how to make your wrist bigger

 how to make your wrist bigger


Don’t like your skinny wrist and want to have a bigger wrist size, then you have come to the right place. As everyone has a different wrist size that can be made flexible and strong through exercise. But excessive motion might result in an injury that could lead to muscle or bone bones.

Even though your bones won’t grow after a certain age but you can increase and decrease your wrist size with exercise. Once you can find the right exercise for your wrist, that all you have to do is build a training regimen and stick to it.


How to Make Your Wrist Size Bigger?

Want to know if you have a small wrist or not, then pick a measuring tape and find out for yourself. If you want to know how to measure wrist size for a watch, then read through our in-depth guide on it.

Most men have 40mm or 42 mm and above wrist size. Even in bracelets, bead, leather and rope, the measurement is the same. The average wrist size in men is 7 inches, so if you are below that then you are considered to have a smaller wrist.

Anyway, the size of your wrist doesn’t matter if you look at them from a different perspective. Nevertheless, if you want to have a bigger wrist, then we will help you through it.



  • Warm-Up


To start, we would recommend warm up your wrist through light exercises such as stretch your arm straight ahead and then move your wrist in a circular motion first clockwise and then anti-clockwise.


This exercise will help you loosen up your wrist and prepare your muscles for intense exercise.


  • Wrist Extension


Wrist extensions is an easy exercise recommend to increase flexibility in your muscles. It will help you achieve your goal of a bigger wrist over time.


Rest your wrist in a comfortable position on a table or your leg. Your palm should be facing up and your hand should be aligned with your arm so you won’t injury it.


If you have weights at home, then place one in your hand and slowly lower it towards the floor and wait for seconds, then lift it back to its starting position.


Do this exercise four to five times a week to see effective results. If you don’t have weights at home, you can also use a water bottle or body weight for this exercise.


  • Radial Training


Radial training helps with wrist injuries if you have any due to some unfortunate circumstances. Such motion emphasizes muscle and increases its mobility to heal over time.


Take a dumbbell and stand straight with your body weight divided equally on both legs. Put your hands on either side and start by titling the dumbbell towards the ceiling and then lower it back 15 times on each wrist.


If you don’t have a dumbbell, then find something that has a little weight but isn’t heavy and do this exercise four to five days a week.


  • Curls in the Wrist


Wrist curls are different from extension and involve your palm. Take a weight and place it in your hand with your palms facing up. Then lift the weight up to the ceiling without moving your arm just the wrist.



  • Knuckle Push-up


Pushups are a great way to strengthen your body and create balance within your posture. But unlike a regular pushup, you will be using your knuckles to lift. Rest your palm on the floor and close your fist to support your body through knuckles.


Now lift your chest only and bring it closer to the ground, keep your thumbs outside your wrist to avoid any injuries. If in the beginning, you are not able to achieve a full-body pushup, then don’t worry and keep going.


Try to develop consistency in your routine so you can get through the exercise without much trouble and see results fasters.


  • Hand Grips


You can also use hand grips to see results faster, it will not only help strengthen your muscle but also make your grip firmer with time. We recommend hand grips 20 times only otherwise you will tire your muscles or injury your joints by overdoing it.


  • Passive Wrist Stretches


It sounds painful but it will help you improve your balance between flexors and extensors. Since it can be painful at first, so we would recommend start with the wall and then move to the floor. Try to rotate your shoulder slightly while you hold the posture to see visible results.



  • Wrist Mobility Drill


In this exercise, you will have to hold your arms at your elbow and point your fingers upwards. You will have to do this 10 times, repeating your fingers down going up and down. It will help your wrist extend and stretch properly.


  • Stretch your Wrist


If you have a weak wrist, then stretching is very effective to gently move your muscles without injuring them. Place your hands and knees on a flat surface and point your fingers backwards. Keep your arms straight to lock the position and stretch your wrists.


Then once your body is relaxed, try to extend your legs behind you so that your hip is lower to the ground.  Your torso should be fully extended and your arms should be straight with palms flat on the floor.


Since making your wrist bigger is a slow process patient is required. Because building muscles require time and lots of stretching. So, you show to try to extend your range by stretching at least four to five times a week.

Don’t restrict your movement and let stretch outright. If your muscles are sore, then that indicates you are overdoing it or you have done it the wrong way. So to make sure you haven’t injured yourself, do check with your doctor to prevent long term problems.

If you want to see effective results, then you can add the supplement to maximize the result and see how bigger the wrist eventually becomes.

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