Best Smart Watch for Teenagers

Best Smart Watch for Teenagers

Teenagers are synonymous to rebellions. This is the age group in which one demands complete privacy along with up to date technological gadgets. Parents often find themselves stuck in this awkward situation, where they think that their child is not mature enough for a mobile phone whereas not that of a kid for toys. So you might be wondering then what is the mid-way then? Its best smartwatch for teenagers!

The concept of smart watch for teenagers is a far stretched idea than being a mere time piece now. The advanced perquisites of smart watch involves, fitness tracking, GPS tracking along with the facility of answering calls in some cases.

Fitness trackers keep track of outdoor activities and prompt the teenager to go outside and work out as much as one could. GPS trackers, keeps the parents from constant tension and informs them precisely about their child’s whereabouts. 

Undoubtedly, it is quite a difficult task for parents to decide the best smartwatch for teenager, as market is packed with plenty of them. This is what I’m going to dedicate this article to, I’m writing this piece only to guide parents to choose the best smart watch for their child and surprise them with a smart watch that is featured pack and provides technological training to them as well.

Keep on reading and find out some exciting and classy smart watches for your teenager.

Best Smartwatch for Teenagers


1. Huami Amazfit Bip:



Whenever Chinese producers step in the market they undermine the big market players and leave a permanent mark, either it is smartphone or smart watch. Huami amazfit bip is a smart watch which has overpowered others out there in market.

 The Amazfit Bip could be a prime illustration, where quality attributes can be found at a really competitive cost. It has top line characteristics like GPS and heart rate checking but comes in at a fraction of the price of the huge producers’ like Garmin and Apple.

One of the intriguing attribute of this watch is that The Amazfit Bip comes in a variety of colors and weighs fair 1.1 ounces. It has a moderate outlook with a huge, color LCD touch screen (which is continuously on) that's comprehensible and accurate.

Moreover, It offers astounding battery life, with a single charge giving up to 30 days of utilization. Of course, you aren’t likely to induce close 30-days of utilization  in case you’re a consistent user of GPS and heart rate observing as these are very deplete on the battery life.

The GPS tracker and optical heart rate observing attributes permit things like steps, extent, rest quality, and calories burned to be calculated. Sports exercises can moreover be tracked with extraordinary modes for running, cycling, and walking. There’s moreover a Bluetooth association to your smartphone so you'll be cautioned of messages, calls, and social media movement.

This smart watch is unique, classy, accommodates the needs and what not? You can easily buy this perfect smart watch from the following link:


1.    GPS
2.    Heart rate monitor
3.    Up to 30 days of battery life
4.    Activity tracking
5.    Amazing value
6.    Durable

2. Pebble 2+ Teens Smart watch



With a 24/7 heart rate screen, you'll be able to see your beats per miniature on this smart watch. It lets you remain in your workout zone by giving a fast look of your schedule. This savvy fitness tracker keeps an eye on the number of steps you walk or run and the number of calories burned.
Besides this, you’ll be able to even ponder your resting cycle with its Sleep Tracking and Recuperating attributes. It measures your profound rest and wakes you up with vibrating keen alerts once you're all fresh.

An interesting fact about this smart watch is that the in-built mouthpiece and voice dictation usefulness empower you to allow voice commands. You'll be able to answer to your messages, record notes, and more. Additionally, it is proficient to show all the notices that you simply get on your phone. You'll be able to examine, reject, and react to these notifications as per your prerequisite.

It is water-resistant up to 30 meters. Thus, you'll be able enjoy its awesome features worry-free in rain, pool, shower or while swimming. With up to 7 days of battery life, this smart watch lets you travel unreservedly even on the off chance that your mind slipped off to keep the charging cable.
Moreover, you can access over 10,000 apps for fitness, health, games, and more with the Pebble smart watch. Besides this, the black-and-white ePaper liquid crystal screen with LED backlight lets you utilize all the features effortlessly even in the brightest environment. 



1.    Heart rate monitor
2.    Sleep and fitness tracker.
3.    Built in microphone.
4.    Water resistant.
5.    Good battery life.

3. Fitbit Versa Fitness Tracking Smart watch



Fitbit presents the finest fitness smart watch for youngsters. With 24/7 heart rate checking and sleep stages, it keeps track of your heart rate patterns and cardio wellness level. There are 15+ workout modes that offer you real-time stats while you're undergoing workout. You'll be able to indeed utilize SmartTrack to recognize and record exercises for you involuntarily.

This smart watch is designed specifically for girls, as they can easily organize their period cycle on this smart watch. Moreover, you can also record your symptoms and get alerts with Fitbit Versa. So, this watch is perfect for you.

