How to Delete Chime Account

How to Delete Chime Account


Want to get rid of your Chime account? We will help you through that. Considering how time consuming the process can be to find ways to delete your account, we have created a perfect step by step guide for your ease.

But before we get started, we would want you to mark your spam emails to be moved to the spam folder or unsubscribe from the newsletter to save space and time on your device and then continue with the process by following the steps down below on how to delete Chime account.

How to Delete Chime Account Step By Step Guide

Following the steps down below we will start on how to Cancel the Chime account.

  1. Log in through your Email Account.
  2. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line.
  3. Ask the customer service to delete your account and its personal details from their database.
  4. Clearly state in writing why do you wish to delete your account and what were the issues you face with it.
  5. Then send it to the official email of Chime at

How to Delete Chime Account Step By Step Guide

Remember: Unlink all of your accounts that are connected with your Chime account, to keep your money safe and avoid any complications.

How to Deactivate Chime App through iPhone

  1. Hold the app on screen till it starts to shake.
  2. Once it does start shaking you will see the X mark on the app.
  3. Click on X to get rid of your Chime account.

How to Remove Chime App through Android

  1. In Google Play, go to ‘My Apps and Games.’
  2. Then click on the installed option to see the installed apps.
  3. Find Chime over there and click on uninstall.


We have listed the entire process of how to delete, remove, deactivate, and cancel Chime account through step by step guide for you to follow through easily. Considering your level of understanding and pace we have written down all the necessary information that might be needed to delete your account. But if we have missed out on anything according to you, then do take a look at the FAQS section for assistance, or feel free to leave a comment down below.  

About the Company

Founded by Chris Britt and Ryan King Chime is a private company that launched financial services for people in 2013. It is purely virtual-based but no physical branches or monthly overdraft charges nor fees. Chime allows its users to have a visa debit card that lets them access the online banking system through their phone or the website. Chime has a limit of 250,000 thousand dollars that has been insured with Stride Bank or the Bancorp Bank. Chime has now 8 million users



How to close Chime account?

You can delete your account by emailing the customer service at support@chime.coom.

How can I unsubscribe from Chime?

In the account settings, go to the user page to select and remove the users. Then in the account action, delete your account to be rid of it.

Can I create two Chime accounts?

Chime doesn’t have the option to create multiple accounts due to MMAS, CDs, savings account, and checking account.

Does Chime have a good saving account?

Chime doesn’t charge you any monthly fee for the account and offers 0.5 percent APY. It doesn’t have any fixed interest amount for earning or keeping the account.

How to delete Chime purchase history?

You can’t delete the transactions as the bank maintains a list of records and deleting your history might not affect that.

How to withdraw 1000 dollars from Chime?

You can’t withdraw 1000 dollars as the withdrawal limit is 500 dollars a day.

How can I delete messages from Chime account?

You can do that by using the API to report that you wish to delete your messages and other conservation from your chat room, then provide your message ID or chat room ID.

How to reset my Chime account?

In your account settings, go to the menu and contact customer services to make any changes or information regarding your account.

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