The Difference between Pound and Quid

The Difference between Pound and Quid


Pound and Quid are two well-known currencies. It’s a common belief that a currency serves as a backbone in the Economy of any Nation.Currency value can lead to Economic stability of any country. On contrary, its devaluation can lead to Economic instability. The country whose currency rate is high can overpower the Economic instable countries, thus, provokes Economic war across the world. With the help of consistent effort any country can increase the value of its currency.

What is a Pound?

Pound is taken from the Latin word means ‘weight’. Pound is a monetary unit, a state currency of United Kingdom. It’s the oldest currency as it originates in 8th Century and is still in use. British Pound is also known as Pound Sterling. £ Is a symbol used for Pound.

What is a Quid?

Quid, a slang term, it is one of the nickname of Pound like smacker, sterling etc. It’s originated in 17th Century & its value is 100 pence. Some historians believed that this term was once used by Italian immigrants thus originated from the Italian word ‘Scudo’ however others believe that it is successor of Latin word ‘Quid’. Moreover, some find its traces from the village of England ‘Quid Hampton’.

Pound is one of the powerful currency in the present world and it is often confused with Quid. Let’s trace out the differences between Pound & Quid.



It is a state official currency of various countries including United Kingdom.

Quid is a slang terminology used for Pound.

It’s originated in Latin.

Its origin is not restricted to one place; historian finds its traces at many places.

It’s formed in the 8th century.

It’s formed many centuries late to Pound, specifically in 17th century.

Pound is particularly used as a currency in UK, Egypt, Lebanon & some other countries.

It is used wherever the Pound is used.

Its nicknames are Sterling, Sovereign, nicker and many others.

As its slang, so It’s one of the nicknames of pound & it has no plural.



To conclude, there is no marked difference between the two terms Pound & Quid.  Pound is an umbrella term & Quid is its slang. The only difference lies in its origin, one is traced in 8TH Century while the other in 17th Century. So, it’s not wrong to say that Pound is one of the oldest currency however still in use as an official currency of UK and many other countries.



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