How to Cancel TransUnion Subscription

How to Cancel TransUnion Subscription


TransUnion is a credit reporting agency that protects people from fraudulent products and provides consumers with free credit reports every year. If you no longer use TransUnion and want to cancel your subscription, then we will help you accordingly.

With the help of our steps by step guide, you will be able to know how to cancel a TransUnion subscription easily.


How to Cancel TransUnion Subscription Step by Step Guide?

Follow the steps down below to get started with the process.

  1. Log in to your TransUnion account on the website.
  2. Navigate your way to the Account Settings under Profile.
  3. Scroll down to find Subscription cancellation option.



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Press on Continue and Cancel.


Click on Cancel my Monitoring as well.


Tip: If you are unable to find the cancel option, then tap on this link and it will direct you accordingly.


How to Call TransUnion Subscription by Phone?

I want the easy way out of this situation, then you can call TransUnion customer service at the provided number and cancel your account.

  1. Get in touch with customer service at (855) 681-3196.
  2. Let the representative know you want to cancel your TransUnion account subscription.
  3. Then follow the next set of directions dictated by the representative to cancel your subscription and close your account.


Tip: You can only call at the above provided number from Monday to Thursday between 8 am to 12 am and from Friday to Sunday between 8am to 8pm.


How to Get Rid of TransUnion Subscription through Email?

You can also email customer care to let them know you want to cancel your TransUnion subscription. Follow the steps done below to know how to cancel TransUnion subscription.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Write ‘Request to Cancel Subscription’ in the subject line.
  3. Compose a structured email address why do you want to cancel your TransUnion subscription.
  4. Then send the email at



We want you to know that we are here to help you throughout the entire process of how to cancel a TransUnion subscription. With our step-by-step guide, you can follow the direction at your own pace and according to your own understanding. All of the necessary information related to the process is mentioned above. In case of inquiring feel free to comment down below.


About the Company

Founded in 1968, TransUnion Holding is an American company that reports consumer credit usage and prevent fraud with their clients. The company has millions of consumers from 30 plus countries and 200 million files profiling credit-active consumers.

TransUnion's headquarter is located in Illinois since it started and it generates 2.656 billion dollars revenue. There are currently 8,000 employees working around the clock to protect their client’s data.




1. How to cancel a TransUnion subscription?

You can either cancel the TransUnion subscription by contacting customer service at the above-provided number or through the online link mentioned above.

2. How much is the subscription cancellation fee on TransUnion?

The subscription cancellation fee is 24.95 dollars due to the bureau's monthly subscription offering.

3. How long does TransUnion track credit card activity?

TransUnion will record your two-year worth of credit card history to see consistency.

4. How much do I have to pay to TransUnion?

TransUnion is a free annual credit report that reviews your credit report as stated by federal law to ensure security and information accuracy.

5. How much do TransUnion costs monthly?

TransUnion is for 24.95 dollars monthly (taxes may be included where they are required).



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