How Long Does a Factory Reset Take?

How Long Does a Factory Reset Take?

A factory reset is an electronic software operation that involves resetting the system to its initial condition by wiping all of the data that is currently stored inside the device entirely. When this is done, the machine is reset to its configuration when it was first manufactured. In this post, we will walk you through the steps necessary to determine how long it takes to do a factory reset.

How Long Does a Factory Reset Take?

The time required to do a factory reset is around ten minutes. Having said that, before beginning the whole process, you need to consider the following measures: If you do so, you can be confident that you won't lose any of your data when the factory settings are restored. Because the following factors influence the total amount of time required to do a factory reset on your device:

Type of iPhone

Time Taken to Factory Reset


15 minutes


10 minutes

  • Remove your SD card from your device before doing a factory reset. A factory reset involves deleting all the data stored on your memory card or hard drive. Therefore it may cause your recorded videos to become corrupted.

Therefore, before you format the computers, you should take out your hard drive and any installed memory cards. The time it will take to restore your device will depend on the answer to this question.

  • When doing a factory reset, one of the most important considerations you need to make is to ensure that your device's battery life is at least 75% full. If you do not correctly charge your device, there is a significant risk that it may turn off while you are in the process of resetting it to factory settings.

Because of this, it indicates that you will have to repeat the same procedure once again when the machine has been fully charged. Because of this, it will take you more time than you can t; in fact, it will probably take you each time as is necessary to finish the complete procedure.

  • Always ensure you have a backup of your information before a factory reset. This will help ensure that none of your data is lost.

This implies that you will remove all your footage from the device, and it will be just as if you had purchased a brand-new one from the store. Backing up your files is the best way to protect yourself against losing essential data.

Why does Factory Reset take that long?

The amount of time it takes to do a factory reset is determined by several variables, including the following:

  • The availability of power - The presence of electricity is essential in guaranteeing that the factory settings will be restored.

To accomplish the whole procedure, you must ensure that your gadget has a full charge, just as I've said to you in the past. The answer to this question will indicate whether the procedure will take a long or a short amount of time to finish.

  • Professionalism – Having skills and understanding regarding factory reset is essential since not everyone is qualified to execute it. Having these qualifications is necessary.

As a result, you need to use more discretion and caution regarding whoever can be doing the treatments on your devices. In addition to this, doing so will assist you in preventing harm to your machines; this also helps explain why it could take as much time as it takes you to reset your computer.

  • The availability of hard disks and memory cards - The availability of resources is one of the factors that defines why the process will take a certain amount of time to complete. You may have to wait longer, most of the time in offices, for the organization to collect backup resources before it can begin the procedure. As a result, this process component is of the utmost importance.


The information that was presented above did an excellent job of explaining how and why the factory reset process takes so long. Therefore, it is up to you to absorb this knowledge to get the most remarkable outcomes.

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