Samsung TV Won't Work

 Samsung TV Won't Work


Samsung introduced its first TV in 1998, a 55-inch projection TV informed people of digital media. The transition from analog to digital allowed people to get used to innovative technology and realize the development of smart gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and TV.

Samsung Smart TV changes the face of technological advancement through its LCDs that offers HD quality image and can function well on the home-based network. It can provide streaming video, movies, shows and live TV.

Where technology has been successful in introducing cinema-quality resolution and audio into our homes through smart TV, it failed to eradicate temporary malfunctions that can ruin your experience in the middle of your favorite show.

If your Samsung smart TV is turned off right before the climax, it can be quite agitating. So we are here to help you understand what went wrong and how can it be fixed.


How to Fix Samsung TV That Won’t Turn On?

If your Samsung Smart TV won’t turn on and the red light is flashing, it will be an indication of low voltage. To fix that all you have to do is find the power board and look through the buttons that may be facing downwards. Once found flip it and see if your TV turns on.

If that was unsuccessful, then change the batteries in your remote to see whether that was causing the problem but if your remote is working fine, Remote control issues can cause your TV to malfunction as well.

Then you should check if your Samsung TV is on standby mode or not by pressing the power button on the remote.

Still no luck, now check the socket if the plug was intact. Loose socket, extension, or pets can cause the TV to turn off and activate AV, HDMI, or wireless internet connection. To fix this issue turn off or disconnect your devices from Samsung TV, then try to turn it on.

Your Samsung TV won’t turn on if the signal is low or the power supply is down which will result in a black screen. In this case, all you can do is wait for the power to come back or signal to improve.


What to do if Samsung TV Won’t Turn On?

According to Samsung, it is completely normal for the red light to be turned on so you will know that the TV is on standby or not turned off. But if your TV doesn’t turn on when you try, then you can attempt the following;

  1. Press the power button on the remote while standing in front of the TV. If it doesn’t turn on then you will know there might be something wrong with the remote.
  2. Now press the button on the TV to see it will make your TV turn on. If it works, then you will know for sure it was the remote that didn’t work.
  3. If the red light is still on and your TV won’t turn on by either the remote or power button on the TV, then you will have to contact customer service and request assistance.



How to Turn On Samsung TV if the Red Light is Off?

Troubleshooting TV that won’t turn on can be difficult especially if the red light is turned off. No red light can either point to power shortage or system issue internally. To solve it externally, go through these steps.

  1. Press any button apart from the power to see if your TV will turn on or display any image. But if the screen stays blank, then look through the manual that comes with the TV to know more.
  2. Unplug your TV for a couple of minutes, then plug it back on to see if it turn on or the red light on the TV. If the light is on, then you will know that your TV is receiving power and the issue might lay on the socket. In case the light doesn’t turn on, then keep looking through the manual.
  3. If you have tried everything mentioned in the manual and nothing is working out, you can contact customer service to know what is the problem with your TV.



What to do if Samsung TV Red Light is Blinking?

If your TV is not turning on regardless of your effects and the red light is blinking, it means there is a voltage problem that is preventing your TV to turn on.

Try to unplug your TV for a few minutes, then plug it back on to see few anything appears on the screen to indicate that your Samsung TV is working.

We would also recommend checking your surge protection if you’re using them that might wear out with time and cause such problems.

If you don’t have low power and the red light continues to blink, you should request service otherwise your TV might burst or short-circuit.

Tip: If you are able to find what is wrong with your Samsung TV, then don’t go around trying to fix it on your own and let the customer support deal with it so your TV isn’t irreparable. 



What to do if the Standby Light is Green on Samsung TV?

If your entire screen is blank but the standby light is flickering in Green color, then that means your TV is conducting a thorough diagnosis to prevent hardware failure.

It will allow you to replace the defective component and save your TV from permanent damage that can cost you more than expected.

To eradicate this problem customer support will reset your TV by installing new software so the TV is fluctuation-free just like it was before.


Minor Issues That Can Affect Your Samsung TV

If the batteries in the remote are fresh and the remote isn’t experience control issues, then you should inspect your TV closely. Whether the power button isn’t damage or the wire is fine so you can rule out the possible issues one by one.

Check all of the buttons on your TV if even one of them is stuck down it might be creating an interruption that will result in the blocked signal. 

If there are any devices connected to the TV such as a cable control box, home entertainment system, internet device, or game box, then we recommend removing them. Because if any of the accessories may have a problem it can affect your TV’s operational system.

Once you have taken out all of the devices from the USB and HDMI port, as your last resort perform a factory reset on Samsung TV to turn. But if that fails as well, then you should seek professional help before your TV is further damaged.



Technological errors occur all of the time so don’t worry because every problem comes with a solution. It might not be a cheap one but repairs can be made to broken and non – functional devices such as your Samsung smart TV.

If you have tried all of the above methods and your Samsung TV won’t turn on, then call for help. Samsung is a reliable company that will offer you help by sending you their expert technician who will look into the problem for you and provide you with the best possible outcome if the above-mentioned information does not work out.

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