How to Delete Booksy Account Step by Step Guide

How to Delete Booksy Account Step by Step Guide



Booksy is an appointment scheduling platform designed for service-based businesses. It allows customers to make bookings and help owners build client online. If you are no longer require the service of Booksy due to personal reasons and want to know how to delete the Booksy account, then you have stumbled upon the right page.

We will walk you through our step by step guide and will direct you on how to delete the Booksy account easily.

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How to Delete Booksy Account Step by Step Guide?

Follow the steps down below to know how to delete the Booksy account.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Write ‘Request to Delete Account’ in the subject line.
  3. Compose a well-structured email addressing your issue with the account.
  4. Ask the customer service to delete your data along with your account.


Then send the email out to this email address


How to Cancel Booksy Account through Phone?

If you want to have detailed instructions on deleting the Booksy account, call customer care at (773) 555-5555 and let them know you wish to cancel your account. The customer representative will guide you accordingly.

Once your request has been processed and your account is deleted permanently, you will be informed through email or on the provided contact number.


How to Uninstall Booksy App?

After you have successfully deleted your account, we would recommend uninstalling the app as well to make space in the device.

  1. Locate the app on the homepage.
  2. Tap and hold to see the uninstall option.
  3. Click on uninstall first, then on OK to remove the app from your device permanently.



For your assistance, we have made an easy-to-understand step-by-step guide with all of the necessary information to guide you on how to delete the Booksy account easily. In case of any quires, feel free to comment down below to let us know.  We want you to know that we are here to help you throughout the entire process. With our step-by-step guide, you can follow the directions at your own pace and according to your own understanding.


About the company

Founded in 2014, Poland Booksy is a free booking system made for people to schedule health or beauty services appointments. The app is available to be download for both IOS and Android. You can make your appointment through Booksy 24/7. It enables owners to send emails, booking details, and process payment.



1. How to cancel the Booksy account?

You can either email them at or call at (773) 555-5555 and let them know you wish to cancel your account. Their customer service will direct you accordingly.

2. How does Booksy generate revenue?

It is a subscription-based SaaS model that depends on the size of the business.

3. How to get a refund on Booksy?

You can get a refund within 30 days by clicking on the refund button under the transaction. After 30 days you will have to contact customer service to help you out.

4. How much is the Booksy app for?

After the free trial period, you will be charged 29.99 dollars per month with additional 10 dollars per staff member.

5. How much is the scheduling fee?

It starts at 20 dollars per feature every month. You can start with the free version to test it out.

6. How to cancel my appointment on Booksy?

Just drag and drop your appointment to modify, reschedule and cancel. There is no canceling fee so you don’t have to worry about additional charges.

7. How long is the free trial version of Booksy?

The free trial version lasts up to 14 days. After that, you can get the app at 29.99 dollars per month.

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