How to Delete Dealdash Account Step by Step 2022

How to Delete Dealdash Account Step by Step 2022


Deal Dash was founded in 2009 by a sixteen-year-old Finnish entrepreneur named William Wolfram. He started the company after losing 20 dollars on a MacBook in an auction. He borrowed 50 dollars from his mother and brought the most popular videos on YouTube to market the affiliate and build Deal Dash.

In the earlier business module, the platform forces the user to bid on an item, whether they win or not, by buying 'bid' at the specified rate to part take. People bid, then the price increases marginally till the final bidder wins. Deal Dash differs from other business sites as it allows the losing party to use the amount they bid with to buy another item posted at the retail price.

According to Socialbaker, Deal Dash became the most talked-about app that helped increase venture financing up to 1.5 to 2 million dollars. Thanks to social media trafficking, blog posts, and influencers, DealDash became the second visible startup in Finland with a revenue of 100 million dollars a year.

How to Delete Deal Dash Account?

Want to close your Deal Dash account due to all those spam emails? Here how to delete the deal dash account.

You should know that the website doesn't have any deactivation options or deletion process. You will have to address a poised email stating why you want your account to be deleted or deactivated.

1. Sign in to that email account that you have used to register with on Deal Dash.

2. Compose an email under the subject “Request to Delete My Account.”

3. Enter the email address.

4. Write a structured email stating the issue you are facing with your account, then request them to delete your account, and if possible clear all the records and information from their database.

How to Write the Account Deletion Email?

Want to know more about the composition of a convincing email for your account to be deleted from Deal Dash? Here's a sample we have prepared for you to use or have an idea of how to delete the DealDash account.


Subject: Request to delete my account & personal data


Dear customer support of DealDash,

I created an account on your website and want to close it again.

Can you delete my profile, please?

Username: [your username]

Email associated with the account: [your email address]

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Kind regards,

[your name]

How to Set Up a Deal Dash Account?

Setting up a DealDash account isn't that difficult. Here's how to set up a deal dash account step by step.

1. First, download the application from Play Store for android users or App Store for ISO users.

2. Enter an appropriate user name along with a valid and working email address and a strong password.

3. Buy a 'Pack of Bid' which will act as your money virtually you, can get the pack that suits you're the best by look through the offered bid packs.

4. Then find the items you are interested in and start bidding.

5. Do understands these terms;

- Auction, is a scheduled event to showcase an item for bidding.

- Bids, is the currency used for bidding in Deal Dash.

- Bid Pack, includes the bids sold in the pack for the users to decide how much they want to bid on an item.

- Bid Buddy, is offered by the Deal Dash to bid for you automatically.

- Buy It Now (BIN), this feature allows the user to buy an item rather than winning it. Once a is purchased, DealDash returns your bids.

- Dashboard, displaces new information related to everything you want to know.

- Winner’s List, is a real-time list that shows the names every time someone wins a bid.

- Profile, represents you as a player by using the image provided by you whenever you comment or bid.


1. How to cancel my DealDash subscription?

Sign in to your PayPal account and go 'Setting.' Tap on payments, then preapproved payments and cancel the automatic billing.

2. How much does it cost to sign up for DealDash?

Registration for DealDash is free, but you will have to pay to bid.

3. How to contact DealDash for an issue?

You can either call them at the provide Customer Service number (855) 455-3325 or email them at

4. Can I get my money back on DealDash?

Yes, you can get your money back. You can a full refund if you are not satisfied with the purchase of your first bid pack.

5. How do I get free bids?

DealDash updates you with new offers and promotional codes through email. But if you have missed the alerts, you can always look at their Facebook page for more information.

6. How to enter for promo code?

Get the coupon code first, then enter the copied code in the ‘Promo Code’ and checkout.

7. How does DealDash have such low prices?

The DealDash auctions products brought by other customers at a relatively lower price than actual ones.


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