How Long Does it Take to Restore an iPhone

How Long Does it Take to Restore an iPhone

To restore your iPhone, you must delete all its data and return it to its factory settings. Important information must be backed up before restoring your iPhone to avoid data loss. What is this procedure's duration? In any event, I will explain it in this article.

How long does it take to restore an iPhone?

iPhone Restore Type

Time Taken

iCloud (100 MBps Internet Speed)

1 to 4 hours


15 to 30 minutes

How long it takes to restore an iPhone typically varies from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how much data is there. It may take anywhere from 15 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes to restore an iPhone, depending on a few crucial factors. These components include;

  • The size of the data to be recovered - If your iPhone must restore a large file, the process will take longer than if the data were smaller.

Consequently, the time required to restore your equipment is contingent on the amount of material.

How often do you backup your device

If you regularly back up your iPhone, you can be certain that restoring it will be faster than if you have never done so. To greatly reduce the time required to recover your iPhone, it is recommended that you create as many backups as possible.

The type of backup you are restoring to

You may reset your iPhone using either iTunes or iCloud. If you are using iTunes to restore an iPhone, complete the procedure on the iPhone before attaching it to your computer so iTunes can immediately launch.

After this procedure

To confirm your request, you must first choose your device by clicking the restore button, then click the iTunes tab, the restore button, and the restore button.

 Using iCloud to recover an iPhone follows the same steps.

Why does this process take this long?

iOS update

This is the primary reason why recovering an iPhone takes so long. Due to the need to download a new iOS it often takes iTunes longer to repair an iPhone.

Amount of data on your iPhone

If you still need to back up your data containing several media files, restoring your device will take some time. To speed up the whole process, we should have minimal files.

Internet flow

The internet connection rate can either accelerate or retard the repair process. Before beginning the device restoration, verify your internet speed. This is the primary reason why iPhone restoration takes so long.


After reading this guide, you should be able to estimate how long it will take to repair an iPhone. Using the following factors, estimate how long it may take to restore your device. Therefore, the decision of when to restore your iPhone is completely yours.

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