How to Delete Daily Mail Account Step by Step Guide

How to Delete Daily Mail Account Step by Step Guide



Daily Mail is a British middle-market newspaper that is published in London in a tabloid format since 1896. If you no longer use Daily Mail and wish to close your account, then we will help you. With our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, you will know how to delete the Daily Mail account in no time.


How to Delete Daily Mail Account Step by Step Guide?

The following list of steps will direct you on how to delete the Daily Mail account.

  1. Go to the browser and enter
  2. Fill out the details such as your name and email address.
  3. Then state your issue under ‘Type of Issue.’
  4. Pick the device you use Daily Mail on.
  5. Select one from the browser option.
  6. Under description write ‘Request to Delete Account’ and your reason to close your account.
  7. Scroll to verify you are a human.
  8. Then submit the form to be evaluated accordingly


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How to Remove Daily Mail Data?

Once your account has been deleted successfully you can ask customer support to remove your data by following the steps down below.

Go to the browser and enter

Select ‘Delete My Data’ under request type.


Enter your name and pick a regulation.




Then let the customer support know you wish to remove your data along with your account.


Tap on ‘review your request’ and you will be good to go.




We want you to know that we are here to help you. Through our step by step guide, you will know how to delete the Daily Mail account easily. We have provided all of the relevant information needed to close your account. In case we have missed out on anything, then feel free to comment down below to let us know.



About the company

Founded by Alfred and Harold Harmsworth in 1896, Daily Mail is a British newspaper published in tabloid format. It is known as the highest circulated daily newspaper in the UK.

Now the content of the newspaper is available on the MailOnline website as well. Daily Mail has a similar newspaper service under the name of ‘The Mail on Sunday’ that offers daily news in Scotland and Ireland. 




1. How to delete Daily Mail account?

You can close your account by filling out the contact form as mentioned above.

2. How to unsubscribe from Daily Mail?

Log in to your account and go to ‘View Details.’ Then scroll down to see the cancel option and tap on it.

3. How much does Daily Mail costs?

It will cost you around 65 pence for weekday news.

4. Who owns Daily Mail?

Currently, it is owned by Jonathan Harmsworth. But it was bought by General Trust plc, a multinational media company.

5. Who is the editor of Daily Mail?

Geordie Greig is the editor of Daily Mail and the Mail newspaper.


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