How to Measure Wrist Size for Watch

How to Measure Wrist Size for Watch



Just like a custom suit has the perfect fitting or a dress, finding the perfect size, style and designed watch are equally important. If you have an eye for detail and want to keep up with ever-changing fashion, then it is important to get that perfect size wristwatch to stand out.

To make sure that your watch sits well on your wrist, you need to check the bandwidth which should be according to the dial. If the band fits well, it will increase the durability of the watch and complete your overall look. So, here are a few steps to help you find the right size wristwatch.


How to Measure Wrist Size for Watch?

It is a known fact that no two people will have the same shoe size or height. Then why would you assume that your wrist size is any different?

Your wrist size depends on your body mass and structure, if you are built small, then your wrist will be thin and boney and if you have muscle or fat, then it will be fuller. 

So, for you to find the perfect fitting wristwatch, you should be familiar with case diameter, thickness, width, material and most of all band details along with the watch’s components.


1. Case Diameter


Now if you are a fan of the bigger dial and want to get a thick case, it is important that you browser through sizes and try them on to see how they look on your wrist. Because if you select a big dial and you are a thin-looking individual it will make you look even thinner and might not suit your wrist.




So, always wear all of the sizes that could look good around your wrist and walk for a bit to see whether it is heavy or not and if you can you carry it easily.


2. Thickness


After diameter, comes the thickness of the watch. To see the circumference of the wrist that is 6 to 7 inches and suitable for small to medium is 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm. Wrist circumference 7.5 to 8 inches is for large wrist size and is 44mm to 46 mm.


The thickness of the case is related to the diameter of the case and as the diameter increases so does the thickness. Along with thickness comes the weight of the case, so if you have selected the right case thickness, then walk in the shop to know if it is comfortable on the wrist.





3. Width


After thickness comes to the width of the band, now depending upon your style you can get either but since the width of the band will increase the size of the dial as well. It is important to get the one that is light enough to be on your wrist all day.




3. Material

Once you have the width check off your list, you can move to the material. Now the right band can get you a much more professional and put-together look.


You can select from metal, leather and fabric band. Where leather can offer a slim look, metal can make it seem heavy around the wrist, but fabric provides elasticity and room to breathe.



4. Details in a Watch


The size and weight of a watch can also increase along with the components and design details that make it unique. It can be a lug, pusher or even synthetic gemstone that can add to the overall look.


So, to create the balance you should list down your need in a watch and then go on to find the size that will fit around your wrist perfectly.


As humans, we require balance in our life to have proportion. So, to find the wristwatch that fits your wrist accordingly, you should follow the guidelines down below:


  • Straighten your hand and face your palm upwards


  • Let your hand be wide open so the wrist size can be accurate


  • Take a measuring tape to write down your wrist’s size


  • Then see whether your wrist is comfortable in inches or centimetres


How to measure your wrist size without a ruler?

If you wish to know your wrist size but don’t have a ruler to find your wrist size, then don’t worry. We will tell you any way you can use to measure your wrist size.

All you have to do is grab a paper and find a digital ruler online and then either you can draw a ruler on the paper or take down your measurements to look them up on the scale.

Take the paper strip and wrap it around your wrist one and a half inches above. Then join the two ends where you think your wrist feel comfortable by moving it around.

 Mark the paper once you are sure of the size and then unfold it to put next to your hand-drawn or digital ruler to write down your wrist size. 


How to measure wrist size through tape?

Using a measuring tape to determine your wrist’s accurate size is easier. Because all your need is a plastic or metal ruler, wrap it around your wrist and then take down your measurement accordingly.

Move the measuring tape an inch or centimetre away from your wrist so it can sit well on top of your hand where your wrist bone is located.

But it is important to know if you are looking for a metal strip and not one made of leather, then we would recommend making your strip one inch or centimetre loose. So, that you have enough room for your watch to move left-right rather than being stuck to your wrist and restricting your circulation.


How to measure your wrist size without measuring tape?

Even though measuring your wrist size with a measuring tape is a piece of cake, it is difficult to do it without one.

 In case you don’t have a measuring tape at home, then don’t worry. We have a way you can use to find out your wrist’s size easily.

Get a piece of thread or wool and wrap it around your wrist one inch above to know where it fits better and can move around.

 If you don’t have a strand of wool or thread, then you can repeat the same step with a piece of paper as well.


How to measure your wrist size for a smartwatch?

Most smartwatches today provide many benefits that weren’t imaginable a decade ago. From Fitbit to apple watch you can now track your heart rate, breathing, sleep, and even calories.


Such sensor-equipped watches can be useful for people who are concern about their health and want to keep a track record. Since smartwatches can record your heart rate as well, they need to sit on your pulse very closely so you can get accurate results.


So to get a smartwatch according to your wrist size add 1.25 cm or ½ inch to your wrist size to have a perfect fit band for the smartwatch. You can use either a piece of paper, measuring tape or thread to take down your measurements.


How to measure your wrist for a jewellery bracelet?

Measurement for a jewellery bracelet can vary depending upon the design, style and material. Since jewellery bracelets wrap around your wrist more firmly than leather or Nato strap you will be more comfortable if you go an inch looser than your actual size.

But if you are planning to have a Pandora, bead, rope or paracord bracelet made then you can stick with your original size as such bracelets are already loose. Just get a measuring tape or piece of paper to wrap around your wrist and see which size fits the best according to your need and comfort level.



Everything comes down to personal choice and preferences according to an individual’s style. When you are looking for the perfect watch it is important to consider all of the key elements that will make it stand out.

Because everything from numbers to hours plays a factor in the overall aesthetics of the watch and its proportion. All of the components mentioned above should complement one another so your appearance could be well-balanced.

Since picking out a watch is a subjective decision, you should stick to what looks good on you and rule all of the other possibilities. 





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