Difference Between AKC and CKC

Difference Between AKC and CKC


In this world, there are different kinds of dogs available. Some of them are pure while some are cross-breed. It is difficult to choose the best for oneself as all the breeds look equally perfect. For the people, who are fond of dogs and loves to keep a good breed of dog, there are some official registries present in the world to eliminate this confusion and provide good breeds of dogs to the people.

The name of these two registries is AKC and CKC. These are the two commonly known dog registry clubs. After proper inspection and testing, one can get a registration in the club. The standards are somehow strict. In this article, we will let readers know the difference between AKC and CKC. Along with this, features and other attributes about these two registries will also be explored.

What is AKC?

AKC stands for American Kennel Club. It is an official registry for dogs that was formed in 1880. It was the first club of this kind in the world. It was the only club that was working for a pure breed of dogs till the 1900s. The thing that separates American Kennel Club from other clubs is that both the parents must belong to American Kennel Club otherwise breeding would not be done.


According to the rules and regulations if standards are not followed then the registration might be suspended. Hence AKC is very strict in maintaining its terms and conditions. These policies are the reason for having only 150 breeds of dogs in total. Regular DNA checkup is done for dogs to maintain the purity in the breeds.

Another strict criterion is that only breeding can be done between registered parents of AKC. It is also kept in mind that the cleanliness of kennels and dogs is maintained. The pricing plan for American Kennel Club is different as compared to other clubs. The pricing plan of this club includes charges for litters and canines.

What is CKC?

CKC stands for Continental Kennel Club. The name of CKC has changed to American Dog Mill. It came into existence in 1991. It became the competition of AKC. In this club, the rules and regulations are a bit lenient. Due to this factor, it is a great competition of American Kennel Club. Both the parents do not belong to Continental Kennel Club.

If the mother is registered in the club then it will be alright. The father can be registered to any other CKS recognized clubs and there should be a certificate as proof. As the policies are not strict in this club that is why there are almost 450 different breeds of dogs available in the Continental Kennel Club.


Due to the light policies of CKC, it has faced criticism as people are worried that the breed of their dogs will be mixed with some other kinds of breeds. For the registrations process, only three photos of the dog are required. Along with this, a signature is provided as proof to recognize the dog afterward when taking the dog back. Other than this, it does not charge for litter. It only charges for canines.


Main Difference between AKC and CKC:

Following is the difference between AKC and CKC. After reading this difference the reader will get a clear view about both of these clubs.


Characteristics for Differentiation



Stands for

It stands for American Kennel Club.

It stands for Continental Kennel Club.

Created in

It is created in 1880.

It is created in 1991.

Founded first

It was the first club of its kind.

It came into existence after the idea of AKC.

No of dog breeds

It has 150 different breeds of dogs.

It has 450 different breeds of dogs.


It charges for litters and canines.

It charges for canines only.

Registration process

It has a difficult process as both of the parents should be registered in AKC.

It only requires the mother to be a part of CKC whereas, the father can be a part of any club recognized by CKC


It has a strict rule to avoid inbreeding.

It is lenient in this department that is why there are more dog breeds available.



To conclude, we would like to say that AKC and CKS both are independent clubs that provide dog breeds. AKC focuses on the pure breed of the dog whereas, CKS has different rules in this case. The significance of both clubs is quite dominant in America. This article has highlighted some of the facts about these two clubs along with their features and policies.

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