Does USPS Work on Thanksgiving?

Does USPS Work on Thanksgiving?

If a holiday is approaching and you need a package or mail delivered by a particular day, it's worth checking. If so, you may need to make plans to ensure you'll still get the mail or item when required. 

This is because the USPS is closed on some holidays. Can you expect the USPS to send anything on Thanksgiving if you anticipate something?

Does USPS Work on Thanksgiving?

No, on Thanksgiving, USPS does not deliver packages. The USPS does not operate on Thanksgiving since it is a federal and national holiday. Therefore, on Thanksgiving, you should expect to avoid receiving any mail or other deliveries from the USPS.

How to Get Your Mail on Thanksgiving

Can you still get crucial mail that is scheduled to arrive on Thanksgiving?

Here are a few things you should do to get your mail on Thanksgiving or shortly before.

i. First Class Mail Express

If you want a package or mail on Thanksgiving, request the shipper use Priority Mail Express. Although it's a much more costly delivery option, your purchase may be delivered on Sundays or holidays. That also applies to your shipment showing up on Thanksgiving.

If the sender pays the additional cost to deliver it on Thanksgiving, it should arrive by then. However, there can be specific exclusions depending on your local post office. You may always offer to cover the shipping costs yourself if your sender refuses to pay the additional cost.

One of the best things about Priority Mail Express is that they provide a refund if they cannot deliver your shipment on schedule. The cost of shipping is not your responsibility. The easiest method to guarantee that your mail or delivery arrives before Thanksgiving is to utilize Priority Mail Express.

ii. Intercept a Package

You can also use the USPS's Intercept a Package program to attempt to have your mail delivered before Thanksgiving. The USPS will place a hold on the shipment, wherever it may be, at that moment if you decide to intercept it. It requires preparation and knowing how long the mail system takes to process your message.

You may ask them to keep your delivery at one of their locations if you can arrange it at a suitable time. You are then free to visit the location and get your item or mail if it is open to guests. However, remember that these facilities and offices will be closed on Thanksgiving. 

Therefore, you must use the Intercept a Package service before that time. This saves you a step and allows you to get the product before Thanksgiving. If you choose not to utilize Intercept a parcel, the mail or package may take an extra day to reach your local post office. 

You must wait another day to get it if that day falls on Thanksgiving. You may halt a package's journey and pick it up using the Intercept a Package service. Doing this means you may avoid waiting another day for it to arrive and get it the day before Thanksgiving.

You'll need to research which post offices and distribution locations are nearby. Though it won't be available for pickup at a distribution center, you may still get your mail before Thanksgiving if you can catch it en route at another post office. Using the Intercept a Package service is a fantastic option to halt mail delivery and save time on your delivery.

iii. Arrange for a Reshipment

Using the USPS's Schedule a Redelivery service is another way to ensure that your mail or package arrives before Thanksgiving. This is the best option if the USPS attempted to deliver the mail or package to your residence but could not. This often occurs when a signature is required for the shipment.

When a box is too big for the truck, the USPS may sometimes require you to visit the post office. You may request redelivery on the same day using the Schedule a Redelivery option, which is terrific. If Thanksgiving is the following day and you still need to catch up on the shipment, this is perfect.

All you have to do is create an account with USPS online to request redelivery. A redelivery schedule choice will then appear. A few facts regarding the shipment you're missing will be requested from you. After that, you may choose the time for the redelivery.

You should be able to get the USPS to deliver it again the same day you make the request, provided you submit it before 3 AM EST. After receiving the request, they will load the product onto the vehicle and make another effort to deliver it to your house.

If they have already attempted to deliver your package or mail to your house, there is a terrific last-minute method to acquire it before Thanksgiving. If you missed the delivery, you may be sure the USPS will try to deliver the box again that same day by using their Schedule a Redelivery service.

iv. Keep Mail

It typically indicates that someone is going on vacation when they are holding their USPS mail. They will be away from home to receive their mail. They may rest easy knowing that they won't have to worry about shipments being stolen or someone reading through their mail while they're away from home.

It's also helpful for ensuring you get packages or mail before Thanksgiving. Your mail won't go on the truck if you ask the office to keep it. Instead, the post office will retain the mail until you decide to retrieve your mail or continue providing delivery services.

Having the post office keep it for you allows you to depend on yourself to get the mail or package rather than relying on the USPS employee to deliver everything on time. One busy organization is the USPS. 

While mail delivery personnel do their hardest to deliver every piece of mail daily, this is only sometimes feasible. They may have to load it back onto the truck and try to deliver it again the following day. Because the USPS is very busy the day before Thanksgiving, there's a risk that your mail or shipment will arrive late. 

You may get around this by asking for your mail to be held at the office. You may pick up your mail or parcel at the office. It's not likely to arrive at your mailbox since the delivery person is too busy to deliver parcels to everyone.

v. Forwarding A Package

Redirecting a shipment is the last option to get your mail or item before Thanksgiving. You could redirect your item to a friend or family member who lives near a distribution facility or receive their mail sooner than you do.

Your product or mail may arrive earlier if some of the miles it must travel are eliminated. It all boils down to being aware of the origin of your letter or shipment. Once you know where it started, follow it through the distribution and processing centers of the United States Postal Service.

Since it's less expensive, they'll often prefer to choose the most straightforward route. If you opted for ground shipment, you know everything is arriving by road. You may reroute a shipment to a friend or relative who resides on that route and is closer to the beginning place than you are.

After that, USPS will transport the box to that address, perhaps delaying it by one or two days. By doing this, you can be sure it will arrive before Thanksgiving. After that, you may pick it up from them by driving over before or on Thanksgiving. Although it requires some preparation and investigation, redirecting your shipment may help the USPS deliver it early and on time for Thanksgiving.

Final Thoughts

Since its offices are closed on Thanksgiving, the USPS does not deliver packages. The USPS observes Thanksgiving as a federal holiday. Fortunately, there are a few methods mentioned above that you may take to guarantee that you get it before or on Thanksgiving or to expedite delivery.

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