difference between sweater and sweatshirt

difference between sweater and sweatshirt


In the winter season, we often see boys and girls in different kinds of sweaters. The purpose of a sweater is to keep a person warm. Some sweaters are worn as a symbol of fashion. Nowadays, young teenagers are seen wearing shirts with round necks and full sleeves but they are also warm. Such shirts are named sweatshirts.

This term won’t be new to our young audience however, for middle-aged people it might be new. In this article, we will be seeing the difference between sweater and sweatshirt. In addition to this, we will also be explaining the salient features of both of these outwears.

What is a sweater?

A sweater is a warm garment that is worn in the winter season. The main purpose of a sweater is to keep oneself warm. It has different names in different regions. In the USA, a front open sweater is also known as a cardigan. Whereas, in the UK it is called a pullover or a jumper.

A sweater is made by knitting and crocheting wool. Anciently, it was done by old ladies of a house but now there are automatic machines that are capable of knitting a sweater. A sweater may have a round or a V-shaped neckline. In some cases, it also has a turtle neck, this kind of sweater is used in severe weather to cover up the neck from catching a cold.

The length of a sweater varies from design to design. Some are the same as a regular top while some are considered as long sweaters as their length is long. Long sweaters are worn as short dresses by women in the west. For men, sweaters are worn with trousers or pants.


Sweater is liked by people of all ages, it worn by everyone as it is comfortable and very soft. Mothers make their infants wear sweaters to keep them warm and comfortable. As it is composed of wool so there is no doubt in its softness.

What is a sweatshirt?

A sweatshirt is also known as a jersey in the United Kingdom. It is commonly made up of fleece, cotton, or polyester. There are different variants of a sweatshirt. Some sweatshirts are round-necked while some are available with zippers with an open front.

In the open front category, there is one with a cap that is called a hoodie and there is one without a cap but with a zipper. As a sweatshirt is not made up of wool that is why the inner side of it has layers of fluffy material and something that traps the body heat and keeps the person wearing it, warm. The outer side of a sweatshirt is soft and light.


Due to the heat-trapping feature, it is given the name “sweatshirt”. It is worn with sweatpants as a complete sweatsuit. Whereas, some people like to wear it with pants and a jacket or coat at the top. It comes in the casual form of dressing.

Difference between sweater and sweatshirt:

We have observed the features of sweaters and sweatshirts now will be seeing the difference between these two terms.

Features of discrimination



Made of

It is made of wool with the process of knitting.

It is made up of fleece, cotton, or polyester.


It is available in short or long length.

Its length is the same as a shirt.


It has a round or V-shaped neckline. Sometimes opened from the front with buttons.

It has a round neck without a collar. In other cases, it has a cap and a zipper.

Another name

It is also called a cardigan or pullover.

It is also called jersey.

Way of Styling

It comes in formal dressing. It could be worn with dress pants over a dress shirt with a tie.

It comes in casual dressing. It is worn with sweatpants or casual jeans as a top in winter.


From the above discussion, we have come to the conclusion that there is a distinct difference between sweater and sweatshirt. The manufacturing is not only different but the way of the styling is also different from each other. The purpose of both of these items is to keep the body warm and maintain the good appearance of the person wearing them.

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