How to Delete Pi Network  Account

How to Delete Pi Network  Account

How to Delete Pi Network  Account


Pi Network account is a digital currency project, where you can earn and mine Pi coins through electronic wallet. It don’t drain your phone battery. Its core purpose is to make cryptocurrency mining accessible. It allows PI network users to earn & mine coins then verify transactions been made by the ledgers across the network by using its app on smart phones.

 What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a digital currency project that aims to keep cryptocurrency mining accessible as the centralization of first-generation currencies like bitcoin puts them beyond the reach of everyday users. Developed by a team of Stanford alumni, the Pi Network allows users to mine coins and verify transactions on a distributed ledger using the mobile phone app. There is a set standard of process to validate transactions and reach a certain consensus on new transactions recorded by ledgers. SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) is used to generate algorithm-based consensus data for transaction validation. The process is as follows:

PI nodes > Security Circle or Group (3-5 people) > Global web.

Outcome of the process

  • This process saves from fraudulent transactions.
  • Transactions can be verified from the trusted nodes only.

How to Delete Pi Account

Few steps can lead to the deletion process of PI network account

  1. Download PI network on your smart phone.
  2. Open the Pi Network application.
  3. Then, you can view at the top right 3 lines. Tap it.
  4. Go to ‘Profile’ button at the bottom of menu


  1. Then tap ‘See how’.mylo
  2. Type your, Pi username in the pop up screen.


  1. Finally, tap delete.



  • By following these steps your PI network account will get disabled.
  • If you don’t login for consecutive 15 days after disabling then your account will be automatically permanently deleted.

Consequences of Deleting PI network Account:

  1.  Breakage of Network Chain

As from the title you can easily identify that it’s not Pi account rather it’s a pi network account, which means whole network or whole node get its effect , if one of them delete their account. After all, it’s a network chain interlinked with each other.

  1.   Loss of Coins

You will lose all of your earn mined coins in the spur of moment. You can’t access them anymore.

  1. Earning at Risk

Even you will put nodes earning at stake too.

  1. Connections – No more

Anyone who was previously connected to you, will lost your connection at once, can’t see you forever. It means you will be instantly out of Security Circles.

  1. Again Sign up Issues

You are unable to sign up with the same number again in future. If in any case, you managed to sign up the same number yet you can’t gain your previous earnings.

  1.   Security Circles Earning in Jeopardy

All those people who added you to their security circles, they will lose all the earnings, previously earned by you.

  1.    Node initiator loss

The one who referred you as a connector, ambassador will lose all the mined coins attributed to you.


  • What happens if I uninstall Pi Network?

The simple answer is nothing. Just you need to remember your login ID and Password. You can join network anytime and you can get access to your mined pi coins too. If you have verified your Pi account with Facebook, you can resume your previous account easily.

  • How do I remove information from PI?

Open PI-SMT   >   Points   > point builder > Search tag > tap Delete PI point (by right click).

  • How can I delete my PI account on Facebook?

6- Simple steps to delete PI Account on Facebook

Step 1………….Scroll down click on Settings

Step 2 …………Scroll down again to Your Facebook information menu.

Step 3…………. Then tap on Account Ownership and Control

Step 4…………. Click Open.

Step 5………… Tap on option Deactivation and deletion.

Step 6………… Finally, tap Delete account.

How can I delete my PI account in Pakistan?

  • Click on the Hamburger icon
  • Navigate to Profile menu.
  • Move to See how down in the menu.



  • Type your Pi account username.
  • Lastly, click on the Delete label.

Final Words

Hope, you will find this article easy to comprehend


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