difference between Grammarly and Turnitin

difference between Grammarly and Turnitin


Students in schools or employees in offices use assisting tools every day. There is no denial in the fact that we depend on some assistance when it comes to English grammar. As no one is capable of keeping in mind all the rules of English while composing a letter or an assignment. For this purpose, we have been introduced to some professional tools that are perfect for these kinds of jobs.

The most commonly used tools that are famous in this field are Grammarly and Turnitin. In this article, we will see the difference between Grammarly and Turnitin.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a newly introduced software that is available in free as well as paid versions. The main purpose of Grammarly is to rectify grammar mistakes commonly seen in drafting English compositions. Grammarly is the most famous tool these days.

It corrects different kinds of grammatical mistakes. It also checks the incorrect spellings and corrects them. It is not an auto-correcting software application. It suggests user, it is totally up to the user to consider the suggestion or not. It allows the user to rephrase a sentence that seems grammatically incorrect or contains unnecessary words.

It detects the writing style of the writer and suggests changes depending upon that particular style. It also confirms the writing style of the user before setting it as a filter. It stops the users from being tautological which could be irritating for the readers afterward.

It makes sure that the user’s composition does not hold redundant words. Along with this, it also acts as a plagiarism checker. This feature does not work to such an extent but somehow helps the user. The user can add extensions in the browser or download them for regular usage.

It provides some features in its free version to avail its complete functionality the user has to buy its subscription. Once a user becomes its premium customer, it can enjoy Grammarly completely without any restriction.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a traditional platform that is enabling its users to correct grammar mistakes for many decades. It was developed in 1997 that initially used to catch the copied content. It has the world’s largest database of its own that helps in this task. It tells the user the plagiarism rate in the document.

This tool is used by educational institutions to stop their students from cheating assignments from their fellow students. It is known best for the people who are involved in web blogging and content development. It is a perfect partner for the students as it provides reminders through emails.

The best feature of Turnitin is that it catches the two sentences with the same meaning and synonyms. This means if the user has copied a sentence and changed the words with their synonyms then it would be considered as copied. Unlike other applications that ignore such blunders.


It allows the user to upload the file up to 40 MB in size. The user can upload large-sized documents very easily for corrections. Other than this, there is no format restriction. You can upload the file in any format and it will be opened in Turnitin document viewer. For grading, it allows the students to submit images in any format so that teachers can give marks accordingly.

Turnitin is not free of cost. It does not facilitate its users without charging them. So, if you are thinking to avail of its services then you should be ready to spend some money on its subscription.

Main Key difference between Grammarly and Turnitin:

If you take a deep look, you will find many differences in the functionality of both services. Both of the platforms are developed for different kinds of work. It would not be wrong to say that they are different with fewer similarities. Keeping in view this fact, we have enlisted some of the differences between these two platforms below.

  • Grammarly provides some of its features for free to its customers. If the user wishes to fully access Grammarly then he or she has to buy a cyclic subscription of it. Whereas, on the other hand, Turnitin is completely paid software. The user is not able to use it unless its package is bought.
  • As Grammarly is named after grammar so there is no doubt in its grammar checking capabilities. It provides this feature for free. On the contrary, Turnitin provides grammar checking but it restricts the user from asking the account administrator first. If the account administrator grants access only then he or she can use it.
  • Grammarly checks the plagiarism but it does not check it word by word. If one word from a plagiarized sentence is changed then it would not catch the cheating mistake. Unlike Turnitin, whenever it checks a sentence it does not let go of it even if there is a slight chance of plagiarism in it. It makes the plagiarism report according to each sentence written in the document. Hence, it works best for such cases.
  • Turnitin is way more reliable than Grammarly when it comes to plagiarism checking and error detection. But on the contrary, Grammarly is the platform where you can get more features under one roof. From acting as a grammar checker to helping you in proofreading it has not left anything behind.

Bottom Line:

In this article, we have tried to explain the difference between Grammarly and Turnitin. Both of these software applications are best in their way. It depends upon the requirement of the user that which tool fits bests in their need. Upon comparison, we can see that both of these tools stand firm in their place with their unique features.

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