How to Change Text Color in Facebook

How to Change Text Color in Facebook

How to change the font color on the Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network where you can remain in touch with your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. You can share your posts, any event, photos, and stories. You can also comment on anyone’s post.

In the beginning, The Facebook application does not give its users color choices. The default app font color was black at that time if anyone desires to change the font color then he has to download and install an app named as color picker app. This help in changing the color of the font on Facebook.


How Do You Change Font Color On Facebook


Facebook is offering new font color changes used for posts. To do this follow simple steps

  • Write what comes to your mind or what you desire.
  • Write in your status bar.
  • Choose the shades available in the app choices or gradient that is shown below your text.
  • Finally, post it with different font shades.


How many color choices are available?

FizzhumWhen Facebook initiated color choices it launched eight different shades including grey, pink, and purple gradient shades, green and blue shades, white and yellow, and yellow, red, and orange shades in gradient.


How to change Text Color on Facebook with the help of Codes

  • Just pick the color code you want
  • Copy it
  • Paste it on the Facebook wall for a post or paste it in the comments section
  • Text color will be changed, publish publicly or to friends.


List of Color Codes

Light Purple


Dark Blue



Light Pink

Reddish Pink




Sky Blue

Light Blue

Light Purple


Dark Pink

Steel Grey


Dark Purple

Light Brown



How To Change The Facebook Comments Text Color?


You can change the following things

  • Font style.
  • Foreground color.
  • Background color.
  1. Just click on the Text that you want to see in a different color.
  2. Tap on the square Color Box available in the mid of the control settings.
  3. Select your desired color.


What are Facebook Text Delights or color words?

Facebook Text Delights is a default list of special words and phrases, when any user types such words or phrases in their posts, comments, etc it automatically shows in a different color.

Moreover, for those recipients who receive such posts or comments if they tap on such colored words and phrases, auto-generated animations trigger on their screens.


Who can see colorful Facebook posts?

Everyone can see it whether the recipient is an Android user, iOS user, or using any tablet or accessing via desktop, etc


Key Takeaways

  • You can change the font color to eight different shades.
  • Put the text code just before the text that you want in a different color, when you publish it, the text color will be changed and the code will be there no more.
  • You can change the foreground and the background color.
  • Colored text can make your post or comment different and highlighted among others, it makes it different

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