because it is bulky and does not require any chopstick to eat it.

Occasion for eating

It is a classic form of sushi. It is found in formal restaurants. As it requires skills and neatness to cook it.

It is used as a regular home meal. It is served with salmon and fried seafood. It is served at house parties.



Hand roll and roll sushi are unique in their way. This article has made sure that people understand the difference between roll vs hand roll sushi. After reading this article, the reader might have a clear view of the characteristics of both of them. It would be easier for the reader to distinguish between these two categories of sushi while sitting in a restaurant. Now, it would be more convenient to select the right sushi after reading the properties of each of them.

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