Smartwatches with Longest Battery Life

Smartwatches with Longest Battery Life

Searching for a smartwatch with longest battery life? Your search is over now because you are at prefect platform which can provide you informative research on long lasting smart watches.

Smart watches are often affiliated with short lived battery life, but guess what? There are many smart watches, powered with longest battery life to serve as your mini smartphone.

 We have enlisted here top ten smartwatches with long lasting battery life along with their Amazon link.

These smart watches not only keep track of time but also serve as your smartphone’s substitute. They are designed with such a technique that these smart watches utilise every ounce of their battery power to keep you from trouble of charging again and again.



Unfortunately, it would be next to impossible to think, that you can get long lasting battery and feature rich smart watch all in one. Watches that are rich in features eat a battery like worm (Due to GPS heart rate monitoring sleep monitoring and so on.)


Therefore, for the ease of customers smart watches have been divided into two categories: regular and hybrid

Regular smart watches: Regular smart watches are rich in features; they’re Power Packed with features that can ease up the life of its owner. But unfortunately, you need to give it something in return of all those favours! and that is charging. A smart watch won't last for lifetime while using all these features they need some rest too!

Hybrid smart watch: These are analogue classic smart watches with smaller or even no digital display. They provide fewer features but their battery life is unbelievably long lasting, even some smart watches do not require charging for lifetime, amazing! Right?

So, let’s discuss which smart watches falls in these two categories!


Regular smart watches with less battery life:

Ready to learn about some feature packed smart watches? Here are enlisted some of the top smart watches, which are feature packed but have relatively less battery life.

For some surprising facts and information keep reading till the end, so you can know about smart watches that are powered with features!


Garmin Vivoactive 3:



Garmin Vivoactive three is a normal yet feature packed smart watch. It is the latest version of Garmin Vivoactive watches, but unfortunately, its battery is not that enduring, as it can last only for seven days in smart watch mode and 13 hours in GPS mode.

But, there is some good news as well!  it has mesmerising built in features that facilitate its users at its best. It has installed VO2 Max measurements, can monitor heart beat and the list goes on. It is supported by Android iPhone and phone windows.

An interesting point is that it is 2 in one package. This smart watch is actually a fitness watch which has 15 sports apps and GPS app installed in it and many more could be installed with connect IQ.

Life of a sporty would be simplified and you need not to worry about your German vivoactive 3 as the watch is made of fibre reinforced polymer and it is next to impossible to break its handy stainless steel cover.

Oh, wait it’s not over yet! There is 1 feature of this smart watch that dominates the rest. You need to buy something when you are out there for a walk or exercise but do not have money? Well, no need to feel disappointed when you can pay with your wrist, this smart watch has contactless payment system in it through which you can buy anything anywhere.

No wonder why it has four point 4 rating on Amazon it is because of all these features and here's a link of Amazon to buy this smart watch


Some prominent features:

  1.  Wrist payment.
  2. Video 2 Max measurements.
  3. Battery last for seven days.
  4. Uncountable sport apps and GPS tracking.
  5. Water resistant.


Pebble Time steel:



What can an individual ask for more than a smart watch that does not get swollen in moist temperature? Well, Pebble time steel smart watch is here at your service. It is made of marine grade, which does not swallow in moist temperature and stainless steel. Its leather straps make it more classy and gives you all you can desire.

Pebble time still being a regular watch can only serve an individual for 10 days without being charged but its features are attractive and facilitating. This smart watch keeps up with calls, calendar and events.

Moreover, if you do not like to type text this smart watch comes with a microphone so that you can give reply to the loved ones anytime anywhere.

In order to bring more ease to you, it has built in “Pebble health” which tracks sleep and give progress report through stats and graphs. Besides this, there can be thousands of apps installed from Pebble App Store and it is supported by Android and iOS system. Following is a link of Amazon website from where you can easily purchase this Smart watch:


Some prominent Features:

  1. Marine grade.
  2. Last for 10 days.
  3. Quick replies through microphone.
  4. Handles calendar calls events and many more.
  5. Pebble health for sleep tracker.


Tom Tom Spark 3 cardio + Music



Tom Tom Spark 3 has three versions up till now, but all features of these three versions are combined in cardio + music. It is a smart watch that incorporates built in heart rate monitoring and GPS without a touchable screen.

Additionally, it has trackers built in it, that can keep track of calories, distance, space, time, steps and much more. Besides this, in multisport mode it can track running, biking, treadmill and workout as well.

Usage of this smart watch is directly proportional to battery consumption. The more applications would be used the more battery would be consumed and vice versa. For instance, if the smart watch is used only as a tracker it can last for 21 days, if GPS mode is also on then it can last for 11 hours, but if all major features:  music, GPS, heart rate monitoring system are activated then it can last only for 5 hours.

