How to Delete Mathway Account

How to Delete Mathway Account


Have you been looking for a way to get delete your Mathway account? Then you have come to the right page and place. As we understand your needs and have curated a step by step guide easy enough to follow through on your own on how to delete Mathway account.

But before we get started, let us know if, you are making all of this effect due to spam emails, then stop right now. As that can be sorted this instant by marking your emails to be moved to the spam folder or unsubscribe from the newsletter simply.

In case you that is not why you want delete your account and want to get started immediately, then we won’t make you wait anymore. Just follow the procedure listed down below.


How to Delete Mathway Account Step by Step?

Before you can deactivate your account you will have to cancel your subscriptions in order to stop the payment method and proceed to how to delete Mathway account.

  • In the account settings, to go billing.
  • Over there cancel it by tapping on it.


It will take 24 hours to process the request and stop the billing renewal. If it isn’t working, then contact the customer service at 1-800-876-1799 to sorted this issue first. Because you won’t be able to delete your account due to this.

Follow the following steps down below to get started with the account deletion process.

Sign in to your account by entering this on the browser.


Tip: Mathway allows you to sign in using either Facebook, Gmail or Apple ID. Multiple signing in options makes it easier for the user to log in using either one of the option in case one doesn’t work.


On the homepage, navigate your way to the profile settings.

In the settings, go to the account to find the delete option. Type in your password to complete your request.

When you see this simply tap on ‘Ok’ to close your account


How to Remove Mathway Account through Phone?

You do have the option to remove your account by contacting the customer service representative of Mathway on the phone to know how to delete Mathway account, but do keep in mind this might take longer as this isn’t the direct way.

  1. Get in touch with the customer service at 1-800-876-1799.
  2. Let them know that you want to close your account.
  3. Then provide them with all the necessary details so that they can process your request.
  4. State your email address and contact number for confirmation.
  5. Once your request has been processed, you will receive a call or message and a confirmation email saying your account has been deleted. 


Tip: You can use this way to cancel your subscription, if you aren’t able to do it through the account. The process will require some modifications in the sentence structures, other than that it is pretty much the same.



We want you to know that we understand you and are here to help you through the process. For your assistance we have provided a step by step guide with tips and visual references that will direct you how to delete Mathway account easily. We have stated all the relevant information related to the process, but if you feel unsatisfied and require more information then stated feel free to go through our FAQS or leave a comment down below.


About the Company

Founder Jake Kuehner and Chegg made Mathway back in 2002, as an automated math tutor to be used as a tool as well by the students to solve math related problems.  Considering the difficulty, around the course Mathway assist the students to improve their quality of calculations over time by being so easy and accessible.

It is considered as one of the highest rated mobile app for educational purposes. It is free to be download for Android and IOS. Mathway can solves all sort of problems such as geometry, algebra, and even more complex sums like equations and trigonometry.


How to Uninstall Mathway Account through Phone?

After you have been through how to delete Mathway account, then go on to remove the app form your device to make space for something else you might use more than this app.

Follow the steps down below to get started.

Locate the app on your device

Click and hold to see the uninstall option

Click on uninstall and then on ‘OK.’

You will know that the app has been uninstalled when you see 'Uninstalled Mathway' on your screen.



How to delete Mathway history?

Go to the settings in the Chat and then click on clear history.

Can we track Mathway?

Unfortunately, no. As the app uses AD to generate enough revenue, you can’t track your activity through the web.

How to unsubscribe from Mathway?

Go to the account settings, then in the billing section to cancel your subscription.

How to get a refund on Mathway?

If you are not satisfied with the subscription, then you don’t have to wait till the end of the month and you cancel by contacting customer service.

How to get in touch with Mathway?

You can contact the customer service at 1-800-876-1799.

How to change Mathway password?

If you wanted to reset your password, then go to the forgotten link on the sign-in page.

How much Mathway costs monthly?

It will be 9.99 dollars monthly and 39.99 dollars yearly once you sign up. If you don’t cancel, then the amount will be deducted from your bank account every month.

What is Mathway breach?

It is educational too that can help you understand and solve math problems rather quickly. Breached information that affects 25 million users is leaking of sensitive information such as emails address and password of students.

What does Mathway plus offer?

It helps you with step-by-step explanations and provides answers more quickly than the free version.

Can I get Matway for free?

Yes, you can as it is available for free on ISO and Android. But if you get a monthly or yearly subscription the level of efficiency and detail increases.


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