Samsung Smart TV Service Menu

Samsung Smart TV Service Menu


Since the release of LED TV, Samsung became the first choice for consumer when it comes to TV sets.  Because of the flat screen, crystal clear display, and 3d illusion in Samsung Smart TV enhanced the viewers experience at home. Samsung Smart TV offers various features and pre-installed apps so the viewer doesn’t have to go through the hassle.

But most people like to customize their TV and add those apps that they frequently use but that can’t be done directly. So, if you want to install more but don’t know how to, then read through our article on ‘How to install third party apps on Samsung Smart TV’ for assistance.

Samsung Smart TV came out with a feature that is relatively new to people who don’t like to experiment with their gadget but it’s a very beneficial tool that can help your assist other apps and browser easily. To know how to make use of Samsung Smart TV menu reading the guidelines down below for better understanding.


Samsung Smart TV Service Menu

Samsung Service Menu can be used for various features but the most common used tools are settings hotel mode, resetting digital turner and factory reset. If you want to access the Samsung service menu, then go to service menu options.


  • Turn On Service Through Settings

  • Put your Samsung Smart TV on standby mode.
  • Tap on Infor, menu, mute and power in the order mentioned.
  • Once it is done properly, your TV will turn on along with the menu display on screen

Since service menu is used to navigate problems in your TV thus it is important to know how to make use of it. So, you can control, configure, diagnose and repair your TV accordingly. Service menu controls ten percent of TV’s commands that are available on your smart device.

Samsung Service menu allows you to understand your TV and its functions such as;

  1. Date of Production of TV
  2. Samsung Smart TV Model
  3. Version of the TV to make any necessary repairs
  4. Basic Model of the TV
  5. Digital Tuner features
  6. Wall Mount Format
  7. Wi-Fi region
  8. Screen panel work
  9. Standard ports of the TV
  10. Diagnosis information

Tip: You can’t make changes in these features but they will help you know how your TV works and if a problem occurs you will know where to look exactly.


  • Service Menu Settings You Can Change


There are a few settings and modes that you can reset according to your choice. The following are mentioned down below.


  1. You can control your speakers to maintain a level of sound.
  2. You can select between hotel mode, store and other modes to find the right mode for what you are about to watch.
  3. You can also turn on/off other TV modules.
  4. You can enable and disable FRC screen mode.
  5. If your system is slowing down, then you can perform a screen test to know where the issue is located.
  6. You can control the white balance and calibrate your screen through service menu.
  7. You can also set the level of primary colors of your TV according to your visual liking.


How to Access Service Menu on Samsung Smart TV?

To access service TV menu, press on Home Button, then go to Settings on the directional pad. Let the service menu load and display on the screen properly. After you can see all of the options clearly, then go and make changes in the setting of your TV accordingly.


How to Control Samsung Service Menu?

If you want to assist your Samsung Smart TV’s service menu, then you will require standard remote not a smart remote as it doesn’t have all of the control options. One of the most important note regarding standard remote that will help you access service menu; you should tinker with it for fun as improper action may result in technical difficulties that can damage your smart TV’s operating system.

There are few methods you can follow to enter your TV’s service menu.

  1. When your TV is on standby mode, press Display, P.STD, MUTE, POWER in the mentioned sequence.
  2. Put your TV on standby mode, then enter SLEEP, P.STD, MUTE, POWER on your remote.
  3. Turn off your TV and press MUTE, 1, 8, 9, POWER.
  4. Put your TV on standby mode and click on DISPLAY, MENU, MUTE, POWER accordingly.
  5. Turn on your TV and tap on MUTE, 1, 1, 9 in the sequence mentioned.

When you have made some changes in the settings, then turn off your TV so it can rest and start once the changes are confirmed. If your TV isn’t turning on after the changes, then read through article on ‘Samsung TV Won’t Turn On’ to know what is wrong.


How to Control Samsung TV Service Menu Without Remote?

If you can’t seem to find your remote or it is not functioning well, then either get a replacement or contact customer support at 1300 362 607 to assistance accordingly. You can control your TV’s volume, change channel and turn on/ off your TV from the control button at the back or under your TV but you won’t be able to access service menu settings without it.



Samsung Smart TV allows you to make changes on your screen display, adjust volume and set on your mode that will help your eyes relax. So to make use of such helpful features you should be familiar with service menu to bale to access it accordingly. Because in case of improper use, you can damage your TV’s operating system.

In case you require help regarding service menu and how it work, then read through the information above or use Samsung User manual. If any inaccuracy occurs, then don’t panic and contact Samsung customer support, they will help accordingly.


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