Furthermore, it gloats a battery life of 4+ days. However, this depends on your utilization completely. Embellished with a remarkably light case, this slim and casual action monitor watch can be worn all day and night without any faltering. This smart watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. Consequently, you'll be able to have a shower, swim within the pool or go out in the rain without any stress of your Fitbit getting harmed.
Besides this, if you are using an android phone, you may answer calls, respond to notifications with this smart phone on your wrist. 



1.    Heart rate monitoring
2.    Sleep tracker
3.    Fitness smart watch
4.    Designed specifically for girls.
5.    Water resistant.

4. TicWatch E Smart watch



In the event that your child is entering into his/her youth, and you want them to surprise with latest technology then this Smart watch from TicWatch may be an idealized blessing to be given. It postures Wear OS by Google, i.e. it has all the attributes of Google Play consolidated into it. One can download all the apps accessible on Google Store and enjoy uncountable applications right on the smart watch. You'll be able to utilize Google Maps, Google Translate, Google voice assistant, and whatever you desire.

The smart watch is not only light in weight but it suits your fashion sense as well, the interchangeable straps of this watch allow you to match it with your respective outfit and vibe out decency. However, it is water resistant and dustproof, so you can either run, swim, or go to dusty places you may rely on this watch.

The built in GPS and GLONASS maps your way and precisely tracks your performance by keeping a log of your steps, distance, calories, speed, and more. Moreover, the heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate in real-time with the assistance of in-built PPG sensor. Beside these, you get an accelerometer, e-compass, and other sensors.

It is an entertainment packed smart watch which provides Google play music, so you may listen to your favorite music even without your cell phone. Moreover, it allows receiving call, view notifications not only for iPhone users but also for android ones.

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1.    OS by Google.
2.    Interchangeable straps
3.    Water resistant and dustproof
4.    GPS and GLONASS
5.    Heart rate monitor
6.    Google play music

5. Mobvoi TicWatch S2



One of the finest sports smart watch is Mobvoi TicWatch, which is durable and ensures longevity along with being water resistant, dustproof, shock proof and temperature resistant. It allows the water resistance up to 50 meters.

Its internal multi-navigation framework comprises GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou that provides real-time stats of your performance and exercises. They moreover keep track of your running, swimming, and sleeping design. The 24-hour heart rate screen keeps an eye on your day by day heart rate. In addition, you get access to six distinctive sports modes.

Due to its Wear OS by Google, you'll select from a wide run of your favorite apps from the Google Play Store and get to them straightforwardly from your wrist. It is congruous with iPhone and android. The in-built Google Assistant comprehends your voice commands and accomplishes your tasks in no time. This smart watch is all in one and does not require any other supporting block with it.

Furthermore, to collaborate with your fashion sense you can easily change its straps and match it with your outfits thats why with out doubt it is one of the best smartwatch for teenagers.



1.    Durable.
2.    Water resistant, dustproof.
3.    Temperature resistant and shock proof
4.    Fitness watch with built in GPS, GLONASS and heart rate monitor.
5.    Built in Google OS.
6.    Interchangeable straps.


6. GOKOO Budget Smart watch



GOKOO budget smart watch is an ideal watch for a masculine personality. It comes in multiple dial mode options along with an international standard strap and an additional silicone band. It adds more into the overall personality of an Individual. 

It becomes attractive as the color touchscreen is continuously shinning and trans-reflective with its always-on display. It lasts up to 10 days of battery life on a single charge of 2 hours. Other than this, it is waterproof. 

An intriguing quality of this smart watch is that it offers you with eight proficient activity tracking modes – cycling, indoor and outdoor running, swimming, hiking, and numerous sports modes like badminton, soccer, basketball, and you just name the thing and this smart watch will serve you. It maintains a record of your fitness, wellness and consequently maintains it on the App.

The smart watch comes with a weather update as well; it keeps you updates regarding weather and provides future predictions as well. Moreover, it comes with a sleep tracker to track and maintain your sleep and monitors your heart rate as well. There so much going on here, right?
It is a perfect example of a featured packed watch at a very reasonable price, in which you may control your music, hung up call, and even get notifications through a slight vibration.



1.    Multiple dial modes, interchangeable straps.
2.    Durable
3.    Waterproof
4.    8 proficient tracking modes
5.    Weather alerts
6.    Sleep and heart rate monitor
7.    Control music, notifies

7. Huawei GPS Smart watch



It is an extraordinary looking smart watch featured with an AMOLED HD touchscreen. The touchscreen allows the user to view slight details with precision along with being extremely decent look. The ceramic bezel design, stainless steel shell, and DLC coating keeps it from getting scratches or getting damaged however, its durable 2 weeks battery time persists you to keep it with you no matter where you go.

