Difference between Thesis and Dissertation

Difference between Thesis and Dissertation



If you are confused and you have no idea which path to choose to write your paper. You are confused about whether to write a thesis or a dissertation to pass your degree, this article is going to help to clear this misunderstanding of yours. People often mix up the two terms but there is a clear difference between thesis and dissertation. To know this difference, you may proceed to read this article.

Meaning of thesis:

 A thesis is a research paper written by a student. In this research paper, the student is required to find a problem, perform research on that particular problem and devise a solution for that. A thesis just not only compromises the problem and solution but also some supporting arguments. Without these supporting arguments, the thesis will be incomplete. For this purpose, the student has to provide reasonable and rational ideas to stand firm with the thesis in case of counterarguments.

Different universities ask the students of Masters Level to write a thesis paper regarding their department of research. A thesis is a requirement for a Master’s degree. The main reason for writing a thesis is to gain technical expertise in a specific field of interest.

Meaning of dissertation:

The word Dissertation comes from Latin which means to discuss or discussion. A dissertation is a very detailed document that contains the experimental and logical explanation of the topic that is being selected by the student. Typically a dissertation is prepared by the students who are pursuing their Ph.D. degree.

This type of research paper is selected for the Ph.D. level because it has all the essence of practical work with technical reasoning and lengthy experimental observations and their results.

This research should be one hundred percent plagiarism-free. It is due to the fact, it assesses the intellectual and practical capabilities of the student. It includes theoretical observations also that are evaluated by a selected supervisor or the assessing person.

Main Key Difference between Thesis and Dissertation:

From nature to structure there are some major differences between thesis and dissertation; the two kinds of research papers. If you are considering writing a research paper, you should know the right format for it. Keeping in view this concern, we have collected some of the differences that would distinguish these two commonly used terms.

The difference in Definition:

The thesis is a document that is written at the end of the Master’s degree program. Whereas a dissertation is written at the end of the Ph.D. degree program. This is the main key difference. If you are doing your Master’s degree you should prepare a thesis without any second thought otherwise your option is dissertation if you are not enrolled in a Master’s degree program.

The difference in the purpose of writing:

A thesis is prepared to show the understanding of the learned concepts in the field of study. The candidate has to explain what he has learned so far and what the depths that particular course has taken the candidate to.

On the other hand, a dissertation is a document that shows discoveries that are found by the candidate in his tenure of Ph.D. degree. In a dissertation, there is a need to present new theoretical information based on the facts and figures studied during the Ph.D. In simple words, for the dissertation, the student has to discover new logical horizons in the field of study to become successful.

Conceptual difference:

In a thesis, the candidate has to present a statement first that gives a brief introduction to the whole document. With the help of the statement, it becomes easier for the reader to understand that how the candidates will prove their argument in the thesis.

In the dissertation, the candidate provides a hypothetical statement. In this document, the candidate has to establish the result that he or she is wishing to achieve through their research. It describes the expectations that the candidate is having from the document.

Objective difference:

The main objective behind writing a thesis is to judge the understanding and learning of the student that he or she has developed in two years of Master's. Like any other exam, it is a process of evaluating the candidate.

On the other side, a dissertation is a process to estimate the scholarly ability of the candidate to think and discover new dimensions in the field of study. It would not be wrong to say that it is an intelligent way of self-evaluation and to find the aptitude to convince others during the evaluation period.

Length and depth differences:

The thesis is a lengthy document but less lengthy than a dissertation. A thesis comprises more or less 100 pages. Whereas a dissertation consists of 100 to 300 pages. This document holds this length because of the extensive research and broader scope. 


Final Thoughts:

In this article, we have tried our best to clear the confusion between the two terms accordingly. In conclusion, we would like to say that thesis and dissertation have individual places in the world of academics.

Both students and the educational system need to understand the difference between thesis and dissertation. As in the end, it is the academic supervisors who will be evaluating the research work which would only be possible if the evaluating team know the true essence of both academic documents.

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