How to Delete Account

How to Delete Account


How have you been trying to find a way to get rid of your account? Then you have come to the right place and page. As we can understand the pain of going through various recourses to find the way the works. So to save you the trouble we have made it easy to understand and follow step by step guide that will walk you through the entire process of how to delete account.

But before we get started let us know, if you wish to delete your account due to those irritating email alerts, then it can be sorted out without you having to close your entire account by marking the emails to be moved to the spam folder or unsubscribe from the newsletter simply.

In case that isn’t why you want to shut down your account, and then you can skip through that to proceed to the process of account deletion guide listed down below.


How to Delete Account Step by Step Guide?

Following steps have been provided for your assistance. Remember to note down that this is the only way you can delete your account properly. As it has been set up for the user’s ease. The rest of the options are there in case of urgency but they are not the proper way and might require some extra time.

There are two methods to delete your account

(1) Automatically Delete your account

(2) Delete your account Manually

Method 1: Delete Your Account Automatically

Remember:If you Don’t sign in to your account for 90 days, Then will delete your account permanently.

Method 2: Delete Your Account Manually

Follow the following steps down below to get started with the process of how to Cancel account.

  1. Considering the importance of language and its ability to connect and create unnecessary barriers as well. As you might experience through this app. In order to solve that issue, you have to translate it to English for your assist.

    How to Delete Account Step by Step Guide

  2. Fisrt of all you need to signIn into your through your email address (You have to signin using the email address that was used to create your account)

    How to Delete Account Step by Step Guide

  3. Then go to this Link Which will Redirected to the ‘License Agreement Page.

    How to Delete Account Step by Step Guide

  4. Go through the agreement and then scroll down to find to ‘Delete Option.’

    How to Delete Account Step by Step Guide

  5. Click on it and state your reason to do so and then enter.

    How to Delete Account Step by Step Guide

    Don’t forget to go through the whole information stated here for your betterment.

Remember:It is advised to save all of your data before closing your account.You can also use this process to deactivate your account, but don’t forget to sign in occasionally once a month to keep it from permanently being removed.

How to Uninstall App?

It is wise to get rid of your app after you have closed your account. You can utilize the space for something else and increase your productivity level.

Follow the steps down below to know how to uninstall app you have been through the process of how to delete account.

  1. Locate the app on your device first.
  2. Then click and hold on it to see the following options; Select item, add to a home, Uninstall, and App info. Tap on ‘Uninstall.’

    how to uninstall app

  3. Then you will be asked ‘Do you want to uninstall the app?’ Click on ‘OK.’
  4. You will know that the app has been uninstalled when you will see the ‘Uninstalled’ at the bottom of the screen.

    how to uninstall app


We want to let you know that we are here to help you through the entire process of how to delete account. Keeping in mind our reader’s pace and level of understanding we have created a step-by-step guide along with tips and visual reference to assist you as well as we can. We have provided all the necessary information you might need during all of it, but if you need more details then go through our FAQS or leave a comment down below.


About the Company

Owned by Group (Odnoklassniki) is a Russian Social Networking site that used by people in the soviet republic. It was founded by Albert Popkov in 2006 being in the telecommunications sector this project came into being as a hobby. The app reached 4 million users within a year of its launch.

But in 2008 British company I-CD accused Popkov of violating the rules of copyright while of the projects like and Passado. And utilizing information from those projects to create something similar, he denied the accusations and resigned.

In 2009 the app ranked 5th in their monthly reach and average user age 14 -55 among the Russian Language. Since 2008 the app has introduced paid resignations as well.


What is

It is an entertainment-based social networking site based in Russia. It allows the user to share videos and pictures to keep in touch with friends and families.

How to download

You can download the app by copy the URL and past it in the input from on your device.

How to download videos from 

In the account, search up the video you wish to download and then copy its URL to paste on the inbox and download.

How can I download Music from

On the music page, go to the downloading link and keep your mouse over there till the bitrate is converted into mp3, so you can download the file easily.

How to delete account?

On the account, go to ‘License Agreement’ to find the Delete option and close your account accordingly.

How to change my password on

Go to settings, in the profile and choose ‘More.’ Then go to password and enter your previous password and then your new password to save it.

How to change my phone number on

In the account settings, go ‘Phone Number’ and then make the necessary corrections and then save it.

How to change my username on

In the settings, click on more, then locate ‘User Name.’ Enter the code you have received when you requested to make changes and then change your user name and password according to your choice.



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