Difference between These and Those

Difference between These and Those


In the English Language, we often use this and that to call people and objects. But it is used for a singular object or a single person. It is easy to differentiate between these two terms but when it comes to their plural i.e. “These” and “Those”, people get confused that would be the appropriate pronoun to be used. This confusion is the same as the one in choosing “There” and ”Their” or “Hair” and “Hairs”.

To ease this confusion of people we are presenting this article to the audience. In this article, we will be explaining the difference between these and those. Along with some of the examples for the reader to get a complete understanding of the usage of these two terms.

The term “These“:

This is an English Language term that is used in sentences as an adjective or a pronoun to indicate a person or an object that is near the speaker. It is an alternative to “this” but for the cases when you are trying to indicate a plural object or a group of persons at the same time. It is used to talk about current events.

Different examples of using “These”:

The use of “these” can be observed by reading the following example. It would help to understand the right way to use it.

  • These flowers are very beautiful.
  • These racing cars are fast.
  • I can’t forgive you for these mistakes of yours.
  • You should get these walls painted.
  • They should get their clothes washed before the event.
  • These girls are very intelligent but do not like to share their knowledge.
  • I want these tasks to be done by today.

Using of “these” in question statements:

The term “these” can be used in questions. To understand this use, you may read the following examples.

  • Are these color pencils yours?
  • What are you thinking about these books?
  • Would you like to eat these pancakes?
  • Have you marked these test papers?

The term “Those“:

The English language term “Those” is commonly used in sentences for the indication of the people and objects that are far away from the speaker. It is the plural form of the term “that” which is used to indicate a singular person or object that is not near the speaker. Similarly, the purpose of “those” is used to speak for the things that are far away. Another use of the word “Those” is to talk about the things that have been mentioned in the past.

Different examples of using “Those”:

We can use “Those” in different ways. Some of the methods are explained below.

  • Those clothes that you showed me yesterday are very pretty.
  • I do not know where those plates that we bought last week are.
  • I want to read those novels from the library.
  • I do not want to discuss those events.
  • Those who sleep early, wake up with a fresh mind.
  • Those are two different nail colors.
  • You should not think about those toys anymore.

Using of “Those” in question statements:

Like previous examples, the word “Those” could be used in the question statement as well. Following are some of its examples.

  • Are those pens yours?
  • Would you like to buy those shirts that we saw in the previous shop?
  • Whose socks are those?
  • Do you still have those pair of shoes that I once asked about?

Differentiation of These Vs Those



It is the plural form of this.

It is the plural form of that.

It points towards the things that are near to the person who is speaking.

It points towards the things that are far away from the person who is speaking.

It refers to the things that are mentioned currently.

It refers to the things that are mentioned in the past.

It is used for the introduction of new people.

It is not used for introduction purposes.


Bottom Line:

To conclude, we would like to say that using “these” instead of “those” and vice versa would not trigger any grammatical error however, it will change the sense of the sentence. That is why it is important to understand the difference between these and those so that you can use them accordingly.

In this article, we have presented some of the basic facts about these and those for a better understanding of the reader. Other than this, we have also mentioned some practical examples to clear out all the confusion related to this matter.



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