How to Delete Zipcar Account Step by Step Guide

 How to Delete Zipcar Account Step by Step Guide



Zipcar is an online car-sharing service that lets people reserve and drives cars for a maximum of seven days. If you are not satisfied with the service and wish to cancel your account, then you have come to the right page. With the help of our step by step guide, you will know how to delete your Zipcar account easily. 


How to Delete Zipcar Account Step by Step Guide?

You can close your Zipcar account by submitting a form to customer service.

  1. Log in to your Zipcar account.
  2. In the Account Settings, go to ‘Account Settings and Information.’
  3. Select ‘Close my account’ from the given options.
  4. Fill out the details asking in the form correctly.
  5. Then submit the form to be evaluated. 

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How to Cancel Zipcar Membership through Phone?

Before you move on to delete your Zipcar account, you will have to cancel the membership to stop the payment immediately.

If you want to have elaborate instructions regarding canceling your Zipcar membership, call customer service at 1-866-4ZIPCAR and let them know you wish to cancel your Zipcar account membership.

The customer service representative will guide you accordingly. Once your account is closed, you will be informed through the given email address.


How to Close Zipcar Account through Email?

The following steps will guide you how to close the Zipcar account through email.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line.
  3. Compose a well-structured email addressing your issue with the account.
  4. Ask the customer service to delete your data along with your account.

Then send the email out to this email address



We want you to know that we are here to help you throughout the entire process. With our step-by-step guide, you can follow the direction at your own pace and according to your own understanding. All of the necessary information is provided above. In case you need more information than mentioned above feel free to comment down below to let us know.


About the company

Zipcar is an American car-sharing company founded by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase in 2000. In 2014 it was bought by Avis Budget Group for 500 million dollars. The company offers automobile reservations to billable members by minute, hour, or a day on a monthly annual membership fee and additional car reservation charges. 




1.How to delete the Zipcar account?

In the account settings, go and fill out the form for your account to be closed.

2. Is there any account cancellation fee on Zipcar?

You won’t be charged if you provide advance notice before canceling your reservation or shortening the time.

3. Can I cancel my Zipcar reservation?

You can cancel your booking within 30 minutes or three hours before the start time. In case of an eight-hour-long reservation, you should inform customer support within 24 hours.

4. How to cancel a Zipcar reservation?

Call at 866 – 4ZIPCAR and let customer support know you wish to cancel your reservation and they will guide you accordingly.

5. What is the Zipcar cancellation policy?

All of the charges will be refunded or canceled for a reservation within 8 hours before the 3-hour start time. In case of 8 hours’ reservation, you can cancel or change it within 24 hours.

6. How long can we keep the Zipcar?

You can have the car for as little as an hour up to 14 days depending upon your reservation.

7. How long does it take to get a refund?

It can take up to three to five business days to process your request and clear your payment.




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