Likewise, regular smart watches it comes with a built in heart rate monitor to check your heart rate and sleep tracker to maintain your sleep schedule. Besides this, it incorporates GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO, which allows you perfect positioning.

It is resistant to water up to 50 meters. It is built to identify and improve your stroke by providing a SWOLF score once you complete swimming. However, it is recommended that you should avoid swimming when the leather straps are wrapped.

Notifies you timely and allows access to multiple sports mode to enjoy



1.    AMOLED HD touchscreen
2.    Durable
3.    Elegant looking
4.    Heart rate monitor
5.    Sleep tracker
7.    Water resistant up to 50 meters

8. Amazfit Verge Waterproof Smart watch



AmazFit Verge is a smart watch which is all in one package. It not only adds more into the fashion sense but one can take benefit from its sporty features. Therefore, you can get style and technological packed features all in one.

Furthermore, it highlights 1.3? AMOLED show screen that effortlessly adjusts to different lighting situations and offers you the finest viewing encounter. It comes in 3 different colors so you may choose any of them and suit yourself.

You'll be able to perpetuate an everyday check of your wellbeing with its 24/7 heart rate and sleep examination. Additionally, your fitness could be keenly observed through advanced sensors. In order to include comfort, it offers 11+ sport tracking modes which include running, strolling, climbing, cycling, tennis, soccer, and more for observing your sports and wellness activities.

As I’ve said earlier it is featured pack so it comes with built in GPS, accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, and gyroscope so that you may check your health and fitness and keep a keen eye on it.

Moreover, it keeps working immaculately up to 5 days with fair single charge. However, this may contrast based on your utilization, settings, and environment. You'll be able to stay associated with your smart phone because it shows call, message, and other app alerts right from your phone. It indeed allows you attend the calls from the mini smart phone on your wrist, and it is cool isn’t it?



1.    Adjustable screen
2.    11+ sport tacking modes
3.    GPS,  accelerometer
4.    Geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope
5.    Good battery life
6.    Connects you with your phone 

9. Robesty Cheap Smart watch



Robesty cheap smart watch is perfect combination of features and affordable price range. The Bluetooth featured smart watch along with stainless steel surface with an anti-sweat watch strap makes it no less than any other smart watch in market. It is light in weight and is water proof so you may wear it anywhere you go without any worries.

Just like regular smart watches it allows you to control your music from this smart watch and notifies you regarding messages, calls or important alerts. But unlike other smart watches, you can always keep up with your social life by staying connected with Facebook, twitter and other applications as this watch would notify you regarding them as well.

You name the feature and this smart watch would have it as it includes pedometer, calories calculation, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, remote photos, alarm clock, two-way anti-lost remind, voice recorder, multi-time zone, multiple languages, daylight saving time and what not?
However, let me give you an honest fact about this smart watch that if you are an android user you may enjoy each one these features but sadly iPhone users would have limited access to these features.

Above all, you may use this smart watch as your smart phone’s substitute as you can insert your SIM card in it and communicate freely.



1.    Bluetooth with SIM insert facility
2.    Water proof
3.    Notifies regarding social media apps
4.    Comes with uncountable features

10. Kate Spade Smart watch



A smart watch which is compatible with Google applications and has a built in OS by Google not only looks delicate but also offers features that are intriguing. 

It is protected by 9mm thick case and is induced with silicon band so it may not be easily damaged. It comes with an average battery life of 24 hours. However, you may be able to receive your notifications on this smart watch which will save you from the trouble of taking out your phone again and again. Besides this, it’s a double treat for android users as they can respond to messages and access Gmail along with Google assistant.

Along with these benefits it keeps you informed regarding weather and keeps you updated with future predictions as well. Moreover you can maintain a to-do list and control your music.

Another interesting thing about this smart watch is that you can match it with your outfits as it offers various dial modes and straps so you may look classy along with being technologically upgraded.



1.    Google applications
2.    OS by Google
3.    Average battery life of 24 hours
4.    Notifies you regarding ,messages, calls and allows music control
5.    Weather prediction



Parents always want best for their kids and they surely want the finest gifts for their young ones. Treat your teenager with the best smartwatch for teenagers specifically, and make their life better, convenient and technologically upgraded. 

In this article I’ve mentioned the best smartwatches for teenagers that are available in the market so you may choose wisely which one you want particularly keeping in mind your requirements. Therefore, do decide now which smart watch do you want to buy for your teenager.

Do let me know if this article helped you out in any way and which smart watch do you think is best for teenagers? Moreover, in the comment sections do mention your queries or recommendations and feel free to contact us.

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