How to Delete Keepsafe Account

How to Delete Keepsafe Account


Want to know how to delete your Keepsafe account? You have come to the right place as we are here to assist you through the whole process considering how time-consuming it can be to find out how to delete Keepsafe account on your own. Through our step-by-step guide, you will be able to close your account in no time. But before we get into that, we would suggest that if you wish to cancel your account due to spam email, then mark them to be moved to the spam folder or unsubscribe from the newsletter to save space on your device.


How to Delete Keepsafe Account?

Before you can deactivate your account you would have to export all of your data as it will be deleted with the account and you won’t be able to recover it later onwards. After doing that you can proceed with the procedure of knowing how to delete Keepsafe account by following the steps by step guidelines down below.

You can delete your account through email by requesting customer service through the following steps.

1. Sign in to your email account.

2. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line.

3. Compose a structured email stating why do you wish to delete your account and your issue with it as well.

4. Ask customer service to remove your personal information along with your account from their database.

5. Then send your email out to this address


Tip: After this unsubscribe from your IOS and Android device.


How to Unsubscribe from Keepsafe?

The following steps can guide you on how to unsubscribe from Keepsafe account.

1. Go to the Settings of your device.

2. Sign in to your ID and go to subscription and cancel it to stop the payment.


How to Close your Keepsafe through Phone?

You can contact customer service to get some assistance regarding how to delete Keepsafe account or follow these steps to get done with the process soon.

1. Get in touch with the customer service at +1 (855) 228-4539

2. Let them know that you want to close your account.

3. The provide them with all the necessary details so that they can process your request.

4. State your email address and contact number for confirmation.

5. Once your request has been processed, you will receive a call or message and a confirmation email saying your account has been deleted. 



Above we have mentioned the entire process of how to cancel your Keepsafe account through step by step guide. We have written down all the necessary information related to the app that you might need to get rid of your account but if we have missed anything, then take a look at the FAQS or feel free to leave a comment down below.  


About the Company

Zouhair Belkoura made an American tech-based company that acts as a private vault for your app to keep them safe and secure. The company is ranked as number one among its competitor and has 36 employees working in its California headquarter. The app helps the users prioritize safety over-sharing and take control of how much they actually want to share with people around them. The app has currently 60 million users accessing the features offered by Keepsafe. 



1. How can I cancel Keepsafe?

In your account, go to subscription and then in the manage to cancel the app.


2. How can I change my account on Keepsafe?

In the setting, go to account and then add your email to switch to another account.


3. How can I delete my pictures from Keepsafe?

In the app, locate the trash icon to delete the pictures you want to remove.


4. How to recover deleted files from Keepsafe?

You can recover your deleted files from the trash bin in the app.


5. How to recover my old Keepsafe account?

Download the app and log in to your account using the same email address. Then go to the menu in the settings and turn on a private cloud.


6. How can I access my pictures?

Keepsafe has an IT admin or employee for the user to access and view their content.


7. How can I access the private cloud?

In the app go to the settings and choose private cloud to enable the on/off button.


8. How to transfer Keepsafe to a new device?

You will have to export all of your data to your private cloud and save them in your camera roll as well to make the transfer easy.


9. How to back up my Keepsafe pictures?

In the app, go to the album to export the pictures and then send them to your camera roll.


10. What is S in Keepsafe?

It is Space Saver to put your high-resolution pictures or another original file in that you don’t want to compress on your phone.

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