How to delete TextNow account

How to delete TextNow account


Are you are looking for a way to get rid of your account? Then you have stumble upon the right page. We understand you, so we have made an ease to follow step by step guide that will walk you through how to delete TextNow account.

Spear us a second, so we can update you regarding those annoying spam emails you might be receiving from the TextNow website and how to get rid of them, if that is the reason why you wish to delete your account. Mark your emails to be moved to the spam folder or unsubscribe from the newsletter to avoid the process of closing your account.

But if you wish to close your account due to personal reason, then you can proceed with the given account deletion process listed down below.

How to Delete TextNow Account Step by Step

Before you can deactivate your account you will have to cancel your subscriptions by going into the account settings to cancel it and stop the payment method. Then proceed to how to delete TextNow account.

Follow the following steps down below to get started.

  1.     Go to the browser and enter to log in to your account.
  2. On the homepage, navigate your way to the settings on the left side and click on the gear icon
  3. Under the settings, go to the account and write ‘Delete Account and Data,’ email, and password in the given space.
  4. Then go into the Security and Login to sign out of all of your device and close your account for good

How to Remove TextNow through Email?

You do have the option to seek help through email as well to deactivate your account easily. All you have to do is write a n email to the customer service representative of TextNow and let them you wish to delete your account.

Follow through the given step to know how to delete TextNow account through

  1. Sign in to your email account.
  2. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line.
  3. Compose a structured email stating why do you wish to delete your account and your issue with the it as well.
  4. Ask the customer service to remove your personal information along with your account from their database.
  5. Then send your email out to this address

How to Uninstall TextNow Account through Phone?

After you have been through how to delete TextNow account, then go on to remove the app from your device to make space for something else you might use more than this app.

Follow the steps down below to get started.

  1. Locate the app on your device.
  2. Click and hold to see the uninstall option
  3. Click on uninstall and then on ‘OK.’
  4. You will know that the app has been uninstalled when you see 'Uninstalled TexNow' on your screen.


We are here to help you through the process, as we understand your situation and can relate to it.  For your assistance we have provided an easy to follow step by step guide with tips and visual references that will direct you how to delete TextNow account easily. We have stated all the relevant information related to the entire process, but if you feel unsatisfied and require more information then stated feel free to go through our FAQS or leave a comment down below.

About the Company

Textnow is a Canadian company owned by the People of Park, Derek Ting who is the founder and CEO of the it. It was founded in 2009 by Derek to save money on phone bills as a university.

The app reached it’s million active user goal in 2010 and then raised 1.5 million dollars seed funding from Investors like Freestyle Capital, Menlo Talent Fund, and Menlo Ventures’ Seed.

Textnow was ranked on 9th position among top ten growth companies in the Branham Group. It is a wireless service that is full freemium company to use patented Elastic Calling technology to switch calls between Wi-Fi and network. It offers international calling as well within US and Canada.

Textnow is considered the first net-positive carbon footprint building in Canada as it celebrated its hundred million downloads and 15 million active users making use of free nationwide talk and text service with ad support.


How to delete Textnow account?

Go to the account settings, enter your name and password to delete your account by click on the delete option.

2.    How to remove Textnow number?

You can’t delete your number as for legal reasons, so the mist you can do is change account settings, personal information and log out of your account.

3.    How to trace Textnow number?

Textnow number can be traced by using the IP address to identity the user and verify it using the telephone number provided at the time of registration.

4.    How long does Textnow number take to expire?

Within two days the number expires and the account along with area code changes. So, if you want to use the service of the app keep the number active.

5.    How to change my username on Textnow?

In your account settings, go to your profile in the personal information section to edit the given information accordingly.

6.    How to remove messages from Textnow?

All you have to do to wipe away the message is tap and hold the conversation to move it to the garbage icon.

7.    Can I have the Textnow number back?

You can get the number back from GetHuman. Email the customer service of Textnow to let them know that you want recover your account.

8.    How to change TextNow number?

You have the option to change your number every fifteen days along with other mentioned information like name, password, and email.

9.    How to close TextNow account for free?

Go to the account settings and cancel your subscription to leave the app for free.

10.     Can we have two TextNow numbers?

Yes, you can. TextNow accounts have unique log in, so you can have more than one number, but you can’t have more than one number per account.





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