Difference between Swordfish and Marlin

Difference between Swordfish and Marlin


In the world, other than land creatures there is an entire world settled underwater. The underwater world is almost unknown to us. Underwater creatures are commonly called fish. Some of the famous fish are dolphins, sharks, goldfish, and starfish. Other than this, there is a million category of fish that are yet to be discovered.

In this article, we will be seeing two not-so-famous fish. The names of these fish are swordfish and marlin. These fish belong to the same fish family so there is a chance that people might mix them. Marine researchers are not unaware of these fish. Some facts are distinct in both of these fish. Today, we will also explain the difference between swordfish and marlin.

What is a swordfish?

Swordfishes are extremely long, flat, and smooth snouted individuals from the billfish family. They are ordinarily found in warm marine waters. The unique dorsal fin of a swordfish isolates it from its family. The dorsal blade of a swordfish looks similar to a shark's tail.


They are usually considered sharks due to their resemblance. The fin's design is generally taken as a feather. The body of a swordfish is stretched circularly. The length of a normal swordfish goes from 7-15 feet. The body of a swordfish comprises 70% of its snout. Hence, you can imagine how much longer it would be.

Going at a speed of 97 km/h, they utilize their long snouts to harm small fish and other prey. In contrast to marlins, the shade of a swordfish's body can go from dull brown to dark. Swordfish meat is utilized to get ready fish fillets. The solid tasty fragrance of the fish makes it an ideal fit for most winter soup plans.

What is a Marlin?

The marlin is a fish that is found in deep water. It is commercially advertised across the world for its remarkable taste and flavor. Marlins ordinarily flourish in warm tropical and mild waters. Their habitats are found in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific seas. Marlins have an enormous, tube-shaped body with a long yet round snout. The dorsal fin of the marlin is like a sailfish. Marlins utilize their fins as a compelling weapon for hunting. Their eating regimen involves tiny fish, squids, and planktons. The snout assists the marlin with exploring the sandbars of small fish, causing wounds to the prey.


Overall, marlins develop to a length of 14 feet and weigh as much as 650 kilograms. The subcategory of the marlin family is frequently classified by the shade of their scales. The black Pacific marlin, blue marlin, and white marlin are the most well-known individuals from this family. Their structure and taste make them famous for being used in Japanese-style sushi.

Difference between swordfish and marlin:

The two fish are similar in looks but some features differentiate them. Following is the detail of these features.

Parameters for differentiation




It is 7 to 15 long.

It is long up to 14 feet.


Its weight is 450 kg.

Its weight is 680 kg.

Dorsal fin

It is large and looks like a shark’s tail

It is a soft ridge that connects the back.

Body shape

It has a long but spherical body. It is flat in shape.

It is also long but tubular. It has a round body.



To conclude, we would like to say that there are still many creatures underwater that are yet to be discovered. There are few people in the world that are familiar with the unique variety of fish. The people who are regularly involved in fishing have ample knowledge about different fish otherwise it is hard to identify. After reading this article, the reader will be easily able to find the difference between swordfish and marlin.



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