How to Delete Course Hero Account Step by Step 2022

How to Delete Course Hero Account Step by Step 2022


Do you wish to delete your course hero account for some reason? If it is because of spam emails, then unsubscribe or mark them to be moved to the spam folder.

But if that's not the reason, and you don't need your course hero account. Here are a few simple steps for you to know how to delete the course hero account.

How to Delete Course Hero Account?

Follow these steps to delete your course hero account.

Click on this URL

Click on this url

It will take you to the customer service page.

It will take you to the customer service page

Tap on the ‘Account Settings.’

Tap on the ‘Account Settings

Scroll down to see the delete or deactivate option.

Scroll down to see the delete or deactivate option

Click on ‘Deactivate Account’, and read through the warning.

After reading through the listed warnings, tap on 'Deactivate account.'

If you have a paid membership, then deleting your account won't be possible. You will have to cancel your subscriptions so that the process of future payments can stop. On the Couse Hero website, scroll down to click on 'Contact US' and sort out this major issue.

How to Delete Course Hero Account through Email?

If you are not satisfied and what to know another way of deleting your account. Here's how you can delete your course hero account through email.

Open your email account.

Write ‘Request to delete my account’ in the subject.

Now compose a structured email addressing your reason for such a request.

Then send the email to

About the Company

This American educational website, under the name of Course Hero, was made by Andrew Grauer in 2006. It was initialling created for college-level students to share lectures, class notes, and exam assignments. This technology-based platform was build to value the importance of information that should be made accessible to everyone.

The website officially launched in 2008 by receiving series A funding of 15 million dollars from GSV Capital and IDG Capital. In 2020 investors SV Angel, Maveron, and NewView Capital provided the company with over 1 million dollars.

Course Hero consists of over 7 million study documents made accessed by subscribing to a monthly subscription that allows the user to upload 40 plus documents and download 300 plus. The search engine lets the user search for documents through its content, course subject, or university.

Course Hero has a section with the name 'Couse Hero Knowledge' that consists of Book for Africa and has donated 200,000 books to various students and schools. Course Hero has a 24/7 program that offers tutors online and numerous free courses consisting of reading material and video lectures on entrepreneurship, business ideas/ management, and web programming.


How to delete course hero downloaded files from google drive?

Go to google drive and click on the menu. Then go to files and remove the files you don’t want.

How to delete a question from course hero?

Go to the library and click on ‘My Question Lab.’ Then go and remove the question you want to.

Can we get caught cheating on course hero?

You can get caught cheating on course hero as it consists of plagiarism detectors such as Turnitin and SafeAssign.

Can I get a refund after canceling my subscription?

Yes, you can. You will have to contact customer service and ask them about the refund process. They will guide you through the necessary steps.

How to delete uploaded files?

In the taskbar, go to documents, then tap on 'Signed Tab.' Look through the documents to confirm if it belongs to you and then delete it by clicking on the blue drop-down arrow.

Does Course Hero offer a free trial period?

Course Hero doesn't offer any free trial. But you can access documents for free and can also unblur them by unlocking them.

Is there a limit to how many questions we can ask on course hero?

Yes, you can ask forty questions if you are using course hero for free. But you can access many more articles and questions as a premier member.







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