Difference between American and French Revolution

Difference between American and French Revolution


In history, we have studied different movements that took place. The purpose of these movements was to fulfill certain demands on people. In some cases, it was due to the unjust behavior of the higher authorities. The result of such movements brought a revolution in the entire world.

These revolutions not only changed the diverse circumstances but also made a prominent place in history. Some of these revolutions brought positive impacts in the future while others did not go well. In this article, we will be seeing two different revolutions of the history of two different times.

The name of these revolutions is American and French revolution. We will discuss the facts, circumstances, and reasons that became the cause of such events. Along with this, we will be seeing the difference between the American and French Revolution.

American Revolution:

American Revolution started in 1765 and lasted till 1783. It was a war between American Patriots and British Colonies. There are were a total of 13 British Colonies that moved to North America from Britain. The migration was not the cause of revolution but the inequality and unjust circumstances faced by American natives were the reason.

It was started with 13 American colonial societies. The basis of the dispute was “No taxation without representation”. It means that American natives were denied to pay taxes. These taxes were imposed by the British government. This rejection was caused as there was no representative of theirs in the parliament

In between this war, on the day of 16th December 1773 a political protest which is historically known as the ‘Boston Tea Party’ was conducted. In the middle of this protest, the British crown sent soldiers and encounters to invade the protest.

In the year 1783, a war was conducted named as ‘American Revolutionary War’. The consequences of this war came out as a peace treaty which is known as the Treaty of Paris, which was signed by the British King, George III. In this treaty, it was decided that colonies will be separated and a new nation will appear on the world map as ‘United States of America’.

French Revolution:

French Revolution started in 1789 and ended in 1799. It was initiated when the French Monarchy was overthrown and the Republic of France was established. The people of France faced violence and political chaos to a great extent. The non-negotiable and supremacy of rights became the enlightening ideas that motivated the revolution.

It started when France stayed involved for 7 years in the war and American Revolution. It caused a financial crisis in France. The reason for the revolution was the heavy tax imposed by the government. This financial crisis continued for years along with this, there was a bad harvest and the privileged people got themselves exempted from payment of tax.


Some events took placed in the French Revolution. One of them was the attack on Bastille. It was followed by the declaration of rights of citizens and men of France. Later on, women conducted a march on Versailles. The abolishment of old rules including feudalism took place in the year of 1789. In 1792 at Valmy, the Republic was officially established along with the victory of the French.

Difference between American and French Revolution:

The difference between the American and French Revolution is very prominent. For the convenience of the reader, we have mentioned the difference below.

American Revolution

French Revolution

It started in 1765 and ended in 1783.

It started in 1789 and ended in 1799.

A war was held between 13 colonies and British Empire.

It was a war between the people and the government of France.

Its reasons were lack of representation and huge tax.

Its reasons were a financial crisis, injustice, and privileges of some people.

It was ended by the British king and a treaty was signed.

It was ended when the Republic was established officially and with the victory of the French.

In the end, the United States of America was established.

In the end, the monarchy was abolished and the Republic was formed.



To conclude, we would like to say that after an era of misery and hardships, revolutions come. Sometimes it happens without any loss while sometimes it causes bloodshed. However, the result brings ease and eradication of hardships in the lives of people.

In this article, we have tried to explain the two different revolutions. Along with this, we have explained the difference between the American and French Revolution. After reading this article, readers will get a clear view of these movements.

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