How Long Does USPS Priority Mail Take?

How Long Does USPS Priority Mail Take?

USPS Priority Mail is a delivery service that provides expedited arrival speeds and package tracking, so you always know where your shipment is. Sending out this delivery service is USPS's top priority. You have a few choices when shipping a flat envelope or package using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

A variety of delivery options are available from USPS to suit different demands. Your delivery option will depend on when you want the item to arrive. Priority Mail is their best-selling service option. 

Understanding how long a package will take to reach its destination before shipping or receiving one is essential. Popular shipping options like USPS Priority Mail might have variable arrival times depending on several variables. We'll look at USPS Priority Mail delivery times in this blog article so you may have a clear idea of what to anticipate if you use this service. 

What is USPS Priority Mail?

USPS Priority Mail is a delivery service that provides expedited arrival speeds and package tracking so you always know where your shipment is. The name says it all: USPS prioritizes shipping out this delivery service. If you need more time to visit a post office location, this service also provides free package collection from your house or place of business. It does not include a Sunday delivery service but offers mail delivery six days a week.

How Long does USPS Priority Mail take?

USPS provides a variety of Priority Mail choices. Standard Priority Mail guarantees arrival in one to three business days for domestic shipments. The transit times may change depending on where the packages are being sent from and to. On the other hand, you may use the Priority Mail Express option to speed up delivery even more if you want your shipment to arrive sooner.

Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express is the quickest shipping option provided by USPS. Items sent a great distance arrive by 6 p.m. on the next day or within two days. This service option includes $50 in package insurance and a money-back guarantee on delivery time. Customers may pay more for Sunday or holiday delivery when using Priority Mail Express.

Sunday delivery choices available with the USPS are only this service option. Request proof of delivery signature record and package pickup (from home or office) at checkout. These services are free of charge.

USPS Priority Mail price

Depending on its size, delivering a letter, package, or other item by USPS priority mail has different costs. However, because USPS offers standard envelopes and boxes for Priority Mail packages, Priority Mail is more straightforward to estimate. It ships for that amount if it fits.

Envelopes (12.5" x 9.5") cost $7.70 to send by Priority Mail, while packages (8 11/16 x 5 7/16 x 1 3/4) cost $8.45. Both rise in proportion to size. All products weighing less than 70 pounds ship for the same amount when using Priority Mail's Flat Rate pricing. The package may only be 108" wide and 108" long, and the flaps on Flat Rate envelopes or boxes must shut.

If you would instead use your packing, you may buy mailing labels at your neighborhood post office or online using USPS's "Click-N-Ship" service. Priority Postal Express costs $26.35 and goes up depending on the weight of the postal item.

Tracking USPS Priority Mail

Customers may follow the progress of their postal item and get a tracking number using USPS Priority postal tracking. Information like the date of shipment, the temporary storage location, and the scheduled delivery date. Additionally, it provides clients with real-time mapping and point-to-point tracking data.

The Benefits of USPS Priority Mail

Customers appreciate utilizing it because the U.S. Postal Service administers priority mail and offers speedy delivery at a lesser cost than other rivals, including FedEx or UPS.

Furthermore, Priority Mail provides:

  • Convenience: You may ship anything with USPS Priority at a post office or by giving the package to your postal carrier.
  • Tracking: Priority Mail tracking is a free service provided by USPS that lets you trace the whereabouts of your packages at any time.
  • Returning and forwarding: Delivering and returning Priority Mail to its original sender costs nothing more.

Send Mail Digitally via Virtual Mail

For good reason, Priority Mail delivery is the most popular option. It offers clients a speedy and reasonably priced shipping option for their goods. Better than that, what is it? Delegating the strenuous lifting to a third party.

Our skilled team handles all incoming mail and shipments when you have an Earth Class Mail virtual mailbox account. After scanning, the items are uploaded to your account. Digital mail replaces physical mail, and you can now access all your correspondence on any device as searchable PDFs. 

Plus, everything is permanently saved in the cloud storage of your choice. Do you need to send a package? Just choose the desired delivery method from the dashboard of your account. It has never been simpler.

Is 3-Day Priority Mail Guaranteed?

Priority postal does not provide a money-back guarantee if a postal item is not delivered within three business days. Priority Mail Express is the best choice for a money-back guarantee since it offers a refund if the item arrives after two days.

Does USPS Priority Mail deliver on Sundays?

Priority Mail delivers on Saturdays only—it does not deliver on Sundays. Priority Mail Express charges more for packages that must arrive on Sundays or holidays.

To learn more about file a claim with USPS, go here.

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