How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook

How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook

How to Recover Deleted Comments on Facebook

If you have deleted your comments accidentally or if you have deleted them deliberately but now you desperately want to get them back then it’s no more an issue. You can easily retrieve comments. I am sharing an easy method through which you can get back access to all of the Facebook comments you posted once in your groups, pages, or on your profile page and you can recover them also. The only concern is your Facebook active account. Before going to the procedure of Recovery let’s understand a few things.

Why are Comments Deleted on Facebook?

There are multiple reasons why Facebook comments are deleted. These include:

  • When the comment is against the policy of any group.
  • Any offensive comments are often get deleted by Facebook.
  • Abusive content is also dealt with the same way.
  • Any group author can delete any comment if he/she considers it spam, or an inappropriate comment.
  • Facebook users can delete it mistakenly.
  • Or Facebook users don’t want to see comments anymore.
  • When the content is an attack on any community, the author can delete it.
  • Comments which are reported by any other user can be deleted too.


Are Facebook Comments permanently deleted?

Just by hitting the button, you can delete any comment but nothing can be permanently deleted on Facebook.


Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Facebook Comments

Step 1 Login and 3-Horizontal Lines

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Tap “three horizontal lines” on Facebook




Step 2 Account Settings

Scroll down in the dropdown and tap on your Account “Settings”



Step 3 Download Your Information

Select the option “Download your Information”.

Step 4 Tap on Comments

  • Now click on “Deselect all”.
  • Tick only on the “Comments”.
  • Finally, click “Create File” to download the content of your comments.


Step 5 Available Copies

Now, wait until your file gets ready to download.

Download it in the “Available copies” option.

Open it and read the comments which once you deleted and enjoy.



Another Method to Restore Deleted Comments on Facebook

1. Go to Archive Deleted Posts

Any comments, posts, videos, or images that get deleted on Facebook get stored in a defined server for recovery in a given time frame. You can get it from the archive folder.

However, spam, abusive comments, or those comments which are restricted by Facebook itself can’t be recovered. Rest can be restored from archive deleted posts.

2. How to Undo the Deleted Comments on F.B

Those comments which can be undone have a very short period of just about 5 seconds. Suppose you have deleted any comment unconsciously, you will receive a pop-up message that if you want to undo your action just by tapping on that notification you can recover your comment instantly. You will be lucky if you could be able to catch up on the information and take up an instant step. However, if the time is over then this option is of no use.

Can others see my deleted comments on Facebook?

Facebook’s privacy policy is strict, they don’t compromise on users’ data security. No one can see your deleted comments except you.


So, users can now easily retrieve their comments on Facebook just by following the simple guideline stated in this article.

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