Here is a cool thing about this smart watch that in cardio plus music bundle it comes with Bluetooth headphones and a music player having 3 GB storage which means that it can accommodate 500 songs. That's a lot! right?

Last but not the least,  it  is waterproof which means that you can wear it while swimming and taking bath as well and can connect your Android or iPhone with this smart watch which can be bought from the link present below:


Some prominent features:

  1. Battery depends wholly on usage.
  2. Non touchable screen.
  3. Built in heart rate monitor and GPS for tracking steps calories distance.
  4. Multi-sport mode.
  5. Bluetooth handset with 3 GB music player storage.
  6. Water resistant.


Fitbit Blaze:



As the name suggests, Fitbit Blaze Smart watch focuses on fitness particularly, while you can also call it by another name and that can be a regular organisation tool, which offers battery life for up to five days.

The software of this smart watch is packed with interesting features: Pure Pulse;  wrist based heart rate, Smart track;  records and recognises exercises, Fit star;  would give you instructions by step, Multi sport; you can keep yourself Informed by checking sports at your screen.

Like other regular smart watches, this smart watch also has regular features in it, notifications on screen are visible about various applications as it can easily be attached with iPhone or Android.

One of the most interesting thing you need to know about this smart watch is that though it offers connected GPS but this smart watch does not have built in GPS in it. You  can connect it with your smartphone and can enjoy directions on your smart watch screen. Here is the link attached of Amazon website from where it can be easily bought:


Some prominent features:

  1. Regular organisation tool with five days battery.
  2. Pure pulse; wrist based heart rate.
  3. Smart track; records and recognises exercises.
  4. Fit star; would give you instructions step by step.
  5. Multi-sport; you can keep yourself informed by checking sports at your screen.
  6. Notification alert.
  7. Not built in GPS.


The matrix Industries BlackOps:



You want to save electricity? Or looking for some alternative for recharge? The Matrix Industry BlackOps is the best option for you because guess what? This watch does not require power supply at all.  This smart watch is charged not using electricity but heat, as long as you are wearing this watch and heat is transmitted it is being charged and you need not to worry about plugging it in.

Now it’s time for the but!

But what happens when you take off the smart watch?  all the current data gets stored in memory and it goes to sleep. Whenever you will wear it again, it will get the heat and ultimately resume functioning from where it left, you need not to worry about charging.

An intriguing fact about the watch is that, it also offers some really cool features, it’s special Thermometer technology counts calories, steps are tracked and even you can monitor your sleep.

Wait! There’s something more it can be easily connected to iPhone and Android smartphone. Moreover, it is a smart watch that looks decent, attractive and appealing (not only in looks but in features also.) here is the link of this amazing smart watch where you can easily buy it:


Some prominent features:

  1. No power supply for charging.
  2. Uses body heat for charge up.
  3. Thermometer technology provides sleep monitor step count and calorie count.
  4. Power metre which shows how much charge a person is producing.


Hybrid smartwatches with longest battery life:

Smart watches involved in this category have extremely long lasting battery life but they offer relatively less features then a regular smart watch.

Read till end to find out some really shocking battery lives of these smart watches


Kronaby Apex Connected Movement:



Kronaby Apex, is a hybrid smart watch featuring fewer applications in it, but provides unbelievably long lasting battery life of two years. You might have heard that, appearances are often deceptive, same is the case with Kronaby Apex , as it looks simpler in design but it is one of the most highly rated classic smart watch scoring five out of five stars on Amazon.

Moreover, it comes with a built in Software, which layouts the goals and counts steps, side by side, to keep track of goal set by user.

The software of this smart watch has been designed with such a technique that it gives its user the audacity to select the desired notifications and got notified by a humane vibration and this feature is specifically named as filtered notification support.

In addition, this smart watch can smartly tackle your smartphone either, it’s Android or iPhone with just one touch; it can shutdown camera, control music and one more thing! you keep your phone somewhere and forget it? Kronaby smart watch can help you find your phone in no time.

Oh, wait! Kronaby watch is all about class and ease. It can send messages to pre nominated Contacts through SOS alert system and can tag locations as well with Geo tagging.  Cherry on top is, that it comes with battery life of two years, surprising! Isn’t it? And to add more you can also replace the battery anytime you want.

Last but not the least,  Kronaby apex is for people who are all about fashion, class and decency. It comes in 4 models; Apex, Carat, Nord and Sekel,  in each model it is available in 5-6 colours with different and unique designs.


Some prominent features:

  1. Battery life up to two years which is replaceable.
  2. Control phone; shut camera, silent alarm, control music and much more.
  3. Filtered notifications, humane vibration for pre nominated notifications.
  4. Trackers to layout goals and count steps.
  5. Automatically updates date and time.


