Difference Between Study and Learn

Difference Between Study and Learn


We misinterpret the meaning of the two terms Studying and learning. Sometimes, we mean to study and we say we are learning. This confusion is often seen in schools or educational environments. Students in schools are often asked by their teachers whether they have learned a topic or not.

However, the teachers mean whether they have memorized or not. It is quite important to understand the difference between study and learn. This article is going to help you in this matter.

The literal meaning of Studying:

In the Oxford Dictionary of English, the word Study means to spend time and put effort to gain knowledge about a particular topic. It is a process that requires devotion. Studying does not mean that you should have an interest in the topic you are seeking to gain knowledge from.

The word “study” is also used as a noun in common practices. Its evidence is seen where people discuss that they have done a task with attention to gathering knowledge. Studying is more about experimenting with a specific subject.

The literal meaning of learning:

In the Oxford Dictionary of English, the word Learning means to acquire a set of skills with the help of some practice and of course devoting time to it. Learning is taken as a word that is used side by side with the term interest. It is because of the nature of human beings. We are attracted towards things that we are interested in and due to this fact, we lean towards learning that particular thing.

The term “Learn” is spelled differently in British and American English. It is used as “Learned” in British English and as “Learnt” in American English. It is a process of gaining an ability with some investigation side-wise.

What is the difference between Study and Learn?

There is a thin hair-like difference between the two words study and learn. It is important to know the difference between them because these are the most commonly used words. We often use these words in our daily life more than twice each day. In this article, we are trying to end the confusion and create a clear difference between study and learn.

In simple words, what students do in schools is studying. As studying is directly linked with the books which are a source of studying by all means. The verb “study” is most commonly used among people for preparing for exams or in the cases when we say we have to study to achieve our goal.

In some cases, the word study does not fit in the place of learning. For instance, it is grammatically and ethically incorrect to say that “we have studied to play guitar”.

The matters where learning is involved, we get a complete grip over the subject. But there is an important thing to keep in mind that learning is not an instant milestone to achieve. It is a goal that is accomplished with time. Studying is mere a process of performing experiments whereas acquiring new observations about a particular subject is termed as ”learning”.

A common example is seen among teens that they learn songs by just listening to them for just twice or thrice. It is clear that due to interest in songs they learn them quickly. Therefore, we don’t say that we study songs. It would not be wrong to say that we cannot learn anything until we find it interesting. Although we can memorize to some extent but learning it completely is hardly possible in such cases.

The word Learning is also used in some scenarios. For instance, we often use it when we mean that we have become aware of something new. It would not be wrong to say that a guy learned to play guitar. Playing guitar is a skill that can’t be studied. 

What is the key to winning?

Both of these terms stand in their place with equal importance. When it comes to practical life one should focus on learning rather than just studying a particular subject. It would not be wrong to say that one should learn while studying or in other words, study keeping the learning perspective in mind. Mere studying would not do any good to anyone so one should focus on learning first. The things we learn stay in our memory for a long time whereas the subject that we only study to pass in exams goes into the sub-consciousness after a short time.

Bottom Line:

In the end, we would like to conclude by saying that the two terms study and learn are used in parallel in our regular practices. People often assume these two terms as the synonym of each. However, the difference between study and learn is significant but failing to understand the main difference could cause trivial harm to an individual or a group of people. Therefore, it is important to recognize the slight yet considerable difference between these two commonly used terms.

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