A Complete Guide on How to Write a PO Box Address on Amazon for Secure Deliveries

A Complete Guide on How to Write a PO Box Address on Amazon for Secure Deliveries

Ordering products online and delivering them safely to your house is handy. However, what would happen if you didn't have a street address for delivery? Can items from Amazon be sent to a PO Box?

Yes, but with certain restrictions, is the brief response. Amazon may deliver to PO boxes if the product satisfies specific size and delivery requirements.

Everything you need to know about utilizing a PO box address for Amazon purchases is covered in this article. You will discover the proper way to input the address for your PO box, the various delivery methods, and any restrictions that apply when sending to a PO box.

Let's get going!

What is the PO Box Address

A lockable box within a post office building is called a PO box or post office box. PO boxes allow people without a permanent street address to receive and safely send mail and packages.

You only need to rent a mailbox at your neighborhood post office to get a PO box. You will be given a unique PO box number and street address for the post office location.

Typically, a PO Box address looks something like this:

Powell Tyler

Box 123, PO

Post Office Main

Main Street 12345

12345 Anytown, NY

The city, state, ZIP code, and PO box number are essential information for properly addressing parcels.

Is Amazon Shipping to PO Boxes?

Many items may be delivered straight to your PO box address by Amazon. Nevertheless, due to Amazon programs, there are limitations on PO box delivery, size, and shipment speed.

The general rules for mailing Amazon PO boxes are as follows:

  • Amazon Prime: Most things that qualify for Prime shipping may be sent to a PO box. Oversized objects that need to be sent by goods are an exception.
  • Free delivery: Standard free shipping items may be sent to a PO box.
  • Accelerated shipment: Expedited delivery options like 2-day or next-day shipping do not deliver to PO boxes.
  • Maximum sizes: Packages need to fit within the PO box for delivery. A street address is necessary for larger boxes.
  • Pantry/Amazon Fresh: PO boxes are not served by deliveries of groceries and home goods purchased via Prime Pantry or Amazon Fresh.
  • Cutoff age: Products that cannot be transported to a PO box include firearms and ammunition, alcohol, and prescription drugs.

As you can see, there are restrictions on Amazon's PO box delivery service. However, you may still send many regular mail and Prime-eligible products to your PO Box without any problems.

How to Enter a PO Box Address on Amazon

It's crucial to accurately enter your PO box address on Amazon to guarantee that items reach your post office safely. Here are a few pointers:

  • Set your PO box as your default shipping address in Your Account. This will be filled in for future orders.
  • Enter your PO box number and "PO Box" (e.g., PO Box 123) in the Address Line 1 field.
  • Enter the street address of your post office location (12345 Main St., for example) on Address Line 2.
  • As usual, provide the state, city, and ZIP code.
  • Enter your phone number in the Phone Number section instead of the post office's.
  • Confirm that the United States is the specified country for domestic PO box addresses.
  • In the address lines, exclude unnecessary text, dashes, or symbols. Make everything plain and uncomplicated.
  • Verify the address before checkout to prevent shipment delays or mistakes.

By following these instructions, you can ensure that Amazon correctly processes your PO box address for hassle-free product delivery.

Amazon Lockers for Larger Items and Parcels

If the item is too big to fit in your PO box, you may mail it to one of Amazon's Locker locations. Self-service kiosks called Amazon Lockers may be found in various locations, including malls, campuses, and convenience shops. Like PO boxes, the lockers allow you to mail packages to a specific locker number and retrieve them with a pickup code.

Large objects up to 19 x 12 x 14 inches may fit in lockers. Therefore, send that sizeable flatscreen TV to a neighboring locker to pick it up whenever it's convenient if it won't fit in your modest PO box.

Choose Amazon Locker as your delivery option and look for locations nearby when checking out on Amazon. To send anything, enter the locker number that was issued to you. Amazon Lockers also help prevent package theft since deliveries will never be left unattended at your door.

Is Amazon Prime possible with a PO Box?

For millions of qualifying products, Amazon Prime offers quick, free delivery in only one or two days. The good news is that your PO box address may be used to join up for Amazon Prime!

Most things will arrive promptly at your post office box as long as your PO box fits the size requirements for each Prime shipment. Remember that if an item is too large to fit inside a PO box, it can still be limited. Verify the item's dimensions before placing an order.

By joining with a PO box address, you may access all additional Prime benefits, including Prime Video, Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming, and more. The yearly fee of Amazon Prime is $139, or $14.99 each month. However, reductions such as student prices and free one-month trials are often available. Take advantage of the fact that PO box delivery is free of charge!

Faster Shipping with Post Office General Delivery

Do you want to send to your post office even faster? Choose General Delivery rather than your PO box.

With the city, state, and ZIP code, you may mail parcels to your neighborhood post office for free using the USPS General Delivery service. PO Box number not required. For General Delivery to be used:

  • Put Your Name, General Delivery, City, State, and ZIP Code as the delivery address.
  • Choose the quickest delivery option available.
  • The post office will receive packages in one to two days.
  • When picking up shipments, bring a picture ID.

One benefit of general delivery is that it often offers faster shipment. The drawback is that parcels are only kept behind the counter for 14 days before being returned to the sender. General Delivery is thus the ideal option for items that you can easily pick up. Use your PO box for goods you need to store for extended periods.

Troubleshooting: When Amazon Does Not Send a PO Box

Even with Amazon's PO box delivery choices, sometimes there could be problems with mailing certain purchases. Amazon may reject a PO Box address for the following reasons, along with solutions:

  • Too big of an item: Choose a local friend's address or an Amazon Locker location for more oversized products.
  • Dangerous goods: Certain combustible, pressurized, or hazardous products cannot be transported to a PO box for safety concerns. Instead, think of a business address or locker.
  • Orders based on age: A face-to-face ID check and an adult signature are required for items like alcohol, prescriptions, guns, ammo, etc. Choose an Amazon Hub Counter that is equipped to handle regulated products.
  • Pantry/Amazon Fresh orders: Enter the address of a friend or convert to everyday Amazon purchases since food and home products cannot be sent to a PO box.
  • Erroneous address: Verify that the PO box number, street address, and ZIP code you supplied precisely match your post office location information.
  • Fresh account: Amazon may restrict the use of PO boxes until your account is validated. Place a modest order first, then mail it to a street address.
  • Prevention of fraud: Amazon could ask for a street address for extra protection if your purchase seems suspect. To resume PO box shipment, resolve any difficulties.

As you can see, most PO box shipping regulations may be circumvented. You can get your Amazon purchases almost anywhere with a few clever workarounds!


For those without a fixed street address, ordering items to be delivered to your PO box is handy. Numerous Amazon goods can still be delivered despite some restrictions. Here are the main points to keep in mind:

  • Before mailing a PO box, confirm the item's dimensions and weight limitations.
  • Correctly provide the post office street location and PO box number.
  • Items qualifying for free delivery and prime usually fit PO boxes.
  • When handling large or prohibited products, use an Amazon Locker.
  • Without a PO box, General Delivery offers speedier shipment.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems to get rid of PO box blockages.

If you enter your address correctly and choose the appropriate delivery options, shipping Amazon items to your PO box will go effortlessly. Ensure you always take advantage of fantastic online offers because you don't have a physical address.

So feel free to mail those Amazon orders to your post office box without concern. Remember to swiftly pick up your packages when you get delivery confirmation to avoid cluttering your PO box!

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