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Withings Steel HR:



It’s a delight when you get two in one right? Withings steel HR is a smart watch that looks extremely smart on the wrist and provides its user with an analogue dial Clock and a digital screen as well.

Despite the fact that digital screen is smaller but it can show heart rate. In market this smart watch is entitled to be, “the best battery life of a heart rate tracker smart watch”.

You might be wondering why? Just because it can last for 25 days even when the heart rate monitor is active and when it’s not it can work for 45 long days.

As mentioned above, heart rate monitoring is its key feature; it not only monitors heart but also gives opportunity to infer one’s health based on cycling, sleeping, running and exercise. Besides this, it provides report and also informs individual about raging trends.

SMS, WhatsApp, calls and events are notified on this smart watch as it is supported by both Android and iPhone system.


Some prominent features:

  1. Digital screen and analogue Clock.
  2. Monitors heart rate and judge health.
  3. Battery lasting for 25 days with HRM.
  4. Battery lasting for 45 days with light mode on.
  5. Notifications on screen are notified.


Skagen Hagen Connected:



Skagen Hagen Connected is a hybrid watch, based on vibrations. It has battery life of six months, shocking right? On the other hand it frees the user from tension of charging the smart watch for six months and provides multiple features.

For a starter, it has built in tracking system which can track your sleep, calories, distance and it’s not the end though it will also give you a progressive report judging your health.

Moreover, this smart watch has built in link technology which allows the user to capture pictures and control music using wrist. It also notifies the user about videos, apps, WhatsApp, SMS, emails, calls and helps the user to save his time in many more ways.

Another  fact about this watch is that it has no digital display as this device has two interactive features only; a mild vibration and four coloured pointers to notify. Additionally, it is supported by both Android and iPhone system and here's the link off Amazon website from where you can easily buy this smart watch:


Some prominent features:

  1. Hybrid regular watch.
  2. Lasts for six months without being charged.
  3. Link technology to capture pictures and music control.
  4. Trackers for sleep, calories and  step counter.
  5. No digital display.


Tic watch Pro 4G lite:



Tic watch Pro 4G lite is an elegant looking hybrid smart watch which comes in two displays:  OLED and LED. OLED is used on screens of smart phones, computers, TV and eats up battery like a worm.

Unfortunately, it can only last for two days when it is on OLED mode. but it's not all bad!

Luckily, Tic watch pro last for 30 days on LED mode and one can change the mode in settings, whenever one wants to. Moreover, it has built in fitness tracking app which counts steps and informs you.

One of the intriguing facts about this smart watch is that this smart watch has Google Assistant, smart watch operating system built in it.

Thus, rest is on the user whether one wants to save the battery an LED mode or enjoy such features using OLED mode. It's not over yet this smart watch is supported by both Android and iPhone user. Here is the link off Amazon website to buy this watch:


Some prominent features:

  1. On a lady mode it lasts for 30 days.
  2. Built in tracking application.
  3. layered display technology OLED and LED.
  4. On OLED mode it can last only for two days.
  5. Google features assistant and smart watch operating system.


Fitbit Versa 2:



Fitbit Versa 2 is a hybrid handy classic smart watch with battery lasting up to seven days approximately.

It features heart rate monitoring system in it which if used continuously can drain battery and can work for a week, but if you turn this feature off in between then it can easily last for over a week.

To add more, it has tracking feature to track sleep. Besides this, it tracks heart rate as mentioned above as well.

Oh wait there’s even more, this is the most interesting fact this smart watch is waterproof and can work even underwater. It is undoubtedly best option for swimmers and people who work out a lot. Similar to other smart watches it is also supported by Android and iPhone system and here is the link to buy this smart watch:


Some prominent features:

  1. Provides battery life of eight days with heart rate monitoring.
  2. Features trackers sleep and heart rate.
  3. Waterproof.
  4. Without heart rate monitoring system it can last for over a week



We have provided you with all the information and facts, you need to know before buying any smart watch. Luckily, we are here to guide you and give you directions but decision would be all yours always!

Come let’s summarise all that we have discussed to make your decision easier.

First of all, we have two different types of smart watches:

Hybrid: these smart watches involve analogue display and have smaller or no digital display that's why they may last for longer time.

Regular: while these smart watches have low battery life but they are packed with features.


Which smart watch lies in which type?

Regular smart watches: Garmin Vivoactive 3, Tom Tom Spark 3 Cardio + Music, Pebble Time Steel, Fitbit Blaze, Matrix Industries BlackOps.

Hybrid smart watches: Kronaby Apex Connected Movement, Skagen Hagen Connected,  Withings Steel HR, Tic Watch Pro 4G, Fitbit Versa 2.

Do let me know which smart watch did you buy and why?  What’s your opinion and review about any of above mentioned smart watches?

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