How to Create IMVU Account Step by Step Guide 2022

How to Create IMVU Account Step by Step Guide 2022


Want to be a part of IMVU’S social 3D network and wish to create IMVU account ? We will get you started.

We have used easy to read language with pictures to help you understand the steps down below. Follow the visual as well as written descriptive steps to sign up free for an IMVU account on your desktop to phone.

The steps will help you can join the 130 million users by customizing your avatar and chat, commerce, anonymity, etc. Let’s get your IMVU account settled by walking you through step by step guide on how to make IMVU account.

How to Create IMVU Account Step by Step

IMVU is the best-known platform for connecting with new people and being innovative with the use of given features of the website. If you want to experience the virtual existence, make your IMVU account now by following the listed steps down below.

1. Go to your IMVU on the browser or download the application on Android or IOS and click on get started for free.

how to create imvu account

You may choose whether you want to sign in using your Facebook account, email or want to create a fresh account through the website.

2. After that pick your avatar. You can pick either female or male avatar to represent you in IMVU’s virtual world. It is necessary to pick one to move on to the next step

pick your avatar

3. Then pick customize your avatar’s hair, facial hair, eyes and head piece to showcase your real aesthetic virtual world as well. .

pick customer your avatar

Note: It isn’t necessary to style your avatar. You can proceed with the same looks as well. But personalizing your avatar will help people have a sense of you.

4. Pick your avatar’s clothing from shirts, trousers, shoes, and accessories. Then click on create account.

pick your avater clothing

You can keep the look as it is but your avatar’s clothing style will describe your personal taste and interests, which will be helpful for people who want to get to know you.

5. Enter your name, email, password,, and birthday like shown in the picture. .

enter your name, email, password

Email (if in case you want to change it after creating your account then click on settings and edit it).

Password (forgot your password and want to update it? Then go to settings and click on a password to change it before logging out).

While creating a password use letters (upper and lower keys) and number to have a strong combination of 8 digits easy enough for you to remember and strong enough to protect your account from hackers.

6. Scroll down from verification process. Verification can only be processed if you enter the mentioned details properly..

scroll down for verification process

7. For verification you have to find the galaxy spiral like shown in the in the picture five times.

For verification you have to find the galaxy spiral

8. After your account is verified, click on the create account and start making new friends. You will know that your account has been activated .

After verification click on create account and make new friends

when you will see the tick on the image above the ‘create account.’

How to Verify Email on IMVU Account After Click on the Create Account

When you have created your account on IMVU. You will receive an email verification link in your email account. Log in to find it and click on the link to proceed with the verification process.

Note But if you aren’t able to find the email link in your account. Don’t panic and look in to the spam folder.

How to Create IMVU Account on Mobile

Creating our account on desktop, app, and mobile is quite similar except for the verification process which isn’t needed when making an account on mobile.

1. Install the application through the ISO or Play Store. Click on Join by Email to get started.

install the application through ios or play store and click on join by email get started

2. Pick your avatar according to your gender.

pick your avatar according to gender

3. Pick hair, eyes, and skin, etc. type details to make it unique.

Pick hair, eyes, and skin

4. Then select the clothing style and other accessories. Once satisfied with the overall look of your avatar click on save looks.

Then select the clothing style

5. After clicking on save look you will be directed towards the information page. Fill in your name, email, password, and birthday. Then click on Join Now and start connecting with people.

Fill in your name, email, password and birthday

How to Download IMVU Desktop APP

1. Go to google and search for imvu desktop app download as shown in the image.

imvu desktop app download

2. Click on it and read the requirements for MAC and Window.

How to Download IMVU Desktop APP

3. Once understood and ready scroll down and click on download.

scrol down and click on download

Final Through and History

Creating an account on IMVU is very easy, if you will follow through with the given steps and tips. But if you need more help and information then read through the FAQS for ease.

IMVU provides a free social and gaming experience through virtual reality. IMUV is an avatar-based application that allows you to meet and chat with new people. The application allows the users to share images and thoughts publicly as well as privately in the chat room. Along with all those features, there is an age restriction people under the age of +18 can’t sign up due to violation of Terms and Service.

If you are the type of person who likes interacting and meeting new people or someone who wants to get out of their bubble and get know to people as well expand their circle, then this application is perfect for you.


1. How to register for a name?

Go to the store on and scroll down upgrades to see how much does it cost for registering for your own name.

2. How to generate Free Credit?

Clicking on sites that promise free credit and a scam as well as illegal as they will hack into your account and personal chats via given email Id or user name. The best ways to earn credit are within the application you can watch videos, looking into offers, or go through surveys to keep it legal and get some credit without jeopardizing your account’s safety.

3. How to login using a username, if you have forgotten your password?

Click on forgotten password, if you don’t remember your account details and the application will send you an email where you can view your details and reset your password.

4. How to login my chats?

If you see the repeated error on the chat screen, then it means you have been trying to login with the wrong password multiple times. Trying to put in your right password after many attempts might not work either so, all you have is to go to IMVU website and log in through thereby following the steps stated there.

5. How to update your password

Go to your profile on the top end right side, open it and click on Settings where you will see Password. Go over there and type your current and then new password to update your security measures.

You can go through ‘How to Change IMVU account Password’ to have a better idea and visual aid.

6. How to change the avatar’s outfit?

Go to under shop and look through clothes according to your avatar’s gender style. Put the items you like in the cart by clicking on the cart icon on the right corner of every clothing item. After done picking goes to the cart icon on the top and open the cart to see what fits better and then delete them once you don’t like by clicking on the bin icon after that tap on checkout for the final look.

7. How to change my email?

Click on the profile icon on the top right corner and go to settings. In their tap on the email and then on the very top will see the change button, click on and change your email accordingly.

8. How to disable IMVU account

According to IMVU disable and Delete both are the same thing. if you want to delete or disable your account then you need to follow the link below.

How to disable and delete Imvu Account

9. How to create account on IMVU

Go to IMVU and click on ‘Get Started.’ Then follow the steps mentioned above for more details.

10. How to update your password

Once you have registered on the website, you will receive an email verification link, click on to verify your account.


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