Difference between NFC and AFC

Difference between NFC and AFC


Football is a game that is loved by people around the world. Different tournaments are held in the honor of football. Around the world, this game is played differently depending upon the culture of that geographic area. There is a category of football that is played in America and it is named after it as American Football.

This name is not new to sports enthusiasts. To play this game on a national level there are different leagues and championships formed. Under which different teams from different states take place in it. The most commonly seen leagues in American Football are NFC and AFC. In this article, we will learn more about these leagues along with the difference between NFC and AFC.

A brief description about NFC:

The term NFC is an abbreviation for National Football Conference. It is the division of the NFL. It stands for National Football League. Before the existence of the National Football Conference, there were originally two leagues one was NFL and the other was AFL. It stands for American Football League. NFC was a part of the NFL initially.

It was difficult for the audience to follow and attend two different leagues of the same game. That is why a decision was taken to merge the NFL and AFL. This helped the authorities to conduct one single big event rather than conducting two different events in the same year. 

The teams and clubs of the two separate leagues are now a part of the single league. After the merger, the name used for it was NFL. The teams that are included in NFC were originally a part of the NFL. This union took place in 1970.

For NFC it was decided to combine thirteen clubs that later formed sixteen different teams. The team that is the most popular and has won people’s hearts over the years is Dallas Cowboys. This team is also considered the most valuable team of NFC. It has a total asset of $2.8 Billion. Dallas Cowboys has won 8 titles of NFC over the years. This winning record is more than any other team of NFC. However, the current titleholder team is Atlanta Falcons.

A brief description about AFC:

The term AFC is used as an abbreviation for American Football Conference. This is the division of the NFL other than the National Football Conference. AFC comprises 16 different teams that compete with 16 other teams of NFC counterpart.

Initially, American Football Conference was known as American Football League AFL. This football league was quite famous in the country. It had more fame in the southern and western parts of the United States. American Football League had a big rivalry with the National Football League due to which it did not achieve the same success as National Football League.

NFL was more prosperous than AFL which is why it did not gain worldwide public attention and audience love. Later on, both of the leagues AFL and NFL created hurdles in generating revenues and attaining popularity.

It was difficult for the audience to choose between these two tournaments and decide what follow. It was hard for the sports lovers to select one of the leagues to fully support.

In 1970, after signing the pact between the two leagues, it was decided by both of them to allocate all the teams and clubs of AFL to AFC. Although the tournament was named after NFL it was divided into subdivisions i.e. NFC and AFC. The merger of the two leagues made one big tournament that had teams from all four regions.

There is a total of 16 teams in AFC that were once a part of AFL. It had former teams of AFL and some teams of NFL were shifted to AFC to keep the number of teams equal on both counterparts. In this part, New England Patriots have the status of winning 10 titles. This team has an asset of $1.8 Billion. Not only this, it is the only team to score the highest titles in both conferences i.e. AFC and NFC.

The core difference between NFC and AFC

Being a part of the same league the two conferences have few differences between them that are not known by many of us. To clear this confusion, we have explained some of the differences below in the table.



it was established in 1920.

It came into existence in 1959.

NFC is the partition of NFL that was initially NFL itself.

AFC is the other partition of the NFL that was formally known as AFL.

NFC has had 16 teams in total since the beginning of the merger.

AFC had 10 teams originally but with the addition of few more teams of NFL, the total count was completed to 16 teams.

It has won 27 super bowl championships.

It has won 25 super bowl championships.

It has achieved 8 titles in total.

It has achieved 10 titles in total.



After the merger of the two leagues; NFL and AFL, the companies generated huge revenue with the help of AFC and NFC. People also enjoy this tournament to its fullest and it has become popular among the fans in a short term. Most of the people were unaware of the difference between NFC and AFC. With the help of this article, we have made sure that the readers clear their confusion and learn new facts about these two conferences.

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