How to Delete Zelle Account

How to Delete Zelle Account


Want to get rid of your Zelle account? We will help you through that as we understand how time-consuming the process can be of finding ways to deleting your account on your own, so we have done that for you. Through our step-by-step guide, you will be able to delete your account in no time.

But before we get started, we would want you to mark your spam emails to be moved to the spam folder or unsubscribe from the newsletter to save time and space on your device and then continue with the process on how to delete Zelle account.


How to Delete Zelle Account Step by Step Guide

It is important to note that this is the only direct way you can delete your account. Bu following the listed steps on how to delete Zelle account.

Zelle has a simple procedure that can be followed through on-call thus in order to cancel your account you will have get in touch with customer service at this number 1-800-472-2265 to be rid of your account easily and quickly.

Just follow through with the process by stating your name and other details necessary for verification and confirmation. Then once the process has been completed you will be informed through a call, message or email that your Zelle account has been cancelled.


How to Deactivate Zelle Account through Email?

You can opt for this method as well to delete your account by requesting customer service to assist you with how to delete Zelle account.

  1. Go to the browser on Zelle to access the contact form
  2. Fill in the required details in the form.
  3. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line.
  4. Then Compose a constructive statement stating why do you wish to delete your account and your issue with it as well.
  5. Ask customer service to remove your personal information along with your account from their database.
  6. After that send your email out to Zelle.



Considering your level of understanding and pace we have listed down the entire process of how to delete Zelle account through our step-by-step guide. We have also provided all necessary information that might be needed to delete your account. In case we have missed out on anything according to you, then do take a look at the FAQS section, or feel free to leave a comment down below.  

About the Company

Zelle is a US-based company that provides private financial services to companies like Bank of America, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, and BB&T. It allows instant payment through bank transfer electronically and bank to bank as well but along for the registered user’s within the US. The service launched as clearXchange in 2011 but, then rebranded itself in 2017 to create its profile as a payment service.



How to remove Zelle account from Citizen Bank?

You can cancel your Zelle account by contacting the Online Banking Team at 1-800-656-6561 they will assist you throughout the process.

How to cancel Zelle monthly payment?

In the app, go to the payment you want to cancel and then select ‘Cancel This Payment.’

How can I can my number of Zelle?

In the account settings, click on edit to update your information, then tap on contact number to add a new one and save it.

How can I connect my bank to Zelle?

Follow the link given the payment notification and pick between credit card or bank, then follow through the given instructions.

How can I change my account on Zelle?

On your phone click on the gear icon in the corner, then go to your account and switch accounts easily.

How can I change the limit on Zelle?

You will have to confirm this with your bank if they offer Zelle. In case they don’t then the weekly limit will be 500 hundred dollars which you can’t increase or decrease.

What is the required fee to use Zelle?

There is no fee that you will have to pay to be registered with Zelle, but do confirm it with your bank.

What are the cash-out charges on Zelle?

Zelle doesn’t charge anything for cash out, unlike another bank that requires to be paid for every service they provide.

Can I reverse a transaction on Zelle?

It hasn’t been stated on Zelle that it can reverse a transaction under, as according to the User Service Agreement the payment can’t be reversed by the bank or Zelle in case of fraud, but they don’t directly state they can’t. 

Can Zelle get hacked?

According to many reports, they have heard stories from various Zelle customer’s that their credit card has been used to transfer money out of their account.


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