How to Fix Samsung TV Volume Control Not Working

How to Fix Samsung TV Volume Control Not Working


Samsung is a South Korean electronics company that is recognized for its innovative technology and appliances such as TV, phone, and kitchen goods. The company managed to build trust within people through its appliances and attracted people all around the world.

After the release of Samsung TV people were divided between android and ISO gadgets. But over the years Samsung managed to secure the top position thanks to its consumers. However, quite recently people have been experiencing small malfunctions regard Samsung TV volume control not working.

To understand where the problem lays we will be discussing, how to eradicate this problem out of your device.


How to Fix Samsung TV Volume Control Not Working?

First things first we should list down the number of issues with sounds such as is it low or high, distorted or completely gone. If the sound is desynchronizing, then that might due to cable issues and not the device itself. You will have to contact your cable service to check whether they are fixing the issues at the back.

In case it is your TV that isn’t synced, then try switching up the batteries in your remote to get rid of the interference and control the volume.

There are several problems that can affect your sound levels so to help you out we have listed the issues along with their solutions down below for your assistance.


1. Unplug Samsung Smart TV


If you have been using your TV for a couple of hours now, it can overheat and can cause such issues. All you have to do is unplug your TV for a few minutes, then plug it back on to see if the volume control is working.


2. Remote Batteries


Check your remote’s batteries if you have been struggling to control the volume of your TV. Change the batteries in your remote and then try lowing the volume. If it doesn’t work, then you will know for sure where the issue persists.


3. Re-sync the TV


If you have been experiencing synchronization issues, then check your TV’s settings. Move a little further from your TV and press on the back button first, then on pause to see if it help you control the volume or not.


4. Check Mute


If you can’t hear the sound, then check if you have pressed mute accidentally.


5. Unlock Volume Levels


If your TV isn’t muted, then you should check the sound levels by increasing and decreasing the sound level. If the volume control isn’t working, then reset your pin code to unlock volume control through the power button.


6. Disable Smart Hub


Issues in the smart hub can make your TV non-responsive so to make your TV follow commands, disable the smart hub. Then press the ‘down’ arrow and ‘pause’ button together till remote learned doesn’t appear on-screen.


7. Volume Increase


If your TV’s volume keeps increase without your control, then head straight to Intelligent mode. It will control the sound according to room noise.


Go to general, then tap on Intelligent mode settings and press on shut off when you are available to control the level of the sound through the remote.



8. Volume Decreasing


If the sound level keeps decreasing on its own, then go to HDMI input audio format to make changes in the bitstream.  Under the settings, press on sound to go to expert settings and select HDMI input audio format to change bitstream to PCM.


9. Inaudible Sound


If the problem persists to the extent you can’t hear the sound, then you should check whether your TV needs to be updated. In the settings, tap on support to go to software update.


If the update is available then tap on update if not, then see if the HDMI cable needs to be fixed. Go to the settings, press on support to find self-diagnosis option. Over there go to signal information to start the HDMI cable test.


After the test, you will know whether the cable was bad or not. If it was you will know the problem and its solution that is to replace your cable.


10. High Level of Volume


To stops your ears from bleeding, we would recommend testing the HDMI cable if the test indicates the cable is working fine, then you should use an external device to control the level of sound.


11. No Sound


If your TV has no sound and you have tried increasing the volume through the remote control and it’s not working, then go to menu, tap on support to pick self-diagnosis and select sound test.


If you can hear a low hum, then you will know the problem lays in the speaker of your TV. So to resolve that problem temporary you can connect an external speaker with your TV.


12. Mute Option


If you haven’t manually muted your TV and it doing that on its own, then take the batteries out of the remote for a few seconds, then put it back on to see if you can control the volume. If you cannot, set your TV on standby and tap in Info. Under Menu, go to mute and select power.


After that, your TV will turn off and on to go into ‘plug and play mode’. This will help you reset the analogue and digital turner on your TV and have control of the sound level.



13. Volume Level Not Displaying


If the sound level doesn’t display on the screen, then move the soundbar or use external speakers to see if that will work.


in case it doesn’t work out, you can try enable/disable volume settings. Go to settings, press on sound to select expert settings and find sound feedback. It will help you adjust sound levels according to your need.


14. Fix Volume Issues


If your remote isn’t responding to your commands, then you should try to adjust volume through the TV. Locate the jog stick and press on it to control the sound level.


If it doesn’t work, then change your remote control to do this procedure. Go to sound, press on additional settings/speakers to find auto volume and select normal.  It will normalize the sound even if you were using external speakers.


15. Reset TV Volume Control


If all of the above methods failed to respond and you have no control over your TV’s volume because the screen is struck. Try to turn off the TV for a few minutes to let it cool down, then turn it on to see if it works.


If not, then as your last resort we would recommend performing a factory reset on your TV to make it function properly. Go to the settings, tap on support to find self-diagnosis option and select reset over there. Then got the initial setup in the settings, press on general to see initial setup.


This should help you regain control over the volume level of your TV if not, then reach out to get assistance from customer care.



Such types of issues can occur anytime, so don’t worry because they can be resolved easily. All of the possible ways you can adapt to this problem have been mentioned above.

If none of the steps helps you with Samsung TV volume control not working, then feel free to get in touch with customer service as Samsung have the best technician who will help you accordingly. 

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