What is Facebook Touch and Touch Facebook

What is Facebook Touch and Touch Facebook


Considering the vastness of the social media platform offered by Facebook, as a way to communicate and express your thoughts through images and post it has been a trend sets from time to time.

Have you heard of Facebook touch? Let us introduce you to the app called Facebook Touch and its feature.

What is Facebook Touch

In recent years Facebook touch made by H5 applications has been in great use due to its style of design for touchscreen.

The touch system of Facebook touch made it more users and mobile friendly. This extended version of the previous one comes in with additions like a new and improved interface with advantages of graphic style.

It is a lighter version of Facebook on the web that is equipped with e-discovery and technology based review assistance on the website. You can now use the touch version on the website rather than the default mobile app.

The app uses the same log in features, but the speed was improved. In the light of the complaints made by users related to the pace of Facebook which was very slow, H5 applications designed Facebook touch keep this mind that a smooth running app is the way to the user’s heart, so Facebook touch will function just as well in a slower connection like it would have on a stable one. 

You can find the app on touch.facebook.com and take advantage of the features made according to your device’s need.

What is the major difference between Facebook and Facebook Touch

For starters the login style is different for Facebook it is http://m.facebook.com

whereas for Facebook touch it is http://touch.facebook.com.

The basic version of Facebook lacked data sustenance, had low quality pictures, and a limited number of display available. Whereas Facebook touch offers high quality images and renewed display generated with the login.

The app got a kicked start when cellphones were launched. It is a dynamic system made for easy and silk flow of work to function well with the touchscreen of the phones.

Facebook’s operating system works well with the interface of the smartphone touch, if we were to compare the functionality and capability of the two apps then Facebook Touch takes the crown as the more effective app in working order.

What are the Features offered by Facebook Touch?

Facebook touch consists of the following features;

  • The app allows smooth transmission when being used, so it won’t frustrate the user unnecessarily.
  • The display style and design keeps the users engaged and increase the reach
  • The application offers a high-quality pictorial style that allows the users to build up to the visual sensor of the wide length.
  • The dynamic version of the app can be supported by your smartphone easily and let you enjoy all the features that it has to offer to make your experience last.

How to Download Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch isn’t available on the web-store, so you will have to find it through third party reference. You can find it under the name of Modern UI Facebook app with touch gestures and it can support Window 8 easily.

  1. Go to your web browser and type Download touch Facebook
  2. You can see a lot of sites are appears in google search result Remember that you need to find out the best apk site for your touch facebook
  3. Tap on the install button of the APK file and agree with the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Once the app has been installed make your account by following the given directions.

You can find the app for your phone under the name of Facebook Touch o APK websites.

  1. Go to settings, and enable unknown sources.
  2. Download the app as an APK file.
  3. Then go to file, in the downloads, and open Facebook touch.apk.
  4. Tap in the installer to initiate the download.
  5. Once the process is down the app will be visible on the homepage for you to use.
  6. If the new update is present, then get that to avoid system issues later.

How to Add Facebook Touch to Home Screen?

You should add the app to the homepage for easy access by following through the steps mentioned down below.

  1. Go to Touch.Facebook.com on the browser.
  2. Sign in to your pre-existing account.
  3. Then tap on the top right corner to see the option of adding the app to the home screen.
  4. Click on ‘Add to Home Screen.’
  5. Type in ‘Facebook Touch’ and click on add to finish off the process.

How to Search on Facebook Touch?

Even though the app is easy to use and more concise than the Facebook portal, but it can difficult to try to understand the app on your own. So we have made an easy to follow through guide for better understanding.

  • Go to touch.facebook.com on the web browser.
  • Tap on the search option next to the notification icon.
  • When the search option appears, enter the name of the person you want to look up.
  • You can also search for fan pages and groups as well by hitting enter. The auto-suggestion.
  • Then follow through with the given instruction to complete the process of search.

What are the Limitations of Facebook Touch?

There is nothing in the world that comes without advantages verse disadvantages, as every app or device has some unresolved technical error that may persist throughout.

  • Facebook.touch.com doesn’t have enclosed SSL encryption that makes it easier to be hacked.
  • Even though the app is equipped with high quality functions, but the style lacks basic tools such as security, blocking out content, and others in it.
  • It has been criticized for using the old version since 2009, there aren’t any update to renew that apart from the bug fixes.


We understand your needs and are here to help you form a meaningful understanding of the subject. To make it easy we have made an effect to keep it interesting and informative for you while reading. We have stated all the relevant information related to the app in our introduction and its features. But if you feel unsatisfied and require more information than stated feel free to leave a comment down below.


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