How to Delete Rakuten Account Step-by-Step Guide

How to Delete Rakuten Account Step-by-Step Guide


Working as an online e-commerce Platform, Rakuten is used by people to buy products from the web store and get a certain percentage of cashback. It allows the user to browse through and edit their information accordingly.

 If you are no longer using Rakuten and want to close your account, you have come to the right place. Our step-by-step guide lets you know how to delete your Rakuten account quickly. 

How to Delete a Rakuten Account Step-by-Step Guide? 

Follow the steps down below to learn how to delete the Rakuten account.

  1. Go to Rakuten TV and log in to your account.

  2. Navigate your way to Settings.

  3. Tap on Profile.

  4. Then click on the deletion link at the end of the page to close your account.

How to Close Rakuten through Email?

You can email customer service to delete your Rakuten account as well.

  1. Sign in to your email account.

  2. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line.

  3. Compose a well-structured email stating your reason for deleting your account. 

  4. Ask customer service to remove your data along with your account.

  5. Send the email out to this email address

How to Cancel Rakuten Account Membership? 

When you have successfully closed your account, we recommend canceling your membership to stop the payment. 

Go to this link and follow through to cancel your membership. 

Tip: Once you have canceled your membership, you won’t be able to reactivate your account, and all of your billing history, shipping information, and other personal data will be removed. 


We are here to help you throughout the entire process. For your assistance, we have created a step-by-step guide you can follow at your own pace. All the necessary information is mentioned above; if we still need to include something, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

About the Company 

Founded by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997, Rakuten is a Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company located in Tokyo. It is an online e-commerce platform used by people to register and purchase products by browsing through a web store and getting a certain amount of cashback. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to delete a Rakuten account?

You can delete your account by emailing and informing customer service that you want to close your account.

  • Does Rakuten sell authentic stuff?

Yes, it does. It is a marketplace that consists of different online venues.

  • How much does Rakuten cost?

It is entirely free.   

  • How to get cashback from Rakuten?

You will have to shop to get cashback from Rakuten. Then click on the link to see if you got the email that will help with the cashback.

  • How to buy from Rakuten?

Go to Rakuten. Co. jp and search for the item you want to buy, circle the stuff you want to get, and then compare the price. 


Most of us are guilty of creating arbitrary accounts during our lives and forgetting about them. It is simple to forget about them, particularly if they are connected to a free service, which makes it much more manageable. However, many businesses will disclose your information to unaffiliated third parties. If you have ever given a terms and conditions section a cursory read, you will have noticed that you often provide permission for a corporation to share or sell your information. This is the case when you agree to the terms and conditions.

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